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Hi Mummies
Is there anyone sending their kids to Rainbow or Thai Hua Kuan EIPIC? Could I have your feedback on their teachers, therapist and facilities? I am thinking which one to send my boy who has DS to. TIA.


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Hi mummies, long time no log in.
If you recall, my kid is diagnosed with moderate speech delay. Academically and in other areas, he is doing fine. Picking up where we left off 6 months ago, we eventually went to a developmental PD, Dr Janice Wong. It was decided that we will put my kid in a weekly 1-hour speech therapy and he remains in a mainstream CC (Cherie Hearts). We just had the review and the PD feels that we need to do more. So now we're looking at a mainstream that will offer integrated learning alongside normal curriculum.

I've shortlisted St. Gerard's and Chiltern for now (God knows how that's going to break our bank), but I figured he's only got another 2 years before we shoot for mainstream primary.

I'd share after we have visited and reviewed the two schools. In the mean time, if you have experience with them, or any recommendation for good mainstream with integrated learning (at an affordable rate!), I'd greatly appreciate your sharing!



Can any mummies share what happen in the first visit/assessment in the EI centres?
i have been enquiring a few centres. i wonder what i should expect from first visit to assess if one of them stands out among the rest.

Thank you


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Hi all

I have a kid on the spectrum and has helped my relative to purchase books. But upon purchase, he cancelled on me. Now I have brand new books on hand which I purchased from amazon. Letting go at cost (ie amazon price + shipping). If you are interested, they are as follows (indicated Kinokuniya pricing for reference only):-

1) It takes Two to Talk by Jan Pepper and El;aine Weitzman (S$80) Kino: S$166.73

2) The Social Skills Picture Book (Teaching Play, Emotion, and Communication to Children with Autism) by Jed Baker, PHD (S$40)

3) Early Intervention Games by Barbara Sher (S$20) Kino: S$27.28

4) The Out-of-Sync Child has fun: Activities for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder by Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA (S$20) Kino S$26.69

5) Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues by Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske(S$20) Kino: S$27.89

If you are interested to browse and I'm not letting go these ones as I still need them, my 'library' also include: "More than Words" and "Talkability" (both by Fern Sussman).



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i enlisted my son in epic and 2 others, his frustration curbed his learning ability. In the end, i settled for an in house therapist, which is saving me money and my kids are coping better. Gerard who is 4 , is now better able to express himself and his sentence building is improving. The therapist is teaching both us and him coping strategies. Finally a god send.
hi jan mom,

i checked with my insurance agent and she said that children with autism cant be covered with protection. they can be covered for savings purposes though. you can see whether other agents have better plans.


Hi, have you ever thought of a good -ve ion with far 7nfrared mattress can help an autistic, by improve their c8ncentration mind? I am thinking aloud cos many parents who lets their child sleeps shows good academic results.

If you keen, pls sms me at 97710200 for me to bring you to listen and ask more question on this product with the shop.


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hello ppl, has anyone heard of or tried a weighted vest? apparently it calms kids with autism down, helping them to focus but has side effects as it is too heavy for young kids


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has followed since a few months ago and really find helpful information for parent like me with SN kid. My son is 2y8mnth. We noticed some abnormal behaviors since he was 1 and half year old , like delayed speech and poor social skills, cross eye looking, spinning wheels, but didnt hv enough knowledge and courage to suspect him with ASD. Finally we have overcome the denial and consulted with PD. Now we are waiting for assessment at KKH. Meanwhile we are considering to putting our son in K4K . Here I need to seek help from experienced parents like you.

1) anyone of you with k4k currently and plz share with me experience as well as review.
2) do we need extra OT, ST if we enrolls him in k4k since

really appreciate your response.
Thanks all parents here
Merry Xmas and Happy new year


HI, can anyone recommend me a good consultant based on your personal experience?
I'm concerned my son is showing symptom of this spectrum and would like a professional opinion. He is 2 yrs old. Thanks


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hello ppl, has anyone heard of or tried a weighted vest? apparently it calms kids with autism down, helping them to focus but has side effects as it is too heavy for young kids
I think it does not work for all children? It really depends if you child is sensory-sensitive or not.

