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Baby Cot or Playpen*

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by w0nderland, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. w0nderland

    w0nderland Member

    Hi, I am planning to get a bed for my coming baby. Any advise whether I should get a baby cot or just buy a playpen will do? I've heard from many people that their baby generally don't like to sleep in cot, so it ended being a white elephant.

  2. sassymum

    sassymum New Member

    Hi Alice,

    Personally, IMO I think the baby cot will be good as you are able to adjust the height so that its easier for you. Especially if you are doing c-section, it wont be good for you to keep bending as the play pen is way too low. Backache is inevitable before and after preggy... so why strained your back?
  3. hello88

    hello88 New Member

    Hi Alice,

    for newborn, u can make use of the bassinet that comes with the playpen.
  4. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    for me, i got a playpen. mine able to adjust the height so that i do not need to bend all the way down to put baby down or carry baby up.
  5. totodilez

    totodilez New Member

    Hi Saki,
    Can I ask u where u got ur playpen? Looking for something like that. When u mean lower the height, u mean lowering the playpen rails height rite? Not the bassinet rite?
  6. hello88

    hello88 New Member


    I think saki mean the bassinet. I took away the bassinet when my girl abt 5 months.
  7. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">hi, my hubby got it at Taka Baby Fair.
    it comes with a bassinet or so called changing place.
    they have 4 rails that u can use to either lift it up to somewhere half of the playpen or take it out together with the changing place.

    not sure if this is the playpen u're looking for?? </font>
  8. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">if case u need the brand name, mine is BabyCraft..
    maybe u can try looking for these or contact the sales person for more details... </font>
  9. totodilez

    totodilez New Member

    Hi saki,
    U got the contact for the sales person? Coz I think those at taka fair dont have a fix sales shop, except for a ware house lei..

  10. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">hi grace,

    i dun have the salesperson contacts cos she din gave my hubby and he din ask for it as well.
  11. susern

    susern Member

    Hi MTB

    This kind of playpen with bassinet can find at Kiddy palace. Perhaps toa payoh have a lot cos the shop there is bigger. Can go there see.
  12. yamiyogurt

    yamiyogurt Member

    i got a playpen with a bassinet. however i just realised that the bassinet is only for babies up to 3 months old. so i dun know where my baby can sleep after that.

    hui hui, after 5 months, you let your baby sleep at the bottom of the playpen?
  13. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Sorry gals, you let bb sleeps in the changing place aka bassinet? Won't your bb feel uncomfortable? This is only for use when you need to change bb diaper, not meant to put bb there to sleep.

    In fact, once bb reaches 3mths old, you shouldn't use it anymore cos it is not going to support your bb weight.

    If you gals train yr bbs to sleep in baby cot or playpen, they will get used to it and it won't become an white elephant.

    Whether baby cot or playpen depends on your choice. I've both. Baby cot is more stable but it takes up space. In fact, I dun think space should be considered here cos you won't keep the playpen when bb is not using right? For long term use, I prefer baby cot, especially those who wants more than 1 kid. Get those baby cot which can convert to a toddler bed.

    Once your bb starts to flip, you should change the level of the playpen. This is for safety reason.
  14. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">to clarify, my bb does not sleep at the changing place. that's not meant for sleeping purposes.

    just that the playpen i had, i can push or lift the playpen to somewhere half of the playpen height with the bassinet beside but normally i will lift them up.

    when the baby is older, can take out the bassinet. </font>
  15. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    I know what you mean. You are using babycraft playpen? I have one too. I think the one you mentioned is not called changing place (or watever that is called).

    Actually I tot playpens all come in 2 levels and some in 3 levels (though very little)? The upper level, I removed after bb started to flip cos is dangerous.
  16. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">
    yup mine is the babcraft playpen.

    Yalor the upper one when baby starts to flip or learnt to sit up/stand up, have to remove them. </font>
  17. hello88

    hello88 New Member

    I think some of u mistake the changing piece for the bassinet. Bassinet is the layer whereby u can lower down once baby is around 5 or 6 months depending on how deep the basssinet is. For some playpen, the bassinet is fixed abt half of the playpen whereas for some, its only abt 10cm or 1/5 of the entire height of the playpen minus the legs.
  18. chrisz_chua

    chrisz_chua New Member

    hi mummies

    i think that both playpen n babycot bed has their own advantages. babycot bed can use longer (convert to junior bed) and the length is longer also. playpen is good as baby won't get hurt when they can sit and stand inside the playpen.
  19. lingbel

    lingbel New Member

    my personal view, baby cot better, cause baby tends to sleep better in cot I realise. Play pen tends to be very shaky wich baby when sleep dun feel secure, but for baby cot, its firmer and baby can sleep better
  20. joyinthelord

    joyinthelord New Member

    I have both as I lived in 2 storey.. intend to put the cot in bedroom for night time sleep, the playpen in downstairs so MIL can take care when I am back at to work. Otherwise "siong" on MIL to climb up and down to look after bb. Another thing about playpen is that it's portable, can pack up to bring to my parents place when its their turn to look after bb.
  21. belleepoque

    belleepoque Member

    I have both. Playpen is for the living room and cot is for baby's room.

    Playpen feels safer when baby can crawl and stand as there is no hard surface.

    The main difference is how comfortable it is for the caregiver to pick up the child once the lowest level has to be used. For the playpen, there is no gate that can be pushed down so you have to bend down more. It's quite a strain on the back.

