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Been discriminated while pregnant

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by Jel1992, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. tinkyberz

    tinkyberz Member

    @Jel1992, maybe your ex-boss does not want you to change department just for the sake of it. Guess he is more concern about your career progression. Why not just take a moment to plan what you wish to do (in terms of career) after delivery

  2. Jel1992

    Jel1992 Member

    Thanks @tinkyberz. Now I'm at a very new environment however I'm feeling useless because basically I have nothing much to do. I do not know what I have done to deserve this. Haiz.. I know I need to transfer or change job but the other side of me just feel so unfair as what team has now is partly due to my effort
  3. tinkyberz

    tinkyberz Member

    Well, just remember that "No one is indispensable". This is a cruel society, where most people just care about climbing up the cooperate ladder. Unless we are lucky to have an understanding boss, else, our rice bowl will be gone any time.

    Just treat it as a break and take good care of yourself. You are kinda lucky that they play such tricks openly, else being in the unknown is really scary. Though, the uncertainties of the future is also unknown. We at the lower level won't gain much recognition unless our boss bring us up to the limelight, so whatever effort you have put in the past are mostly your boss's credit. I had a PRC boss in the past who took all credits for herself and talking bad about her own team members.

    Nonetheless, now your priority is your LO. So take good care of yourself
  4. be-brave

    be-brave Member

    @tinkyberz is right, no one is indispensable.

    on the other hand, there are other jobs and companies waiting for u too.

    so, chin up. ditch the sadness. think of this as an extended maternity leave. u got nothing much to do, so got time to prepare for the arrival of little one and rest, and u r still being paid.
  5. yanqiu

    yanqiu Member

    Hi Jel,
    Sorry to hear that. However I believe that this should not be affecting you and your baby. Keeping yourself happy and relax is very important. I think one of the reason you are so pessimistic is because you are very worried and concern.

    Why not give yourself an opportunity to do something else?
  6. sabbykoh82

    sabbykoh82 New Member

    ya I agree with Yan Qiu. coz happiness and health is most important
  7. yanqiu

    yanqiu Member

    Hi sabbykoh82,
    Thanks for agreeing with me. We can’t control how people think and what they do. But we have a choice to do what we want and how we want to do it.
    Hi Sabbykoh82,

    Thanks for agreeing with me. We cant actually control how people think and their decision. However we have a choice to make ourself happier by looking at things differently instead of guessing what other people is thinking...
  8. p_eppermint

    p_eppermint Member

    this is exactly how i'm feeling these days! feel useless, feel like a jiak liao bee, feel completely different from how i was before preg. even colleagues commented that i seem a bit out of sorts these days. but what to do, everyone just tells me to take it easy and concentrate on my pregnancy. i'm no longer kept in the loop for most matters and everyday i just come to work waiting for 6pm to come. i'm still not used to feeling this way, but thankfully i'm just one mth away from my maternity leave, so just gonna bite the bullet and come back stronger after ML :)

    i guess it must be really tough for you right now as how it was for me few mths back.. but look fwd to welcoming your little bundle of joy, and i'm sure it'll make things much easier. i spend my time researching on baby stuff, and time definitely passed much quicker for me. jiayou fellow mummy!! we'll get through this for sure :)
  9. Jel1992

    Jel1992 Member

    @p_eppermint Hi, however your scenario is totally different from mine. At least you know that when you go back to the office after ML, you can come back stronger. For my case, I will need to seek internal transfer or out I will go which mean to say everything is full of uncertainty now. Recently, my previous boss told me that I will reporting to a new Boss even though I am still under her headcount. So for my leave to go for my medical checkup, I asked the new boss that I am supposed to report to and he had given me the green light. So on the day when I went for medical checkup, she asked me if I had informed her so I told her that I thought that I report to the new Boss instead. Immediately the next day, she sent me an email as a form of warning and told me that she is my direct line manager and I am only helping out in the new department. I've spoken to the Boss of the new department and he told me that he had told her to give me some time and space as what happened are too overwhelming for me and he told me to do what she want to avoid her from making a big fuss again. I was so disappointed with all the things that my previous Boss had done to me and before she become my Boss, I treat her as my friend and we were on a very good terms. :(
  10. Jel1992

    Jel1992 Member

    thanks alot @tinkyberz for your encouragement. I try not to think of it it's pretty hard

    Now my boss seems to be picking on me to the extend of giving me an email as a form of warning because I had asked "my current reporting boss" consent as she told I will report to him. In fact, the people in the department where I am now has been treating me very well and I hope that I can continue to work with this boss as he's really very understanding and encouragingaid

    Right now, I'm afraid that my boss sending me the email might jeopardize my chances to be continue working in my current department after my maternity =(
  11. HWC2018

    HWC2018 New Member

    Hi anyone encounter boss indirectly hinting you to resign after maternity leave?
  12. lindang33

    lindang33 New Member

    :mad::mad: it is so unfair how you are being treated. Govt still wants us to have more babies?? Is this the way to encourage us?? You have my support and encouragement in this tough time u are going thru..
  13. Jel1992

    Jel1992 Member

    @lindang33 thanks alot. That's exactly what my parents said... I try to think positively but it's hard because it's my ricebowl and I'm going to deliver soon which mean to say that I will be jobless soon too
  14. tinkyberz

    tinkyberz Member

    @Jel1992 , Just be positive. babies are a blessing for us. No one can guarantee what lies ahead of us, we just have to let nature takes it course. 是福不是祸 是祸躲不过. this is life, we just have to live with it and find the best way out of it. All these obstacles make us stronger. regardless of what will happen after maternity, i believe that a better door will be open for you

    @lindang33, govt can only encourage. but companies are still made up of all kinds of people, that culture or the people's mindset is the one that is toxic. Unless we are in the government body, other wise such issue will still be happening in the private sector. Our employee welfare body is very weak, unable to fight for us.
  15. Starrytwink

    Starrytwink New Member

    Really feel so angry for you but hang in there! No matter what, do try to stay positive for the sake of yourself and the baby. I always believe that everything happens for a reason, and who knows maybe a greater opportunity is coming your way... :)

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