How often does your child not pay attention? Is it for every activity or only for certain activities?


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HI, can anyone recommend me a good consultant based on your personal experience?
I'm concerned my son is showing symptom of this spectrum and would like a professional opinion. He is 2 yrs old. Thanks
Hi MudBaker! Saw your post in another thread too regarding your son too! :D

Maybe you can try ABA therapy instead? Your child don't have to be diagnosed under the autistic spectrum to try therapy. ABA therapy can help improve his behavior.

My son has been doing home-based therapy for a few months now and is improving. At first I did not know how to handle him because he is not paying attention to anything at all. He keeps looking away and does not imitate movements like typical children. After starting therapy, I can see an improvement and it is easier to interact with him now. :p


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Hi mothers
Anyone can share about Divinity School for Especial Needs, Zee Learning and Kids4Kids?

I am sourcing for another school to replace St Gerard.


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Hi Mommies,
My son is diagnosed with suspected ASD. I am currently waiting for appointments to let him go thru the number of tests. While waiting for the dates, the PD in CDU advice me to bring him to go thru some therapy first.
Just want to ask, anyone of you could recommend any good consultant or therapist that conduct Speech and EIPIC.

Thank you :)


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If you feel that your son is slow in speech and other development skills, you can start to approach SG Enable - they will advise you on the process to get your child enrol with EIPIC with the government funded centers. (my son is currently at Rainbow Margaret Drive, having 1-1 Intervention Program.

My son's last review at KK with the psychologist - suggested one ST (recommended by the mothers she has seen).

For my son, who is non-verbal and with sensory issues, he needs OT rather than ST.

THere are many private OT in Singapore.
One of the cheapest one is
One of the recommended OT (I never try due to time and location) by my son's teacher.

YOu may email me

I will tell you whatever I know/experience
Dear mummies, although I do not have a child on the spectrum, I wish to share that my son's preschool has a very good environment (I feel) for children with learning problems. The class ratio is very small and there is time for 1:1 teaching, and also mingling with the other age group children during snack and circle time. A friend's child who is turning 5yo this year just joined because he couldn't recognize or write the alphabets and numbers at all. Within a few months, he started to pick up the pencil and write. Although the fine motor skill is lacking as the letters are wobbly, we can see that he is progressing and can write independently 1-8 and say aloud. His mum is so happy. There are also other kids with learning problems who have blossomed in the school. It's Twinkle Stars Montessori at Marine Parade Central. They have AM/PM/Full Day sessions, can also choose 3,4 or 5x a week. I am in no way related to the owner of the school, just a satisfied parent sharing.
i have a primary 5 son who is doing a research study on the topic "what are the concerns of parents with special need children in singapore havr regarding the transition from preschool to primary school". He hopes to be a voice to MOE to incorporate programs in mainstream schools for special need students. He hopes that through this research prepare themselves and allievate any concerns parents might have if any special need child ever joins the school. Schools would also have a better understanding on how to take care of these students well. Here is the link for you to fill up thr survey:

Hope that you would set aside time to answer the survey. Thanks a lot for your time.
Hi all,

New here. But I did like to share with u all some insights of using natural techniques such as essential oil in managing autism.

You may read the following link for a testimonial of a five year old autistic boy who overcome it and lead a normal path.


Hope you all can share this. If u need any more info or help, feel free to drop me an email. Thanks and good night!


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my son is 28mths old and is referred to Olive Tree Development Center by his PD at SBCC to attend speech therapy
yet to call and fix appt.
have send him to playgroup in Jan2014 and his form teacher has feedback he don't react to people calling him and he always play on his own. his class ratio is 8:2. all his 4 classmates will sit on the table quietly and 1 teacher will always hold on to 2 bullies as they will go round hitting other students. only my son sit on the floor playing alone with the toys provided there.
his PD don't encourage go for assessment immediately as it is not only costly and it takes at least 5hrs. the kid may not take it. and he doesn't think my son is in a serious stage as he still maintain eye contact with him while he is talking.
so he say step by step go for speech therapy first.


