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BabyPlus Prenatal Education System

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by tpstyx, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. ivftwins

    ivftwins Member

    I am interested in getting a preloved babyplus. Preferably with warranty.

  2. famosa

    famosa New Member

    Anyone selling off babyplus? I am interested to get a 2nd hand. Please pm me or SMS 91115152. Thanks.
  3. amour

    amour Member


    Keen on the baby plus...Anyone is selling?

    pls msg me at 98799250 for fast deal


  4. darfyodin

    darfyodin Member

    Hi! I used Baby Plus only for my third baby. She definitely cries a lot less than my first two kids and is able to calm herself down quickly, unlike her siblings. Friend who loaned me the set used it on her first and third baby and, also reported that her second baby was more difficult to handle. Think it actually works. I didn't even stick to the same time every day like the manufacturers advised!
  5. chelz_mum

    chelz_mum Member


    My baby is 4 1/2 months now... I dont know whether because of baby plus or not, i feel my baby is like alarm clock... he will sleep sharp at 8pm & wake up sharp at 7am...
    If i try to delay his sleeping time to 8.15pm or 8.30pm, he will become very cranky.

    Every night he will wake up for milk at 12am, 2am, 5am, 7am,
  6. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Hi, I am looking for a babyplus set. Do pm me if you have a set to let go. Cheers!
  7. pipilili

    pipilili Member

    i am looking for babyplus set. do pm me if you have a set to let go.
  8. gnm2011

    gnm2011 New Member

  9. whitepolar

    whitepolar New Member

    Hi all,
    I'm interested to buy a 2nd-hand Babyplus. Kindly PM me the price, collection place and condition, if you've one for sale. Thanks.
  10. qqs

    qqs New Member


    I'm interested to buy 2nd-hand babyplus prenatal system. Please sms me 91883991, if anyone keen to sell it.

    Thank you,
  11. qqs

    qqs New Member


    I'm looking for 2nd-hand babyplus prenatal system. Those who keen to sell it, please contact me at 91883991.

    Thank you,
  12. shey

    shey New Member


    Interested to buy a 2nd hand baby plus system. Those selling, pls PM me the price and condition.

  13. afterstar

    afterstar New Member

    Hi, I am interested to get the babyplus, please do email me if you keen to sell. My email: afterstar@yahoo.com.sg
  14. summer09

    summer09 Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a preloved babyplus. Preferably with box manual n pouch in good condition. Kindly pm me, thx!
  15. bbhana

    bbhana New Member

    May I know anyone still have available second hand Baby Plus for sale?
    Please let me know. Thanks.
  16. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Hi Hana,

    Mine is still available [​IMG]
  17. bbhana

    bbhana New Member

    I am interested on full set.
    May I know what included in preloved set?
  18. bbhana

    bbhana New Member

    Hi Evelle,
    May I know your price?
  19. bbhana

    bbhana New Member

    Hi Pianojazzy,
    I have PM you.
    Can u please let me know which part of east to collect it? Thanks.
  20. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Hi Hana,

    I did not receive you pm. Sorry to inform you that I've just sold my set yesterday.
  21. waynechan_79

    waynechan_79 New Member

    hihi.. any 2nd hand set of babyplus for sales ?

    Kindly sms me at 97632745 on the price of it..

  22. kaitlyn8

    kaitlyn8 New Member

  23. kaitlyn8

    kaitlyn8 New Member

    hi hp, your profile does not allow pm. can you email me if your baby plus is still available? jmtlchan@gmail.com
  24. meljane

    meljane New Member

  25. bbginger

    bbginger Member

    Hi summer09,

    I'm interested with baby plus. Can u send me the picture to fongluan@gmail.com? Thanks
  26. slp

    slp New Member

    I am looking for babyplus system too. Anyone wants to sell it? Please SMS me at 92719228 with price. Thanks.
  27. mitan

    mitan Member

    Hi, am looking for a preloved babyplus system set. Pls email me yiz_mi@yahoo.co.uk with price and condition. Thanks!
  28. berthi

    berthi New Member

    I'm keen to purchase a baby plus pre education system. Used system preferred. Baby 28 weeks old. Willing to self collect. Interested sellers can contact me at 98242428
  29. candisyeo

    candisyeo New Member

    I am keen to get a pre-loved baby plus. Can self collect. Just SMS me on price and condition. 96911957 .COD. Thanks.
  30. bangbang

    bangbang New Member

    Already sold my babyplus.
  31. pinkarina

    pinkarina New Member

    Looking for anyone selling babyplus. Please send me SMS if you are selling. Preferably in great condition. With full set. Thank you! 97450810
  32. pearlyn1409

    pearlyn1409 New Member

    Hi Jaclee, is it still available?
  33. Mrs Wong

    Mrs Wong New Member

    I'm keen. It's still available?
  34. wisdom28

    wisdom28 Member

    any1 keen in renting from me a pre loved babyplus?
  35. dream_cove

    dream_cove New Member

  36. Orance

    Orance New Member

    Hello, guys. After reading the whole post, we can get solutions to deal with the trouble quickly and safely. Thanks for your nice sharing.
  37. geri_smile

    geri_smile New Member

    Bumping this up!! Let me know if anyone has any preloaded to sell :)

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