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Confinement Nanny "Dis-Recommendation"

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by happyjoy2016, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. happyjoy2016

    happyjoy2016 New Member

    Would like to warn all mummies here of a confinement nanny named: Yee Hong Tee, "Jenny", from Melaka.
    Beware your electricity, gas and water bills will go up drastically during the period she is around, and over the next months, as SP estimates the bill every other 2 months.
    what this CL does, is blast the air con every night (WHOLE night, and even when it happens to be cold rainy nights), and if possible, she will want to blast it every afternoons as well. And when you tell her about it, she will show you black face and intimidate you. She also does not spare expenses for you in general-- so your expenses will shoot up.

    She also like to be on her phone extremely frequently. If you employ her, you will realise that A Lot of her time will be spent on praise and worship session, and listening to video sermons on her handphone. She might also be emotional and crying as she is "responding to god". And if you approach her on this matter-she will say that her prayer life is very important. I respect all religions, but I'm sure all will understand that when we employ a CL for one month, it is for a specific purpose.

    She likes to also pry in family matters, and create subtle discords. Funnily, she likes to put the mother down, and does not exude encouragement, at a period the mother needs the most.

    She does not do the laundry, lazily leave all the cleaning up to my helper, and even when told to wash the dishes after her cooking, she says that "if my maid can do, should leave it to her". And when I say that my maid is already doing alot, and would like her, as the CL to do some washing up, she does a lousy job, and my maid has to rewash.

    She takes no initiative in helping the mother wash things. So I had to do most of the washing of my underwear myself (causing my joints to hurt). The list goes on.

    I thought for a long time before deciding to write this post. Hope this helps with the process of elimination for mummies/daddies to be. Do pm me if anyone needs to confirm this CL's contact number.

  2. Fluffypearl

    Fluffypearl New Member

    Hi there. I happen to be speaking to a confinement lady from melaka. Are you able to share her contact as I'd want to avoid making the wrong choice if possible

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