Dr Benjamin Tham or Dr SF Loh


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Hi there,

Anyone about to share your pregnancy journey with Dr Benjamin Tham and Dr SF Loh?
How are their charges like?

They are both equally popular. Looking for someone pro-natural.


You can check out Dr Goh Shen Li who is pro natural and has fantastic bedside manners. However, she only delivers at mount A.

Tippi JJ

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Dr Ben is an excellent doctor ! He is funny , gentle and reassuring. but he is also super popular, which means Wait time at his clinic really quite horrible.. not a nice and calm visit and I dread going every time. And he only deliver in TMC, my experience was rush and cattle like although everyone is very efficient.

Charges I am not sure we can share? I find It very reasonable so don’t worry about the cost too much. U can pm for more charges details :)


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Dr Ben tham is definitely pro natural, based on my experience and what I heard from friends. Prices are more affordable compared to other gynaes, I believe. Appointments can be quite fast especially if you have no issues. Likely to go back to him for my second pregnancy!


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Dr S F Loh is very experience and very good. He is confident and will try his best to preserve fertility especially in high risk cases. He’s my doctor for the past 3 years and he’s the best I have seen so far