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<b>3 years old in 2010 - Academic development</b>

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by gng, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. gng

    gng New Member

    Jus wonder, for a 3 years old kid, what are we suppose to teach them?

    Do we need to enrol them in Pre-nursey?

  2. nip1

    nip1 Member

    Gracia, just look up on the web or library for books on milestones development for babies to toddler, they will give you an idea of what to expect and do/teach for the kids. Basically is to focus on the few areas like cognitive, social, aesthetics.....but make sure your kid is enjoying himself/herself.

    As for pre-nursery, my 3 yr old son will be attending one this year. Good for interaction and as a start in their education path. However, pre-nursey is not a must....I guess when some parents can teach their own kids.
  3. rntokyo

    rntokyo New Member

    Hi Gracia,
    I'm a working mother who believe in sending a child to school. Children learn more about social interaction, topics of studies and development of speech and motorskills much faster when they follow a structured programme versus playing alone at home.

    Yes, you may want to consider sending your child to a play school even if it lasts for a few hours only.
  4. little2mato

    little2mato Member

    Hi, am a mother of two, my younger is turning 3 in Feb.. any programme to recommend for this age, preferabbly at Sengkang area..

  5. summercove

    summercove Member

    Hi beth,

    You may want to consider sending to those church kindergarten? Lessons last for about 3hrs each day.
  6. gng

    gng New Member

    Dear All,
    Thanks for the advice.

    Found this and thought of jus sharing:-

    Toddlers (2-3 years old)

    Developmental Milestones
    Because of your child’s growing desire to assert her independence, this stage is often called the “terrible twos.” However, this can be an exciting time for you and your toddler. He will experience huge intellectual, social, and emotional changes that will help him to explore his new world, and make sense of it.

    During this stage, your toddler will be able to follow two- or three-phrase commands, sort objects by shape and color, imitate the actions of adults and playmates, and express a wide range of emotions.

    Positive Parenting

    Set up a special time to read books with your toddler.
    Encourage your child to engage in pretend play.
    Play parade or follow the leader with your toddler.
    Help your child to explore her surroundings by taking her on a walk or wagon ride.
    Encourage your child to tell you his name and age.
    Teach your child simple songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider, or other cultural childhood rhymes.

    Child Safety First
    Encourage your toddler to sit when eating and to chew her food thoroughly.

    Check toys often for loose or broken parts.
    Encourage your toddler not to put pencils or crayons in his mouth when coloring or drawing.
    Never leave your toddler near or around water (that is, bathtubs, pools, ponds, lakes, whirlpools, or the ocean) without someone watching her.
    Never drink hot objects while your child is sitting on your lap. Sudden movements can cause a spill.
  7. gng

    gng New Member

    And this:-

    Important Milestones: By the End of Three Years (36 Months)

    Fact Sheet on Milestones

    Children develop at their own pace, so it's impossible to tell exactly when yours will learn a given skill. The developmental milestones below will give you a general idea of the changes you can expect as your child gets older, but don't be alarmed if your child takes a slightly different course.

    Social and Emotional

    Imitates adults and playmates
    Spontaneously shows affection for familiar playmates
    Can take turns in games
    Understands concept of "mine" and "his/hers"


    Expresses affection openly
    Expresses a wide range of emotions
    By 3, separates easily from parents
    Objects to major changes in routine


    Makes mechanical toys work
    Matches an object in her hand or room to a picture in a book
    Plays make-believe with dolls, animals, and people
    Sorts objects by shape and color
    Completes puzzles with three or four pieces
    Understands concept of "two"


    Follows a two- or three-part command
    Recognizes and identifies almost all common objects and pictures
    Understands most sentences
    Understands placement in space ("on," "in," "under")
    Uses 4- to 5-word sentences
    Can say name, age, and sex
    Uses pronouns (I, you, me, we, they) and some plurals (cars, dogs, cats)
    Strangers can understand most of her words


    Climbs well
    Walks up and down stairs, alternating feet (one foot per stair step)
    Kicks ball
    Runs easily
    Pedals tricycle
    Bends over easily without falling

    Hand and Finger Skills

    Makes up-and-down, side-to-side, and circular lines with pencil or crayon
    Turns book pages one at a time
    Builds a tower of more than six blocks
    Holds a pencil in writing position
    Screws and unscrews jar lids, nuts, and bolts
    Turns rotating handles
  8. gng

    gng New Member

    <font color="ff0000">Developmental Health Watch
    Frequent falling and difficulty with stairs
    Persistent drooling or very unclear speech
    Cannot build a tower of more than four blocks
    Difficulty manipulating small objects
    Cannot copy a circle by age 3
    Cannot communicate in short phrases
    No involvement in "pretend" play
    Does not understand simple instructions
    Little interest in other children
    Extreme difficulty separating from mother or primary caregiver
    Poor eye contact
    Limited interest in toys
    Experiences a dramatic loss of skills he or she once had
  9. star1105

    star1105 Member

  10. star1105

    star1105 Member

    Can check if your kids can recognise A to Z?
  11. little2mato

    little2mato Member

    Hi Star,

    My 3 years old boy can do so A to Z (both capital &amp; small letters).
  12. star1105

    star1105 Member

    Wah... my gal coming 3 yrs still can only recognise some only...

    Did u send ur boy to playgroup or N1?
  13. little2mato

    little2mato Member

    no.. planning to but i don't like the environment of my neighbourhood playgroup..
    are you in sengkang area? want to enrol him to N1 next year.. still searching for one.. any suggestion?

    my boy likes barney, he learns from the ABC songs.. kids learn very fast thru watching vcd..
  14. star1105

    star1105 Member

    O, I stay in north area. Woodlands, there is a new playgroup to kindergarten pte school.

