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! -- child care info collection

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by easymom2, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. easymom2

    easymom2 New Member

    Hi all.
    Want to collect some info of childcare / pre-school edu centres.Preferablely in sembawang area. Tumble tots,modern montessory, etc...

    pls include name of the centre,duration each day,fee,area


  2. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

  3. little_black

    little_black New Member


    we will be moving to tampines blk 700 series next year. Does anyone place their child at YMCA childcare at Blk 855? Is it good?
  4. purple_gemini

    purple_gemini New Member

    any good child care ard bt batok area?
  5. orange_ec

    orange_ec Member


    yes, anyone can share abt childcare centre or play group near bt batok area?
  6. wkar3n

    wkar3n Member

    Can try Star Learners. They have centres in Bt Batok and Sembawang! They have their own character programme.
  7. esthermammy

    esthermammy Member

    Just want to share something with all out there.
    I attended a conference from MOE last month on Nominated good/excellent Pre-school 2010 based on the diversity, quality and creativity. And here are the reviews as they got medals...(for those who missed it on the newspaper.)

    Bethesda (Depot Walk) Kindergarten
    Bethesda (Serangoon) Church Sunbeam Kindergarten
    Calvary Baptist Kindergarten
    Kinderland (Chua Chu Kang) Kindergarten
    PCF Bukit Timah Blk 285C
    PCF Bukit Timah Blk 307
    PCF Hong Kah North Blk 750
    PCF Potong Pasir Blk 143
    PCF Taman Jurong Blk 161
    PCF Yew Tee Blk 690D

    Cherrybrook Kindergarten
    Early Years Montessori
    Lumiere Montessori House
    PCF Chong Pang Blk 309

    Far Eastern Kindergarten
    St James Church Kindergarten

    The Ascension Kindergarten
    Living Sanctuary Kindergarten
    Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Kindergarten (FOR Indians only i think)

    *for me personnaly, i would put my child at either The Ascension where they focus alot on arts n creativy or Living Sanctuary Kindergarten!

  8. purple_gemini

    purple_gemini New Member

    thanks for sharing.
  9. kerene

    kerene Member

    great info! Thanks esthermammy!
  10. jenelle

    jenelle New Member

    thanks for sharing
  11. cutecute

    cutecute Member

    thanks for sharing
  12. mich84

    mich84 New Member

    thanks for sharing =)
  13. pringles_jem

    pringles_jem New Member

    Thanks Mrs Lew for the MCYS link!
  14. kaylin

    kaylin Member

    Is AppleLand Montessori in Bukit Batok West Ave 8 good ?

    I am conisdering between this and Just Kids Learning Place.

    Appleland : Got lots of activities from what I can see on their Facebook. Went to check out the centre, teachers are warmer and nice, except they have many Malay Teachers.

    Just Kids : Place is bright and new. But they dun allow us to see the teachers teach. so dun really know how they teach or teachers nice a not. But I saw many China teachers around.

    Any one attended before can comment ? Thanks !
  15. heehee

    heehee Member

    Thanks esther, great info on kindergartens!

    But hor, mummies, do note that the awards are only for kindergartens cos childcare/preschools like Pat's, Chiltern etc are under MCYS instead.

    Only kindergartens (with no full day programme/ or where kids need to be toilet-trained before enrollment) are under MOE.
  16. chillijuan

    chillijuan New Member

    What is the difference between childcare and montessori?

    What is the price range for both of them?
  17. heehee

    heehee Member

    montessori is actually a type of preschool curriculum, i.e. the way/methods/strategies in which things are taught to the kids.

    A kindergarten usually only has a half-day progromme, and your kids have to be toilet-trained before enrollment. The teachers are there to mainly teach, and not to take care of toilet-training etc. So, a kindergarten won't have nap time in its schedule.

    A childcare/preschool acts like a nanny for your kid, on top of teaching them stuff. So most will offer half and full-day programmes, they have nap times, shower times, and will help to toilet-train your kids.

    So you can have montessori preschools/childcare and montessori kindergartens.

    Price range is very wide leh, for preschool , the range is from about $500 to more than $2k a month. Working and non-working mothers get subsidies of $150- $300 for childcare only.

    Montessori schools tend to be more expensive because of the learning materials used and because the teachers require specialised training.
  18. chillijuan

    chillijuan New Member


    Thanks for the info. Do you have any recommendation for childcare?
  19. banque_suez

    banque_suez Member

    pat's school house and eton house is not bad, yes?
  20. pringles_jem

    pringles_jem New Member

    pat's school house and eton house are good, but so are their prices. They are like the "LV" and "Hermes" of childcare centre! :p
  21. pristine82

    pristine82 New Member

    thanks for sharing this!
    It really helps alot.
  22. yaniz2001

    yaniz2001 New Member

    You can also consider CherieHearts Preschool for those mummies working in Tanjong Pagar. They also have new branch now in Sembawang with infant care services.
  23. momosan

    momosan Member

    Hi, I'm also keen to look for a childcare for my boy at bt batok. The furthest I'll consider is toh guan area.

    Has anyone heard abt columbia child care centre? It's opposite imm.
  24. firefly_leslie

    firefly_leslie New Member

    Any mummies can recommend child care nearby bt batok or jurong east/toh guan ?
  25. momosan

    momosan Member

    I've put my boy in Learning vision at ibp jurong. I love the environment there! High ceiling with good natural light from outside cos of the high glass panels.
  26. eve77

    eve77 New Member

    Hi Kaylin,

    What is your final decision? Appleland or Just Kids at bukit batok?

    Tks to sharing as I have same feeling as you when i visited both centre recently.
  27. bbmilo

    bbmilo New Member

    any good childcare to recommend in CBD area?
  28. katlim_mom

    katlim_mom New Member

    Hey, i went to visit mindchamps preschool lately and i really like it. i'm going to enrol my daughter into mindchamps. you guys can check it out http://mindchamps.org
  29. pink_piglet

    pink_piglet Active Member

    Hi any feedback on kinder land (CCK), Star learners ( bukit batok) and just kids ( bukit batok)?
  30. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Hi Katherine, what do they do at Mindchamps?
  31. mowie

    mowie New Member

    Any feedback on apple tree? New here if anyone can help
  32. kalpanasingh

    kalpanasingh New Member

    children's need the utmost care and attenion of the parents..and it depends on the parents how good they are at this...before doing anything you should consult your elder ones..
  33. xuanxuan80

    xuanxuan80 New Member

    anybody have kid in YMCA childcare (bukit batok) at blk 225.issi good there?
  34. belbelove

    belbelove New Member

    yes anyone send their child to YMCA childcare at Bukit Batok ? Visiting the school tml :D
  35. grace1827

    grace1827 Member

    Hi Mabel, i am planning to send my to YMCA Bt Batok also. Have you enrolled your kid? Can you give me some comment and feedback?
  36. grace1827

    grace1827 Member

    appreicate if you can pm me as i seldom follow the thread. Thanks a lot

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