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Babies dun drink milk, what else to feed?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by xsun, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. xsun

    xsun Member

    Hi all mummies,
    I wonder if im the only 1 in this situation?

    My bb doesnt like milk since birth. Till nw he is almost 8mo and still the same. We hv to dream feed him. Ive seen other bbs gluping their milk down and finish it within 5mins.

    Im so tired...

  2. snowball32

    snowball32 Active Member

    Hi Sungrapes,

    Both my kids started to refuse milk since they were about 4 mths old. I feed them with rice cereal mixed with milk 3 - 4 meals a day (cereal like).

    U can get HealthyTimes Oatmeal cereal to feed your baby too. Mix the oatmeal cereal with rice cereal mixed with milk and feed your baby. Your baby will be able to absorb the milk nutrients by doing so.

    You bb is now 8 mo already, you can intro semi-solids to him like porridge and chunky food (for grinding if he is already teething). As cereal feeds tend to be heaty, make sure you give your bb plenty of water/ juices/ fruits to "cool" him off.

    Both my kids are now 4 and 5.5yo and they are growing very well eating almost everything and anything. No one actually believe they do not take milk when they were babies.
  3. esther_ksk

    esther_ksk New Member

    ya, sungrapes,

    ur bb can start eat porridge oledi. My gal now oso is 8 months. I feed her porridge twice a day. milk is about 2-3 times a day. the consumption of milk is lesser. say, last time is 150ml, now is about 90-120 ml. she can sleep more well thru the night.
  4. yuner

    yuner New Member

    My 2-mth old son used to drink on average of 100ml of his formula milk. He's about 4.5kg now and I would think he need to drink at least 100ml per feed base on 6 feeds a day. However, just about a week ago, he started to reject the bottle after drinking about 40-50ml.

    He would struggle, kick his legs, push his hands around, and cry. We will then try to burp him and feed him again. Sometimes he would stick his tongue out to reject the bottle, but after I tried to force it into his mouth, he would drink maybe another 10-20ml.

    We tried different methods to test why is he behaving this way. We changed the teats, feed him anti-colic drop, coax & distract him, make the milk less warm, make the milk more warm. But all these doesn't work.

    So currently, I have to feed him more feeds per day as he's taking in lesser amount per feed.

    I have a habit of changing his diaper before or after a feed. So far his poo poo is ok, almost poo once a day. There's urine on his diaper when I change it everytime...

    Worried mummy... my baby is 2mths old only...
  5. xsun

    xsun Member

    I just dun get it y they dun wanna drink milk? He drinks water fine. Itz so weird.

    He is eating porr n cereal, yogurt. But his appetite is small. Is his appetite just small? Or not hungry?
  6. esther_ksk

    esther_ksk New Member

    Yuner, if u really worry maybe consult doctor. O jus observe for another few days. Sometimes my gal oso like tat. But still drink the milk after tat. How many hrs u feed her?

    Sungrapes, i found some babies when start eating solid food will easy get full.
  7. xsun

    xsun Member

    My babies are all reflux babies. I hv an elder son, he is k2. He had the same problem when he was a bb. But he outgrew when he turn 4mo. So when my second bb is like tat, i tot just hang on till 4-5mo. But till nw he is still like tat.

    So no choice, gotta wean him early. I started gvg him cereal when he was abt 5mo. I hope he will one of those who will
    love solids. But his eating pattern is erratic. Some days gd, some days keep spitting out and refusing to swallow. So if he dun like milk, dun Ike solids..then wat m i to do?

    Really cant figure out. Even tho im a mummy of 2, i still stratching head over this feeding issue.

    If ur bb is like mine, suffer frm reflux, then u can get meds for it. It worked for my elder but not so effective for my bb. Then u just gotta hang on and wait it out. Hopefully will improve once he hit 4-5mo.

    If not then u gotta intro cereal mix with fm. If they dun drink fm, then they gotta EAT fm this way. Initial period is really tough. But no choice.

    Tatz the reason y i started this thread. I wanna find out if im the only person with this challenge or is this common among bbs.

    So can i totally stop fm? Since itz so tortous for him? He must get at least 2-3 milk feeds per day on top of solids. I try to hit at least 450mls per day but it is a WAR. I rem my PD told me minimum is 300mls per day provided he is taking at
    least 6-8tbsp of solids per meal.

    U think he will be hungry in the am after refusing his 10.30pm feed? No !! He still makes such a fuss during his am feed.!

    I hv a bb who nv seem hungry!!
  8. feif

    feif Member

    My son doesn't like cereal, porridge and supplements. In fact, we allowed him to taste all sorts of foods the moment he started to show and interest in our meals (around 1 year old). Started off licking fruits even potato crisps, having mashed fruit, sometimes soups and slowly he wanted to try eating them.

    He doesn't drink alot of milk. Max 100ml at anytime and has been like that since newborn. We stopped FM 'cos it caused constipation -- he takes just the usual Dupro/Dugro/Fernleaf and seems to be much happier.
  9. xsun

    xsun Member

    So wat did u feed him when he first started solids? Since he doesnt like the 'common' first foods?
  10. feif

    feif Member

    We gave him anything he wanted to try[​IMG] He absolutely hated those baby biscuits, teething husks and porridge. I ended giving up away boxes of these 'cos we bought thinking all babies eat such foods.

