BabyPlus Prenatal Education System


I've just started using babyplus. My friends have used it and they tell me their kids are even-tempered, cry less and latch on easily.
Hi, I am interested to get one, do we just get from the local dealer?

I hope to find a pre-loved one in this forum.

Do PM me if you have one.

Hi, I'm also using babyplus now. It costs US$149.90. Got a friend who went US holiday to bring it back for me, so save on US shipping costs.

Supposed to use babyplus twice a day 1hr each, at the same time. But sometimes I miss the session, not sure if I shld jus skip it, or continue to count the lesson days accordingly. Anyone knows?

I'm using it too!
I try to use it around the same time each day but if not able to, I'll still go ahead with the lessons.
How long have u been using it PrincessThots? Does it drive u crazy sometimes with the noise?
i got mine from US authorised dealer, with shipping charges cost me total US$159.00.
i'll use it every morning at 6am. as for night, sometimes not at home (due to work or leisure), so have to miss the lesson, but i'll just skipped it and go ahead. today is my last 5th lesson, have to miss tonight lesson again cos going shopping. haha. very bad hor...
as for the noise, it can be rather a nuisance... keke.
Hey T&P - Yes! definitely! first it was still okie..found it quite interesting. AFter a started to drive my hb crazy..then I started to feel the same too..haha! But no choice...spend so much..have to use it all the way la.
Hi. I am looking for a second one. Pls PM me if you are selling. Please include your contact number. THanks!
hi princess thots,

any idea why we need to use babyplus twice a day 1hr each, at the same time?if not used at the same time,it will not have the effect??
I'm not a consistent user. I skip sessions sometimes, timing changes etc but I figured as long as it's once in the morning and once in the evening, should be alright. After all, baby can't tell the time! hehe.

After using for nearly 15 weeks, my baby kicks in response to the rhythms. Very cute.

It's particularly helpful when you are in noisy places and if you are starting to count your baby movements. Baby's movements are more palpable.

tyx, yes I'm from Feb 08 thread.
Initially start using can find the sounds frustrating, but after a while then used to it. even can sleep while using. no problem. notice that my bb seems more active than my peers' bb, not sure is it due to babyplus effect.
oic. there's even one review in amazon that said there is no such claims of such machine and he dont know how does the manufacturer come up with those statistics. the person is wking in medical line if i'm not wrong.
There is a local distributor in Singapore selling this as well. Am so tempted to buy, but of cos i know my hubby would say I am being gullible! So how? Is this worth the money and effort?
Hi all
My brother-in-law bought me a set of the BabyPlus + twin speakers when I was pregnant with my twin girls. He insisted it is a very good product because many of his US friends used it and claimed their kids were very easy to manage, at least for the first year. My girls are 22 months now and I must confess they were pretty easy babies in the first year. They are like any active, busy toddlers now though. I'm not a huge fan of the device and was not very consistent in using it, so I can't vouch 100% that it is as good as it claimed then.

Nevertheless, I passed the BabyPlus to my sister who was pregnant last year and she used it religiously. Her baby is 2 months+ now and is quite an easy one too. So I'm beginning to think perhaps the BabyPlus does help to some extend.

As for noise level, I think its fairly bearable unless you're sitting in a quite room doing nothing, then perhaps you'll be driven insane by the beats. hahaha... Just grab a book to read or so some simple chores should help take your mind off the sound from the device. The sound is afterall meant for your baby and not for you. Kekeke...
Hi ML,

I do have one for sale... I had deliverd the baby in September already. It is very new as i only started using it in Mid june. I bought it during the motherhood fair. You keen ? How much are you offering ?
Drop me a PM if you are keen

Someone has pm me on the interest of the baby plus. However, when i tried to send back the details, the person does not accept PM and her hotmail cannot be send thru as well.

Can the interested party, contact me via PM again when another method of communcation.
can those mums that have used it, care to comment on it's effectiveness, especially the cry less sleep better benefit? Thanks
hi moms

I would love to buy a preloved set of babyplus. Pls pm me if u got one avail. Thanks

i'm looking for a well-maintained, good condition preloved set of baby plus. P/s email me your best prices to my email add: [email protected] if you do have one to offer. P/s do indicate if it's still in warranty and also collection place.

Thanks & Regards,
Hi, I'm currently 17weeks preggie and very keen to get a unit of babyplus too!

I don't mind a good condition 2nd hand, or if you have a reliable US website (with free shipping) to recommend me (brand new), that's fine also.

Pls email me the details at my email address: [email protected]
Much appreciated!
Just to share, I used it for both kids. For my older one, I was not so consistent in using. Sometimes forget, sometimes remember. But for my 2nd kid, I was more consistent, everyday at the same time, morning and evening.

My older girl is now 2 years+. She started talking at 9 months. I counted her vocab, more than 80 words at 11 months.

My younger girl is 4 months. She is very easy to latch, easy to put to sleep. She is more eventempered than her sister. I would call her a textbook/angel type - she follows a routine everyday, so looking after her is predictable. My elder one compared to her little sister is not as easy.

I am interested to buy brand new or 2nd hand babyplus. If you have a set, please PM me or text me at my mobile, 81685486 Thanks!