Do not engage confinement nanny, YaLi Jie from KL

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Dear mummies

If anyone who is engaging nanny please do not engage her. Her real name is Mun Gar Loi. Let me explain my extreme bad experience with her. Coz i found her through here that person commented she extremely good and experience.

During face to face interview she said she can cook and she knows what herd soup to cook daily and advise me dont buy 28 days package of herd which i also listen to her.

1st day she reached my house like her own home. We haven go through with her where are all the items is and what to use. She just search all herself without asking include my room cardboard! She just enter as and when she wants until we told her not to do so.but again randomly she will still enter without asking.

Secondly, since we have 4yrs kid at home. She love to left my window grill open and walk away. We have been repeating this to her for good 3 weeks and explain to her how dangerous it is if my girl fall. Im staying at high level (above 15th floor). But it seem she just refuse to listen and left it open all the time. Whenever i said her she wasnt happy as she feel that nothing serious will happen. So end up we told her she is not allow to open and not allow to hang her cloths out. Please hang her cloth indoor or use dryer.. next day i found her cloths drying outside of the service yard which we told her not to do so. (Mean she open the window grill while we are asleep)

Thirdly, told her to keep all knife and scissor properly. Once finished cutting wash it or put it in the basin instead leave it hanging around on the table where my girl can reach it. There is a few time she left the knife pointer outwards on the table! We repeated more than 3 weeks until last few days it still happening.

Fourth, told her hygiene issue. We have cloths to dry the bowl and different cloth to clean the table. But she love to use table cloth to clean the table then the stove then use the same cloth to dry the bowls and plated. Also repeated for good 3 weeks still the same. Last solution is we told her not to dry the plates and bowls,leave it to air dry.

Fifth, she only shower my baby once in the afternoon. No changing if clothes before night or no cleaning up my baby before sunset. Told her to clean my baby and change to long sleeves before sunset. She said dont need to clean and change can wear the same cloths for whole day as long as not dirty. ‍

Sixth, she spoilted my house mop, bowls, plates and scissor. She can drop the whole pot on the floor while cooking half way!!

Seventh, whenever my baby cry she can ignore and continue with her things.

She thought my cctv installed just for show.

She asking for $3.2k. She complained other employer treat her badly and dont allow her to eat or only can eat veg and egg daily. She allow her to eat whatever she wants but this is not the quality i should get.

During my confinement i have been diarrhoea more than 5 times due to her unhygienic. I do not wish any mummies going through the same experience as me. Please beware of her.