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Caesarian on 2nd birth

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by jtia, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. jtia

    jtia New Member

    I had emergency Caesarian during my 1st birth due to some issue on my foetus. 3 years later, I am pregnant. My current foetus has no problem and I was all ready for natural birth when my gynae recently advised me to go for Caesarian saying that risk is that old wound will rupture. My question is how many of you 1st birth caesarian and 2nd birth natural and still ok? HOpe some of you can enlighten me cos' I realy wish to have natural birth.

  2. ashaz77

    ashaz77 New Member

    Hi Jancy,

    I've faced the exactly same situation as you! My 1st birth was done thru emergency C-Section because my cervix refused to dilate further than 4cm! imagine i was in the labour ward for more than 24hrs!!
    So i waited for 3 yrs before conceiving again. it was my wish and hope that i could experience normal delivery with my 2nd baby. Yes, there is a risk that the old wound would rupture but at that time, my gynae told me I could try to go for normal delivery since the checkups shows everything is ok... but when the time comes (having labour pains already and at the labour ward), I have to go for emergency C-Section as the same problem occurs! After enduring the labour pains for 6 hours, they decided to opt me for the C-sect, as if i were to wait longer, the old wound would rupture. I refused to hve it at first and requested to wait for another 2 hrs to see if the cervix dilate further... it didn't so I was wheeled to the ops theatre... there goes my dream to have a normal delivery as i was told by my gynae that if i were to be preggy again the next time, i have to go thru C-sect again and it wld be my last pregnancy as it is unsafe for a mummy to have more than 3 C-sects done... [​IMG]
    So i guess in the end, its up to you to decide. But i'm sure that you can do it the natural way. My friend did! She had her 1st birth by C-sect but for her 2nd birth, she managed to do it naturally!
    The thing is if emergency C-sect needs to be done, you can decide it later, at the last min during labour when there's really no other choice... that's what i have done... although i was disappointed but i was more than happy when i saw my baby for the 1st time... [​IMG]
    Be positive yah, apologised for the long story...hehehe...you can PM me if you want to chit chat! Good luck! [​IMG]
  3. hlmommy

    hlmommy New Member

    Hi ladies,maybe adivce abit too late la but a friend of ine just has emergency c-sec too cos her 1st one same thing and 2nd one this time born unexpectedly at 36.5 weeks...with no water bag bursting etc......just pain......
    so finally agian she had to do emergency c-sec even though she planned for c-sec
  4. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Dear mummies

    Can anyone share on c-section matters:

    1.how far apart after 1st c-section should one have baby # 2 ?

    2.Did anyone got pregnant within less than a year after c-section ?

    3. Did anyone tried VBCA after the c-section birth ?

    4. Is it true that C-section can only do not more than 3 times ?

    5. Any risk or complications eg uterus rupture ?
  5. melodyteo

    melodyteo Member

    blisslive, my gyane told me to wait at least 6mths to have baby#2. but different gynae got different advise. some of my fren's gynae say to wait 1year. i got preggy exactly 6mths after a c section. my gyane told me only can have 3 babies if all by c section.
  6. blurqueenie

    blurqueenie New Member

    hi blisslive,

    I had just delievered my 2nd baby on 4th June 2009 thru's c-section. And my 1st baby is only 8 months old when i'm pregnant with 2nd baby.

    But bear in mind, 2nd c-section might be much painful than the 1st one as they operate from the same place as u have the first one.
  7. floralgal

    floralgal New Member

    hi everyone here

    After giving birth shortly after 3 mths i pregnant with my girl .. both c-section i find tat 2nd time not so painful i think my gane is good ! i gave birth on 28 Aug 08 & i can celebrate my son 1st birthday all my relative all very shock = ) so dun worry so much
  8. colyn

    colyn Member

    hi shir and all mummies,

    i am pregnant with my 2nd baby after 6 mths, 1st is c-section, 2nd one will it be painful? I cant opt for natural birth, veri worried on the recovery rate.. where did u have ur gynac checkup?
  9. oj57

    oj57 Active Member

    Like Shir and colyn > Am preg with #2 now and I just delivered my gal via c sec in early may. Hope to go natural as I very much like to experience the labour pains at least once in my lifetime. Pray hard that things to go smoothly for this preg.

    My gyne said that it's possible to have natural birth if nothing goes wrong. :)
  10. blisstan

    blisstan Active Member

    Hi mummies,
    I am 7 weeks plus preggy with bb#2 now, my 1st boy is 6 mths plus now. My gynae also told me that I most probably have to go thru c section delivery again. (my 1st delivery was emergency c section)I am bit disappointed. But now, I am more worried if the wound will rupture or open or in anyway affected once my tummy gets bigger.
  11. ke2opi

    ke2opi New Member

    hi blisstan,

    Me also thru c-section on Oct 2009. my son now 6mths plus.. btw, can preg again so fast? my gynae told me 1yrs then can preg.
  12. blisstan

    blisstan Active Member

    Hi keroppi,
    it is not advisable to get preggy so soon after a c section delivery. Mine was an accident(can even 'strike jackpot' only once on the last day of menses, very unexpected to be so heng since my 1st bb was conceived thru ivf after 4 yrs of ttc), so bo bian. [​IMG] I am 27 weeks plus preggy now, my 1st boy is 11 months old now. So far so gd, and I am alone taking care of my boy throughout this pregnancy, it has been very tiring and busy as my boy is very active and has learnt to walk since 9 mths plus old, but I think I will tahan it thru.
    Yes, I think it will be good to listen to your gynae to wait for longer time before gets preggy again. There will also be concern on the arrangement of bb care with 2 bbs whose age gap is very close. I will be lookg after 2 bbs all alone at home after my 2nd bb arrives too. [​IMG]
  13. ke2opi

    ke2opi New Member


    ic..anyway congrate to you 1st...actually i thinking to plan to have 2nd bb when my boy 1yrs hehehe..if can la.what i think different from you. I would rather busy now in one shot than gap 2-3yrs. Maybe now is say is easy when really come i think i surrender hahaha...So this time 2nd bb u will try natural birth?
  14. blisstan

    blisstan Active Member

    Hi keroppi,
    thank you! [​IMG]
    Ya, it will be good to have 2 kids w close age gap when you have helpers to look after them too, if not, it will be v siong, just like me. [​IMG]

    I cant try for natural birth, cos it is risky to do that. My gynae advised me that I have to go thru 2nd c section cos the muscles and flesh ard the previous c section incision part is no longer as flexible as normal skin, hence there is great risk that the area will tear if there is great labour contractions during natural delivery, then I may end up gg thru a failed natural labour and then emergency c section again. So I better go for a scheduled c section delivery, and it has to be in the 38 weeks, not advisable to wait till 39 or 40 weeks cos there will probably be greater labour contractions which may cause the wound to tear anytime, risky lor.

    Btw, my gynae is v nice n encouraging to tell me that it is gd to be preggy w 2nd bb when 1st child is ard my son's age, cos still can manage to look after him during the pregnancy. If the 1st kid is 2 to 3 years old, it will be more tiring and busier as the kid is in the most active stage.
  15. ke2opi

    ke2opi New Member

    blisstan :yes you are rite, if got helper is the best. i do wan try natural birth for 2nd if i can, i do checked with gynae before if 2nd is possible NB. Wat he recommend me C-section. Coz mine is labour pain 14hrs and only dilates 6cm n emergency c-section.He said 1st birth dilates unsucessful, 2nd birth will be the same.

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