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Confinement lady not recommended

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by sunshinebear, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. sunshinebear

    sunshinebear Member

    I have bad experiences with this confinement lady called Yue Hua Jie (hometown is near Penang). She was highly recommended by my colleague. However, she is really not up to mark. Reasons why you should not hire her:

    1. After giving her deposit to confirm her, she told us that we need to pay for her flights to and from Singapore. This was not mentioned upfront. We nego to pay for flight to SG only as she has not told us these costs upfront.
    2. Very Forgetful-she can forget to close the window when bathing for baby, and clear the water from the tub after bath, forget to put the herbal bath for me (have to remind her), forget to prepare herbal soup for me...etc etc
    3. Lazy-cook dinner so early at 5+pmfor me so that maid can clean up the kitchen (maid cooks for other family members), then my food become cold. Normally CL rests/sleeps with baby in the afternoon. This CL plays with handphone/reads newspaper in the afternoon, leave baby to us. Then come nighttime, she needs her sleep. Always sending baby to me (as I am breastfeeding) whenever baby cries, end up I have less sleep than her. The purpose of hiring her is to look for baby at night and yet she cannot handle. My in law has to lecture her to tell her to coax baby instead of sending her to me when she cries, saying she is hungry. Baby is not actually not hungry all the time, just fussy.
    4. Cooking-use stainless steel to cook vinegar pork trotter(anyone who can cook does not do this), asked my mil (she does marketing every other day) to keep buying meat for cooking, yet marinate them and keep in fridge for days. Leave fresh meat out in the open for hours before cooking. Boil red dates drink for hours till little water, then add water. Herbal soup also tasted like water. My mil gotta teach her how to boil soup.
    5. Lastly, this CL is revengeful and unethical. Because she was “lectured” by my mil a few times (said she is v free, like holidaying), she is not happy till today. She sent me photos and video of the big house she worked in Msia, telling us this is “holiday” in such a big house. Our small apartment is not holiday for her.

    This CL is not fit to be a CL and to look after our newborn. I hope nobody hire her back in Singapore and even back in Msia, such lazy and unethical Aunty.

  2. Mommyclucker

    Mommyclucker New Member

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