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Dec 2018 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by summerstaz, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Nishantini

    Nishantini New Member

    Hi.. I am new to this group. Is there any whatsapp grp opened up for Dec 2018 due mummies? My EDD given is 4th dec..

  2. snowdew80

    snowdew80 New Member


    I have PM-ed to be added too. Thank you so much.
  3. summerstaz

    summerstaz New Member

    Hi all! The WhatsApp group that I am managing will not be taking in anymore mummies.
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
  4. soosoo170

    soosoo170 New Member

    Can add me to the chat grp? Tried to PM u but failed.
  5. karinekwan

    karinekwan New Member

    Hi. I have pm-ed but not added to group chat. Pls add me
  6. ruiying

    ruiying New Member

    Oh! Was hoping to join! Any chances of opening the chatgroup for more mummies-to-be? :p My EDD is 22 Dec 18. First baby and super excited! So glad that my morning sickness is finally easing up.. phew!
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  7. Hi fellow mummies to be! Has anyone started finding confinement nannies? I need to find someone who is really steady, supportive and encouraging as I might not have much help from my families due to schedule and work. Anyone has any contacts of awesome CN or tips on choosing them, would greatly appreciate that you can share!

    Also looking for baby/infant nannies who stay in the East area (Bedok, Simei, Tampines). Any contacts please share too. Thanks!
  8. Congrats! Lucky you.. I'm 12 weeks now and still puking . Having smaller meals and ginger tea seem to work for me so far! Which gynae are you seeing?
  9. ruiying

    ruiying New Member

    I'm seeing Dr Natalie Chua at Parkway East cos it's nearer to my place. Too lazy and tiring to travel far out to other places. Are you staying in the east too?? (i read your earlier post!)
    I might have spoken too soon. The morning sickness eased up over the weekend, but seemed to hit again today bleah
  10. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    Hi u can try this FB page IMG_0946.JPG
  11. Lavanya

    Lavanya New Member

    Hi! My EDD is in mid December. Can I be added in the Whatsapp group pls?

    SHELLYGAN Member

    Dear mummies, anyone looking for confinement lady? My mum is an easy going person, from malaysia, charge a reasonable price and job scope can be negotiated. Please msg me 96908622 for more details. =)

    SHELLYGAN Member

    Dear mummies, anyone looking for confinement lady? My mum is an easy going person, from malaysia, charge a reasonable price and job scope can be negotiated. Please msg me 96908622 for more details. =)
  14. Nishantini

    Nishantini New Member

    Hi may i know how to Pm u my number for the watsapp grp
  15. Steecho

    Steecho New Member

    Hi everyone, just found out I am pregnant with No 3! Edd is 23 December. Pregnancy tests all came back negative until I got to a gyny and did the scan. Thought I was dying with all the morning sickness!
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  16. caljas

    caljas Active Member

  17. Awesome Mum-to-be

    Awesome Mum-to-be New Member

    Hi All, it's a shame that summerstaz couldn't accept anymore members in edd dec 2018 chatgrp. Guess that's a limit of members added to the WhatsApp app.
    My edd is christmas 2018. Hope to see all the mummies around.;)
  18. munchkin21

    munchkin21 New Member

    Hihi new to this thread and new to parenthood!

    My EDD is 3 Dec 2018 currently! Baby girl coming!
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
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  19. Congrats! Wow you got to know your baby gender pretty quickly. Through scan or blood test? :). My EDD is one day behind you.
  20. munchkin21

    munchkin21 New Member

    I did the panorama blood test so could tell gender from that test too!

    SHELLYGAN Member

    Screenshot_20180624-134121 - Copy.png Screenshot_20180624-134129 - Copy.png My mum is 53 years old, 20 years experiences in taking care of babies and children, can cook delicious confinement foods.
    She can speak english, mandarin, malay, cantonese, hokkien and hakka.
    She is easy going, more flexible, not naggy and soft-spoken.
    You can call her, Kwee Fah + 6013-7781829 or me (Shelly) 96908622 to check on her availability.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
  22. bear_beez

    bear_beez New Member

    Im interested to b added into the whatsapp group chat if u are starting one. :)
  23. Ohana

    Ohana New Member

    Hi! I'm keen if your are starting a new whatsapp group chat. My edd is 13 Dec but don't know the gender yet. :p
  24. munchkin21

    munchkin21 New Member

    Oops I joined another group chat through the Facebook group December 2018 EDD SG Mummies - maybe you all can try there too? :D
  25. zard

    zard Member

    Hi all any food recommendation to increase energy/stamina during pregnancy? Im currently under hospitalization leave as doc say i need rest and im gg back to work on 13 july so hoping to get started on my diet so i wont feel tired easily. Some recommend me to take dates and coconut water but some say coconut water can be cooling and not good for both mother and child.
  26. Zingger0806

