Chinese Tutor for K2


I am looking for a chinese tutor for my son who is going to primary 1 next year. I am looking for someone who can guide him as we do not speak chinese. If you know of anyone, please PM me.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi, have u find any tutor? Myself is a Full time Chinese subject Tutor with more than 4 years experience.
I am teaching 1-1 and small group of 3 pupils (same level).
I have 3 pre-school and 5 primary schools students at the moment.

Taught students with special needs and learning difficulties before.
My wish is to help the children gain more interest in Chinese. Happy to help you improve your Chinese, and looking foward to know you!

Do you still have availability to teach a K2 boy starting jan 2020?

Vanessa D

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Hi Everyone!

I am an experienced Chinese pre-school teacher for 25 years and have raised two daughters. I have recently started writing Chinese audio storybooks on my Youtube Channel (suitable for children 4 years and up) to inspire a love for Chinese stories amongst young children. I hope your children will subscribe to my channel and enjoy my content!

Please find the link to my Youtube channel below:


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Want your child to master Chinese?

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We welcome all ages and all mandarin levels!
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