Confinement nanny - Janet Foo


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Hi Mummies,

I would like to recommend my confinement nanny Janet Foo from Ipoh.

Janet is recommended by my friend and I would also recommend her to anybody who’s looking for confinement nanny

Janet is very experienced (more than 10 years), trustworthy and love kids.

She can cook traditional confinement food and western food. She cooks very well and we love her pork trotter vinegar and chicken wine (黄酒鸡).

She cooks a lot of herbal soup that is good for postpartum. She gives me a list of herbs to buy and the process is very simple! And it gives more variety than the pre-packed herbs. I had a long natural delivery, and Ive recovered pretty quickly thanks to the care and nutritious food by Janet.

She also made a lot of effort to cook a separate western meal for my husband who’s a Caucasian. She refreshes the menu very often, so it’s not repetitive.

She takes very good of my son. She never fails to attend to him when he cries and always able to know what he wants.

She also gave me a lot of tips through my breastfeeding, taking care of my first born.

Overall I am really thankful that Janet helped me with my confinement.

You can always search her name in this forum to see comments from other mummies.

You can contact her directly to see if she is available.

Whatsapp contact no : +60 12-593 0298