    If the child is not flipping, the bassinet level on the playpen is just as convenient. I have only seen playpens with the bassinet level and the lowest level whereas cots can have up to 4 levels.

    Ideally someone should invent a playpen with more levels and a way to lower one side like a cot. Alternatively cots should be made with soft sides like the playpen instead of hard wooden slats.
  22. bluegin

    bluegin Active Member

    I used both too. In additional I oso use yaolan for the night, many mothers told me that bb sleeping in baby cot and playpen will have flatter head.

    Baby Cot is not safe for baby when they able to turn.
  23. belleepoque

    belleepoque Member

    Come to think of it, I used the Amby Motion Bed after my son was one month old until my boy started to flip at around 3 - 4 months. After he learnt to turn, he prefers the cot and we kept the Amby bed. The Amby bed may help to prevent flat head.

    After my son started sleeping in his cot, he began to sleep on his stomach - we couldn't stop him. That also helps to prevent flat head.
  24. bluegin

    bluegin Active Member

    wat is a motion bed?
  25. belleepoque

    belleepoque Member

    It's an Australian sarong bed - do a search and you will find the Singapore supplier.
  26. newbiedad

    newbiedad New Member

    Hello can i know where to buy addons such as the bassinet and hanging toys for a playpen.
  27. skyblue_77

    skyblue_77 Member

    hi, i would like to know how much does a playpen cost???
  28. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    Hi Skyblue, think Carrefour stock are around $65 up to Departmental stores around $400. [​IMG]
  29. max3003

    max3003 New Member


    I have a white baby cot to sell at less than half price, with a playpen (blue) to give away if interested.

    Same reason, my bbgirl simply refused to sleep after 3 months and now sleeping in our king sized bed. Sigh....

    Interested, email: maxi7632@yahoo.com.sg
  30. skyblue_77

    skyblue_77 Member

    Thank you, Kell.

    I would like to know how much will you gals will spend on the playpen?
    I need advice.
  31. blessedmummie

    blessedmummie Member

    hi gals, can any1 advise me on where i can find a brand new cot less than $200 SGD? Am havin problems with my mum and hubby. Hubby refuses to pay too much for a baby cot as he feels baby will outgrow it soon, mum is my caregiver and she wanted a new cot and refuses to take any 2nd hand 1. So i m thinkin of gettin 1 out of my own pkt to solve the prb. Quite urgently as my baby will arrive end mar tks!
  32. hello88

    hello88 New Member

    try those HDB furniture shops
  33. disneytokyo

    disneytokyo New Member

    blessed - i know in first few years, they had this promo a month ago like 180 sgd only.Not bad cot. Plscall and ask them again. It is the branch located in paragon 5th floor.
  34. anastasia_xin

    anastasia_xin New Member

    hi to all mtb,

    hey mummies, I do have a brand new playpen with the mattress to go along with selling @ $120 or nego. The playpen is still inside the box. Interest mummy pls PM me or email me @ anastasia_xin@yahoo.com.sg for more details.

  35. bladers

    bladers New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    where's a good place to buy such bulky items - cots,playpens, bassinets, strollers...?
  36. audreytey

    audreytey New Member

    Hi Sheena,

    i have jus PM on your playpen.
  37. hello88

    hello88 New Member


    try kiddy palace at TPY. I've been to baby megamart at kaki bukit. Price not really cheap and very crampy place.
  38. donspore

    donspore New Member

    Am interested to get a baby cot, preferably white or black walnut colour one.

    But am concerned if baby's hand/legs get stuck in between the openings between the cot's "grille".

    What do you all normally use/recommend?

  39. xue_ni

    xue_ni Member

    hi all,
    there's a shop at whampoa. think its blk 58. selling lotsa bb stuff. they even hv cataloge for big items. bed, toys, plappen, walker everything!
  40. lovebug1822

    lovebug1822 New Member

    xue: Do you happen to have the number of the whampoa shop? and more specific directions?
  41. sunshines11

    sunshines11 Member

    Hi... I have a nearly brand new condition cot for sale... It can b converted into a bed when the child gets bigger... I bought it in mar but my baby has since slept with us on our bed, n has not slept in it for more than 10 times... Pse PM me if u r interested, thks [​IMG]
  42. zookeeper

    zookeeper Member

    hi sunshine,

    i've just PM you. [​IMG]

  43. ~_lioeleme_~

    ~_lioeleme_~ New Member

    i have pm you too.
  44. sun2flower

    sun2flower New Member


    I've a very good condition baby play pen for sale. Its very very lightly used cos got it at a later stage and placed at my mum's place.

    Please PM me if interested [​IMG]

    Thank you
  45. dynashki

    dynashki New Member

    I need a baby's cot for my upcoming baby next year..Anyone selling at good price with good condition? Plse email me pic at kd_4eva@hotmail.com
  46. jynnsan

    jynnsan New Member

    I got both playpen and baby cot
  47. mkk

    mkk Member

    Hi, got a playpen to let go at $50. Brand is Lite n Easy Echo by Swallow. Email me at mkk2510@yahoo.com.sg if interested.
  48. wheee

    wheee New Member

  49. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    I used play pen when my son was born till about 3 months old. After that bought baby cot cos i felt as my son's weight progresses, the weight got sunk in, and feel its not very good for his spine. Now i will use it to let him play inside only with all mattresses taken out.
  50. newmummy08

    newmummy08 Member

    Hi,was thinking to get secondhand baby cot, those can convert to toddler bed one...adj to 3 diff level type...any one got offer or recommend?

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