    He's a small eater generally and prefers drinking water, some fruits, cakes, plain noodles/rice (some gravy/soup) and assortment of biscuits etc. We both dislike porridge, which is great!
  11. slong

    slong New Member

    My baby is 5mo.
    Need some advise what's the best food should be introduce at first.
    I have try si shen brown cereal powder but he seem dno't like.
  12. xsun

    xsun Member

    U must try a few times to let him him get use to the taste. Last time i oso tried many times before he learn hw to swallow n not push the food out with his tongue. Afterall they r used to sucking for milk, not swallowing solids.

    I started with rice cereal then brown rice, oats, barley cereal. I oso gv pumpkin, sweet potatoes, pears, apple puree. These r the basic first foods. I mix these with his cereal as well.

    When he is used to swallowing, i made porr.

    I introduce protein as stock cook with porr. ie. Chix stock cook porr. When he is ok with it, then i feed him the meat. I puree it to add to porr. Same with other kinds of meats.
  13. slong

    slong New Member

    Hi sungrapes,
    Many thanks for your advise. I will try it.
  14. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    He will get the fats from other diary like yoghurt and cheese. Another good source of healthy fats and omega 3 is tinned fish. They supply the fats of fish and the soft crushed bones provide extra calcium.

    Frying some foods in olive oil will give more fats as well. Fats are important for fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and brain development as well as essential fatty acids. Just don't worry about a fat free diet, i.e not half fat cheese or yogurt and don't worry about shallowing frying some foods.

    All the best!
  15. temjin68

    temjin68 Member

    hello Mummies
    My girl is coming to four months and she doesn't like to drink milk.

    Latching on, she will suck for a while.
    Refuse bottle feeding...
    Hate formula too

    Maximum she drinks is 40 to 60 ml all along...
    At birth she only drinks 10 ml
    and she can go without milk for 5 hours
    All she wants is to sleep. She can sleep the whole day.

    She is underweight less than 5 kg

    PD said she should drink at least 700 ml per day and that was about a month ago. She is way below this amount.

    I tried syringe and ended up vomit.

  16. trax

    trax Member

    Hi EA,

    My boy refused milk as well when he was 2 mths old. I had no choice but to sleep feed him - he wld drink only when he is asleep or half asleep. This is really tough in the initial mths as they don't take long naps ie. sometimes just 1 hr. By the time I feed him, go to the toilet, a while later he is awake already. But it worked, he was getting enough milk.

    Miraculously when he was 6 mths old, he started drinking again. I guess it might be a phase and they will outgrow it at some point.. we just don't know when or why..
  17. rabbitz

    rabbitz Member

    Hope this thread is still alive.
    My baby dislike milk, be it BM or FM, ave intake is 60-90ml up till now when he is one year. Also mood meter swing with his feeding. Also going crazy

    Dun understand why baby dont want milk when he is not lactose intolerant. Tried all brands and same result. Bottle also tried philip and nuk.

    Baby is always boarderline underweight. Pains me. Duno how to fight the war feeding him. Always waste the milk i give him. More heart pain to throw away the FM, rather spend more if he likes to drink.

    PD ask me to give fresh milk, but its chilled. Duno really can or not.
  18. feif

    feif Member

    Hi Rabbitz,

    What does your child like to eat/drink?

    Fresh milk is okay if you pour out small amounts and leave it to adjust to room temperature. My kid used to like drinking Meiji coffee milk at one time when he didn't wish to drink the usual formula milk. Mine doesn't drink much milk either except at night.

    If he's into solid foods, you can try biscuits, rice (small spoonful) with some gravy/soup or noodles. Or scape pulp/flesh off fruits like papaya, banana, apple.
  19. feif

    feif Member

    Hi Rabbitz,

    What does your child like to eat/drink?

    Fresh milk is okay if you pour out small amounts and leave it to adjust to room temperature. My kid used to like drinking Meiji coffee milk at one time when he didn't wish to drink the usual formula milk. Mine doesn't drink much milk either except at night.

    If he's into solid foods, you can try biscuits, rice (small spoonful) with some gravy/soup or noodles. Or scape pulp/flesh off fruits like papaya, banana, apple.
  20. rabbitz

    rabbitz Member

    he drinks FM abt 80-90ml 3x daily only. Lunch n dinner one bowl (philip avent bowl) porridge which is blended till smooth cos he will spit out textures. Maybe the rice grains and ingredients consist 1/2 bowl the balance is porridge water blended to make 1 bowl. He takes little bit fruits too. But sometimes never finish porridge too.
  21. depressed_gal

    depressed_gal Member

    Hi, is this thread still alive? I'm facing the same problem, my boy is 3mths and is currently underweigh now. He need to have 1050ml per day but he only drink 400+ to 500+ per day, which is half of what is expected. Anyone got any idea how to let baby drink more? I'm feeding both bm and fm. Sometimes per feed he only drink 50ml and refuse to continue, he will start kicking n screaming. Pls help... worry for him if this still going on

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