    Zingger0806 New Member

    Hello fellow mummies, I'm into 13weeks now and wanna find a gynae. Headache now to choose between TMC or MA.. which is better? I've heard mixed reviews for TMC though.. but my heart prefers TMC...
  27. Jwww

    Jwww New Member

    Hi! I’m new to this page, new to pregnancy, new to being a mum! :cool:
    My EDD is 30 Dec!
    Any WhatsApp group I could join?
  28. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    Welcome all.
  29. Hi babe, hope you are feeling better. I was having bad nausea up to 14 weeks, and felt better when I took chicken essence daily. I have been taking chicken essence from Eu Ren Seng and think it taste much better than Brands and its a less expensive option compared to the more "trendy" brands now like Hao Yi Kang. Can buy a 6 packet essence first and see how your body responses. Take care!
  30. zard

    zard Member

    Thanks babe :) Lately I feel bloated and alot of air. I will check the chicken essence this weekend.
  31. Midnightfeline

    Midnightfeline New Member

    Hi! My edd is 19 Dec. decided to come look for a WhatsApp group here after my harmony test result. Is there any I can joi?
  32. zard

    zard Member

    Hi all can i check what is the diff seeing a doc at KKH under Private Suite and Clinic A. As far as im concern im a private patient as im seeing the same doc every visit (dr lee)and its not subsidize. I plan to give birth at kkh as private patient.
  33. Jwww

    Jwww New Member

    I’m at KKH under the subsidized scheme as I went to polyclinic to confirm my pregnancy and got a referral to KKH. So far these are some of the things I got as a subsidized patient:
    - Different doc every visit
    - $80.20 consultation fee per visit after subsidy
    - If I’m not wrong, my FTS and Harmony Test are also cheaper
    - They also told me that on the day of delivery, it will be any doc or even midwives delivering for me.

    So, I intend to go to a private gynae (not in KKH) after I’m done with my harmony test as I’m not comfortable with the change of doc each visit and also not comfortable with not knowing who is delivering my baby.
  34. caljas

    caljas Active Member

    I prefer MAH due to charges n logistics
  35. zard

    zard Member

    Hi may i know what is harmony test and fts? How long into your pregnancy you have to do this test? Which private gynae or hospital you considering?
  36. Jwww

    Jwww New Member

    Both FTS and Harmony Test are tests for calculating the risk of your baby having Down syndrome.
    FTS is First Trimester Screening. If I’m not wrong, it’s equivalent to Oscar Test. But this test is only 90% accurate. It combines your age, blood and Nuchal Translucency Test to calculate the risk ratio. My risk was considered high, so they advised me to go for the Harmony Test which is only a blood test, but it’s 99% accurate. I’m still waiting for my results.
    Took my FTS at 13 Weeks.
    Took my blood for Harmony Test at 13 Weeks also but results only comes in 2 weeks.

    I’m considering Dr Poon at Hougang Ave 1!
  37. zard

    zard Member

    Thanks for the info dear.. I heard about Dr Phoon too.. I stay in the west so very far for me.
  38. Cercy

    Cercy New Member

    Hihi I’m new here! Edd 17 Dec is there a fb group or groupchat here?
  39. eleanorthia

    eleanorthia New Member

    Wow!! Baby no 5... How do you manage ? Kudos to mummies with many kids..... share some tips?
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  40. zbrt

    zbrt New Member

    21 Dec EDD, would also like to know if there's any FB or WA group still open!
  41. Leila_ng

    Leila_ng New Member

    Birth with Confidence Flyer A5 342kb.jpg Hi Mummies!
    I've attached my flyer for my prenatal classes beginning 4th Aug, pls contact me for more info!
  42. Madlovelove

    Madlovelove New Member

    hi can add me in the WhatsApp group please. 91803522
  43. motherkoh

    motherkoh New Member

    hi can add me in the WhatsApp group please. 91947952
  44. Madlovelove

    Madlovelove New Member

    Hi could you please add me in the whatsapp group please. . 91803522
  45. Madlovelove

    Madlovelove New Member

  46. Madlovelove

    Madlovelove New Member

    Hi I'm interested in the whatsapp group. Could you please add me ? 91803522
  47. Madlovelove

    Madlovelove New Member

    Shall we create one? Could you pm me your number ?
  48. Madlovelove

    Madlovelove New Member

    Hi all I'm creating a whatsapp group for Dec 18 mommies. Please pm me your number so that we could start.
  49. MsSelene

    MsSelene New Member

    Please add me to the WhatsApp group chat. My no is 9479 3288. Thanks! :)
  50. Cactus5

    Cactus5 New Member

    Hi eleanorthia,
    Well, just gota breathe and let go... my no 4 was the only 1 a preemie, starting was difficult and kinda emo, but slowly n steady, everythg turns out well.

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