Bad experience from confinement lady


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I always believe confinement nannies from Malasia are very nice so I decided to find one by myself -from this website and recommended by her friend in view of her friend not available (my husband wants to engage agencies). However, now I would strongly encourage anyone to engage a confinement nanny thru an agency.

My confinement nanny (乐乐) really gave me headache and bad experience over the past few days. She always carry her phone with her - (1) playing with her phone and talking to her family or friends while cooking, (2) playing with her phone while feeding baby and (3) talking loudly beside baby while baby is sleeping. When she first arrived at my house on the first day, she claimed that she needs to access a website to settle something and ask for WiFi access. (4)Place her handphone near to my baby head when she is sleeping( charging phone).
(5)Poor hygiene - after playing handphone , without wash her hands, fixing up milk bottle, and feed my baby. Feed baby immediately after dry up her hair without wash her hands. Always not flushing toilet after her use.
Greedy- keep indirectly asking me to buy her things. Always said her previous employer buy her thing’s blah blah
(6)Stubborn in her own way of doing things. Advise her to test the milk temperature before feeding baby. She always said no need, my experience telling me the temperature is ok. Ask her to clean baby belly button with a newly bought container( already available).she used her own food container instead( recycle use)……
(7)No safety awareness. Cook something in the stove and then go to sleep.
(8)forgetful or purposely? Always turn on the fan to the biggest and directly blow to baby, told her not to directly blow to baby and she claimed she forgot(happen daily anytime and without any fail). Baby naked( expose to morning sunlight for jaundice )and fan directly blow to baby. She claimed she forgot.
Dishonest, no integrity. She told us she have no travel history when we applying her visa. However, her visa was unable to approve and officer sent us email that she ever travelled out singapore . We told her of that she still denied.After few emails with officer and still can’t approve then she finally told us that she did travel to JB to meet all her families.
I had a very bad experience as well.. also free lance.. This time round going to check reviews before engaging