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Delivered a beautiful baby boy over a month ago after ttc for and wanted to share what I did (though of course not sure whah exactly helped) because I remember scouring the web when ttc and every post helped

Husband and I both in our early 30s
Health checks great except for low morphology which the doctor brushed off

What we did
Prayed because we believe that all is in God’s hands
Took ubiquinol and started husband on tcm herbs and a multi vitamin
Hot water foot soak every day with herbs but I think it was mainly the hot water that helped
Tcm herbs and acupuncture though I did this for only maybe a month or two so not sure if this worked
Morning bd

Ms Soh

Congrats... I’m using hot water to soak foot also. Added some old ginger, hope it helps. Btw.. how long have u been doing that ?