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Can 9 month old baby eat frog leg?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by piggydamien, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member


    Can anyone advise whether a 9 month old baby can start to eat frog leg porridge?

  2. tigress

    tigress Member

    Why not? My boy is now 14mths and has been eating frog legs for the past 6mths. He has strong legs now, and can run around liao :p Just make sure the frog legs are fresh, you can buy live ones at China town market.
  3. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    oic, thanks tigress. will buy some for my son to eat [​IMG]
  4. estherholy

    estherholy Member


    Yes, my son also eat frog leg, besides strong leg, I think there are other advantages as well. Sheng Siong also selling lives frog.
  5. cometgarden

    cometgarden Member

    I buy fresh frog leg from Pek Kio Market every weekends. The stall owner even teached me to put in wolfberry into the porridge.

    True enough, my son has strong legs. Just reached 12 months, he could start walking compare to my brother-in-law's son, same age as my son, still crawling.

    Btw, how much the price you're buying for 1 frog leg ? Just wanna to compare price lah...
  6. tigress

    tigress Member

    I buy 3 for $10.00. How about u gals?
  7. cometgarden

    cometgarden Member

    Huh, cheaper than mine. Is it live frog leg ? I buy 2 for $9 leh...
  8. matsu

    matsu Active Member

    When can we start our kid with frog leg porridge?
  9. cometgarden

    cometgarden Member

    I started my DS for frog leg porridge when he was abt 9-10mths. Heard that it will be more appropriate to give frog leg porridge during this period.
  10. bitrix

    bitrix New Member

    Hey, I have just started frog leg porridge for my 8mths old ds.

  11. tigress

    tigress Member

    The frog leg I bought is not live one. But can tell it's very fresh, cos it very 'bloody'. My MIL used to buy live ones from Chinatown market, but not sure how much. I dun like to handle live frogs, as the frog's heart is still pumping away when I try to cut it up, very disgusting!
  12. cometgarden

    cometgarden Member

    Hi Tigress,

    What i mean 'live' frogleg is the one I've chosen and requested them to cut for me. You really very brave ... at least you have handled live frog and cut it yourself..
  13. cometgarden

    cometgarden Member


    Recently my DS got nose bleeding. My mum commented that i have fed him too many frogleg... 太补 Being over nutritious and become heaty. Is it really true ? Anybody bb got this problem ?
  14. jojolpp

    jojolpp Member

    Hi Melissa, i also bot the live frog leg from Sheng Siong at 3 for $10. They will cut & clean for u on the spot.
  15. tigress

    tigress Member

    I don't feed my boy with frog leg everyday... usually twice a week only. Other days I'll give him cod fish or "ghor he".
  16. cometgarden

    cometgarden Member

    me too... I bought 2 frogleg for a week. Other days, my DS will eat pork porridge or cod fish or Ngor Hee.

    Maybe next time when I'm at Pek Kio Market, I must feedback to the stall owner that their frogleg too ex... selling 2 for $9...
  17. nelle_nelle

    nelle_nelle New Member

    You can also buy fresh frog legs from Singapore's frog farms. You can make that an excursion trip, or if your husband thinks farms are no good for his expensive tyres (haha, no kidding, I heard that before), then just ring them to order and they will deliver to your home in a icebox, cleaned, packed, chilled. Price was around s$10-12 for four or five.

    Yes, Sheng Shiong is another good place. But I think the pricing is more attractive when on offer as it can go as low as s$2.20 per frog.
  18. nelle_nelle

    nelle_nelle New Member

    On the nature of the meat, a few TCM practitioners told us before that the meat is considered nutritious but veers towards "cooling", thus shd not be consumed daily by young kids. Twice a week shd suffice.

    Frog in herbal broth is also a suitable food.
  19. baby_megan

    baby_megan Member

    Hi mummies, can anyone of you teach me how to prepare frog leg porridge?
  20. yaperlen

    yaperlen New Member

    hi hi
    i am also interested to know how to cook the frog leg porridge?
    my son is almost 2yrs is also ok to eat rite?
    any kind mummy would like to share?
    thanks in advance
  21. chime68

    chime68 New Member

    anyone knows how to cook frog leg porridge? Pls share...thank you! [​IMG]
  22. gg_lee

    gg_lee Active Member

    My mil wan to give my 1 yr old frog porridge. Really ok to take huh? Cos heard some say a lot of germs blah blah. How to cook??
  23. mtyh

    mtyh Member

    not sure if the strong legs are results of eating frog? sorry for the wet blanket, but do eat all things in moderation.

    if not sure, can always skip giving frog legs.
  24. eat the porridge only without the frogleg can or not. Baby no teeth.
  25. yorkoo

    yorkoo Member

    My son started eating frog legs after 1 year old. I cut out the meaty thighs of the frog legs to cook porridge. If baby is too young to chew, just let baby take the porridge . The nutrients is already sipped into the porridge.

    Cod fish is good too. As it has a lot of oil, I add a small piece plus some meat to cook porridge. Good for brain growth.
  26. shangrac

    shangrac New Member

    can anyone know how to cook frog leg porridge for my 10 month old bb ,tq

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