Can we shift hse during pregnancy period????


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Hi everyone,
I need some advice..can i shift bk to my own hse when i am only 2mth pregnant?? No renovation needed.just some shifting of furniture n clothing. Our bed is our main concern..some old people say is not gd for the baby...advise me pls..

If there is really no choice that u must move back, y not u leave the moving part to ur HB, thay say u must leave the house, dun see better. So maybe u can go shopping for few hour let them move everything, after that then u go up do packing loh.
same thinking as u. But I dun want to regret if anything happen. My parent says ok, but HB still not comfortable. Our fengshui master say no too...
I moved back to my mother in law place when i was 4mth pregnant. i wasn't there too. leave everything to HB. You can get shalom movers they are good and fast. Maybe before moving you can help to pack but when moving you shldn't be there. tt's wat everybody say. better be safe then sorry.
I moved to my new house when I was 6 months pregnant. Wasn't around when they shiffted the furnitures. My son is ok.
I moved house when I was 8 months preggy. I was around when the movers came and shifted the furniture and boxes. I was there the whole time. My baby is fine.... dont worry too much ... just be careful they dont knock you over.
My wife and I shifted house, from our HDB to my in law's place, when she was 5mths pregnant. During the main day of shifting, I asked her to go shopping.

After we shifted over, she (on her own accord) helped with a lot of unpacking and stuff. Now the baby is born, healthy (born at 3.6kg), delivered normal with epidural.

Conclusion, cannot shift house is just a myth. But I see some logic behind the myth, in that the mum should not be helping with the shifting, as the heavy load will affect the baby.

Hope this helps.
When I was 3 mths pregnant, I also moved house.

As long as the pregnant mummy is not around in the new house where painting, drilling n moving of things etc, are done.

My MIL and grandma commented that its important that the facing of the mattress must be the same from old house to new house so as not to "dong Tai Qi"
i was in my 7-8mth when we got our house. During the renvoation & furniture moving, i was not involved. Anyway, there's no nothing to be invloved also. Only during evening time or nite time, i will go down with ny hubby to see the progress. Since our furniture are choosen before hand & we already decided on the arrangment so at least to me is not of much a problem.
i rem i even bend myself down to scrub the flooring tiles....

However, i think that one must be able to take care especially with a big tummy....nobody like accident to happen so if *touch wood* anything happened, they will link out with these sayings
i was 5 mths preganant when i shifted house.. dun worry it's ok as long as u are not the one shifting..wait for everything to be done then u shifting. my daughter is already 6 mths old now. no worries!
It's ok to move to another house even if you're pregnant. Just make sure you don't stress yourself out.
I shifted house 3 weeks prior my EDD. Hb monitored the reno mostly, but once or twice when he could not make it back during work, I went to check on the reno works.

I did most of the unpacking except the heavy stuff.

Not sure if it's coincidence, once a painter was touching up on the wall when i was around. When my DD was born, she had the dark patch on her left arm, the kinda 'blue-black' mark that occurs on babies' backside. Not sure if it's juz coincidence but it doesn bother me as i have a healthy baby and i love her for her
i believe that you can shift just don't help out. ever heard of not drilling and/or nailing in the house while pregnant?? I heard that too...!