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Blackmores conceive pills

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Kasham, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Kasham

    Kasham Member

    Hi ladies,

    Good day!

    Anyone have consume bcp n got preggy?
    Any side effects encounter?

    Waiting for your replies ladies..

  2. ditty

    ditty New Member

    Hey Kasham I'm taking Blackmores for the past few mths since Dec. Ttc still for 3 cycles. So far I found that no side effects other than if I take on empty stomach I can feel quite nauseous. It's also a common feedback. But overall I think it's a good combi of supplements. It even has Coq10 which is good for rejuvenation of egg quality
  3. Kasham

    Kasham Member

    Lately sum giddiness I feel but also whenever i get orgasm it's very smelly.. so I'm not sure whether I should continue or stop...
  4. blur_blur_gal

    blur_blur_gal Member

    I took it for 8 months but did not help. After I stopped it like one to two months I got pregnant
  5. 2 of my friends took and successfully conceived.
    1 of them took for 3 months, the other took for 2 weeks.

    For me, the pills did not work. Not sure is it the pills or the tcm medicine (or because I took both concurrently), resulting in cysts formed during Day 2 scan, had to cancel that IVF cycle. I have stopped taking them.
  6. Kasham

    Kasham Member

  7. risther

    risther New Member

    I just started to consume. Anyone can share if it will lead to irregular menses for those who have regular cycle? Thanks!
  8. Kasham

    Kasham Member

    I had no pblm on that. But I start to stink wen I make love time... I organism time. Normal time no smell so I'm not sure y.

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