    Quite good, with small teacher kid ratio.... But think it is abit far for you...
  15. bin_may

    bin_may Member


    Just to share with you.
    My child is 3 in 2010 oso....he can recognise a-z in both cap n small letters, numbers up to 12 (clock), draw simple shapes, write a-z both cap n small letters with dotted line to follow, off hand to write a few letters eg b, p, o, i, phonics sound from a-k, all these are not learn from school but my home education with him.

    I'm a ftwm, need to do complete housework everyday. However, I will always spent half n hr everyday to teach my son new things. Though he attend child care nursery, he does not learn much from there...In addition, my son is with Yamaha music class. From there, he learn music beat, learn new songs etc...
  16. vivid

    vivid New Member

    Hello mummies,

    For 3 yr-olds, nursery or playgroup may be a good exposure for social skills development. But i believe we (FTWM n SAHM) can do a lot at home even if it is just for 2 hours a day.

    My second child will turn 2 in Oct 2010. She has never attended any enrichment. I let her watch educational VCDs, DVDs and okto channel. Though i am not willing to subject her to at least 2 hours of screen time, i have no choice as i need to do the household chores and attend to my elder son's homework.

    I also let her play by herself (puzzles, legos and megabloks) as well as make it a point to tell her a short story a day.

    By 2.5 yr-olds, she is able to handle 60-pcs puzzles with ease, ride a tricycle, watch and talk about 'Charlie and Lola' DVDs, sleeps in her own room by herself (Thanks to Charlie and lola story!) and sit down to flip through books for at least 20 mins alone.

    Do plan a time-table and be disciplined enough to carry it out. We need not do a lot at a time. Enjoy the process.
  17. eva2004

    eva2004 Member

    hi vivid,

    i have a 2.5yr old girl and a 10 mth old boy. i will try to do things wif girl but these activites(painting, playdoh) are not suitable for a bb so sometimes i feel abit guilty to my boy and vv.
    could u kindly share wif me your timetable or maybe a sample? thanks lots.
  18. vivid

    vivid New Member

    Hello eva2004,

    I think you have a challenging time coping with 2 young kids that are close in age. I hope you have someone to help you out, otherwise you may burn-out easily if your kids are very active.

    My time-table is very simple, though initially i was very ambitious and planned a lot of activities but things sort of work out on their own over time, and it evolved into a mental timetable. Most of the time, it depends on the kids, if they are interested on certain activities then we would do that.

    A typical day starts like this:

    VCDs, sing songs (Chinese n English) and dance
    Water the plants (simple gardening), they love it
    Break (biscuits/fruit)
    Reading time (use puppets if possible, young kids like it)

    Free time
    Puzzles/ play-doh/ cycling/ motorised/ car/ legos/ handwriting skills/ Painting/ snake and ladder game/ card games (eg. snap)/ Thomas and friend train set/ Art &amp; Craft (simple cutting and pasting, painting/ scrabble

    TV time (okto, DVDs or VCDs)
    Story time
    Lights out at 9.30pm

    It is important to have a library of books at home to create a conducive environment for cultivation of reading habit.
  19. dogbaby_25

    dogbaby_25 Member


    As for me, my daughter starting going for enrichment classes @Julia Gabriels when she was 10mths old and till now ..

    In Jan 2011, shes going to Chiltern Hse for Nursery. Honestly, am very glad n proud to say theres so many achievements I can see in her ..

    Despite being 2yr old, shes does things that a 3yr or even older children does .. Shes able to speak sentences, that consists abt 4-5 words ...

    Importantly, her social skils and independent skills are very good. Shes very active and rountinely takes books to read eg ...

    In JG, they are very organised and importantly very loving n encouraging to kids ...

    Hence, I strongly believe, though parents plays an impt role in children's life, exposure to school environment is crucial as they are taught many beneficial lessons [​IMG]

  20. glt1

    glt1 Member

    Hi Star, can I know the name of the playgrp? I stay in woodlands. Thanks.
  21. Radiance

    Radiance Member

    Yes mommies,

    True, parents play an very imporrtant role in chidren's live especially in learning.

    For myself I'll spend about 1 hour for my kids after work, normally from 8.30-9.30pm.I will read them story books and teach them little by little per day. Now my 3 yr 2 mths boy is able to pronounce 3 letter words using phonics. He even can spell some of simple words tht i taught. eg: in, on, cat, dog, under, up, down. Don't enderestimate them..
  22. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    Yes, I believe a mother influences the children development a lot.
    My gal will be 3 years next month and she is able to speak fluently in complete sentence. She is more advance than many children of her age in her nursery, she started her N1 last week and the teacher was teaching no. 1 and 2 which was rather easy to my girl, but many children didn't know about it, so if you depend on childcare to teach your kid, it'll be quite difficult.
    My friend's son 3 years old can already read book by himself using phonics!
  23. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Very informative thread - thanks for the useful tips!
  24. davian

    davian New Member

    My boy is coming 28mths. Just to check normally by this age what most toddler will know? He can say and point correctly to majority parts of the body (eyes, nose,mouth,ear,hand,leg,eyebrow etc) . For ABC, he show not much interest in learning. So far he only able to recognise and tell me a,,b,c ,p .
    Number can say 1,2,3,4,6,8.
  25. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    Hi Davian,
    My girl just picked up alphabets that time, starting to recognise some simple words. You can see here for her progress, I've stated her age on each of the post.
  26. specialkids

    specialkids New Member

    Hi for a Quick Guide to Developmental Milestones and some play ideas (still being updated), check out www.specialkidsclinic.com.sg.
    Hope it helps[​IMG]

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