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!!!! Can give 5 week baby jin feng san?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by gontan, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. gontan

    gontan New Member

    Hi All

    My baby is getting cranky especially from 9pm to 10pm. He will cry non-stop and even after feeding and diaper changing. Friends recommend me to use Jin Feng San on baby since he might be frighten. I am hesitant. Any mommy out there can share with me your experience?



  2. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    hi.. though my bb now is 11 weeks old, but i tink my mom let her try when she was 7 8weeks old bah.. it depends on urself whether u wanna feed him with that. I am fine with it as my mom told me that since young my brothers n me took Jin Feng San.. but my hubby is super Kia-Si type. everything cannot.. say bb liver haven recover la etc.. so depends on urself.. =)
  3. gontan

    gontan New Member

    Thanks for advice. Does it really works when ur bb took it? I m a bit skeptical abt the effects of it,
  4. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    actually since all these can sell in SG market shld be ok.. but so far no side effect.. old pple say it helps to make bb feel better.. so far it works ok for my baby.. =)
  5. jewls04

    jewls04 New Member

    My baby was also fussy in the evening and I tried jin feng shan. Not sure if it was very helpful, but what really worked was gripe water! I just gave him a dose of it in the evening(for wind) and it worked! Maybe you can try that :D
  6. linalee

    linalee New Member

    Hihi.. If ur bb is fussing daily ard e same timing n even after carrying, still cries, it shd be colic (gas in stomach).. My ger was like Tt for a few wks.. It happens usually from wk 6-10 I tink cos their digestive system is developing.. N my ger cries daily from 8-11pm w/o fail.. Itz only when she ate anti colic drops, she gt better.. Gripe water wasn't strong enuff for her.. Heh.. U can go pharmacy (watsons/guardian/unity) find e dentinox anti colic drops.. It works wonders.. Hahaha ur bb will produce very loud burp after milk (I add in her milk)..

    FYI my ger had jing feng Shan at wk3+! itz my mil who insisted cos bb was in kkh for 3wks n she seemed to be startled easily n she suggested eating Tt.. But I only let her take for 2/3 times cos I'm skeptical abt eating Tt.. N it din help at all.. Hee..
  7. gontan

    gontan New Member

    Hi all

    Thanks for advice. Was so tired trying to settle a cranky baby. Hubby and I decided to bring bb to PD yester and PD confirmed that bb got colic. Was given colic drop by PD. Tried the colic drop yester and after drinking, bb din burp loudly but was farting more often. But bb was still fussing yester but for a shorter time period. I m keeping fingers crossed that today will b better.

    Does colic drop make bb sleepy? He seems to sleep more today. I m guessing that it's becos he was more comfy after drinking the colic drop and he can sleep better. He used to want milk every 2 to 2.5 hr and today he only wan milk in every 4 hrs.
  8. Hi Gontan,dont worry to much since u know whats the cause n check to PD.
    js continue the med.u'll see the result.

    my baby is worse then urs.colic since day 4 after went back from hospital.
    gave him jin feng san (from Eu Yan Seng) 1/3 btl then he sleep longer than usual till i think it has sleeping med.

    agree with others,it depends on u whether u wanu give chinese med/not.
    for me,my mom v kiasu till we stop the colic drop from PD.cz she didnt see that the med working.
    actually the med (PD gave Ridwind) works slowly.
    but we're v panic cz my baby alw start to cry since 4 or 5 pm till nite abt 8 or 9 pm everyday.
    then it can be happened at midnite too.
    u can imagine it happened on my 1st baby (i've no experiance at all) n during my confinement.
    very stressfull.
    in the end we combine the ridwind with jin feng san.ridwind 3x/day n jin feng san 2x/day.
    till he gets better,we js continue with ridwind.

    lucky it only last for 1.5 month.
    after that everything ok n till now my baby is healty.
    abt baby sleeping pattern,i think its normal.
    sometimes baby can sleep for shorter period or longer.
    as i told earlier that my mom is v kiasu,she alw wanu feed my baby when he sleep longer.
    she thought baby too sleepy n later can fall sick if not eat.
    but its not true.baby will cry if he's hungry.
    let the baby sleep n u can feed him when he woke up.
    try to sleep when ur baby sleep,thats my motto.
    dont panic when baby cry cz he can feel it.
    when he cry,i alw carry him in stand up position (like wanu burp him).its comfort him a bit.
    cz the more he cry,the more wind go into his stomach.

    hope it help u.
  9. lodoss11

    lodoss11 Member

    I give my baby Jin feng San but dun think it works. Best is rub with med oil massage tummy and give gripe water. Baby cry might be due to stomach got wind
  10. lodoss11

    lodoss11 Member

    Btw can try give colic med. Can get over the counter at pharmacy
  11. happyzhuo7

    happyzhuo7 New Member

    Jin feng san is to calm baby cos they gets frighten easily over everything cos everything is new to them. It does not have any slping ingredients, its just that baby feels more comfy so slp longer. Me n my younger bro takes it daily since 1mth old. I gave it to my boy after his first mth too. Infact its my mum who gave la, she usually let the powder stick at the fingertip then rub onto baby tongue or gum.
    Started him on gripe water when we c pd (forgot cos of what) n pd says colic. Was direct breastfeeding so didnt expect colic. Later realise cos baby nose stuck with 'pi sai' n he cant breath well so during feeds will drink abit stop breath with mouth then continue drink n stop n continue n that cause the colic. Mum suggest the gripe water so gave baby that instead of medicine doctor prescribed. Think the brand is woods sth. That cos i use to take it when im lil, can rmb the taste n smell so clearly!
  12. gontan

    gontan New Member

    hi all, thank you for advice.

    baby is better now. at least, he doesnt scream and cry so much in the nite anymore. more peaceful now. [​IMG] hope this continues.
  13. nice to hear that gontan [​IMG]
    btw i heard that gripe water only can be given after baby 6mo.if ur baby later start to teething n fussy,u can give it.can find anywhere.i bought woodwards.
  14. lizzielu

    lizzielu New Member

    I fed her since my girl is 5 weeks old. She became super timid and cry at the slightest noise cos of a big quarrel at my mum place when I doing confinement and the upgrading works around my area. Just use your ill finger tap with water and the jing fang Shan and onto baby tongue can. Help a lot. I feed her before going out to noisy places and 4 hours before she goes for any injection. Prevents are her from shocked and non stop crying. Visit More: Moses Baskets

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