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I am lucky , my friend recommended this home occupational therapist who comes once a week to see my child. there is a vast improvement. my child alertness and social skills has improved. i dont think olive tree is good. I have tried their services. anyway to each his own. if anyone wants the cobntact of my son's therapist you can email me at


I am lucky , my friend recommended this home occupational therapist who comes once a week to see my child. there is a vast improvement. my child alertness and social skills has improved. i dont think olive tree is good. I have tried their services. anyway to each his own. if anyone wants the cobntact of my son's therapist you can email me at
I will email to u. Tks


My son (19 months) likes to see spinning things. He will turn over his cars and spin the wheels.He likes to see ceiling fans. We do not it at home but if he sees outsidd, he will point them out to us. However, he doesn't obsess about it. He'll do it for a few minutes and then move on to playing with other toys.
He will eat most of the food I give except those with strong smell. I googl this and found that they may be signs of autism. scaring the hell out of me. However he loves to interact and play with us. Makes eye contact and engages us as and when but not all the times.The only thing is he really won't play with other children but with some selected children. He'll look at them, then just started running around. he LOVES to run.
Is it signs of autism? Please please help mommies. I'm so worried.


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dear my prince
well I have tried a home based therapist I got to know after seeing his ad in gumtree classifieds ads. It has been one year now and my child has responded well and the social skills and cognition has improved. My child also loves to spin continuously and was obsessed with circular objects . he kept on using his fingers to run around the circumference of circular objects non stop. He has since stop this repetitive action. it appears my child has mild Asperger's a type of high function autism. My child loves his lesson and looks forward to the therapy sessions every week. If you want his contact i can give you . his charges are reasonable ( as far as i can compare with other therapists) and he is very good with my child. let me know . He is a qualified and registered therapist with MOH. email me at


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Thanks Tancrisx3
we have decided to give the therapist a try. lets see how it goes
Hi tancrisx it's been about 4 months since we have given that home based therapist a try. I have been getting a lot of emails regarding the therapist's methods and results and frankly I have no time to reply to all. I also promised you that I would feedback to you once I have tried for a number of months. I have therefore asked the therapist's consent to share about his therapy service but not his ID or contact in the public domain.
when I asked you for his contact my child just turned 5 and has very little speech except for a few single words he mumbles from time to time, very little eye contact and he tends to sit alone and stare and shake. his reading is almost non existent except for the odd alphabet. numeracy was also near zero.
so I will sum up what I have observed and experienced of my therapist

Demeanour and personality

He is a cheerful and makes an effort to bond with the child. always calling out to my son and trying to make him laugh. He can be firm without looking unreasonable and my child will respond to the serious look the therapist gives. He is a very direct person and if you don't like that as a parent better not take him because he will tell you the truth which can be painful. overall he has the personality to interact with the child using encouragement and humour to motivate my child. sometimes he is late but he will inform us in advance.


He is a registered Occupational Therapist from a recognized western university and he has many years experienced working in a special school. He has shown us his degree and license

Methods of intervention and treatment

He brings his own material such as worksheet and Ipad. and sometimes he uses what we have bought for the child like toys and educational materials like flash cards puzzle etc. Initially we asked him what he can do for the child but he would only tell us when we completed an initial assessment. we had to pay for it. after the assessment he would send us a report with the results and intervention plan. it was done professionally and very clear in its stated aims and objectives.

he is creatively and he would use games and interaction to engage my child and he would interact with the therapist. also some reading and eye contact games and speech therapy was done. the sessions went well but sometimes my child would daydream and the therapist would bring him back to the session

Rates and slots available

He tells me he is quite busy but he is willing to listen to enquiries. His rates are reasonable and certainly cheaper than a therapy centre. so whoever is interested can try

Results of the intervention

the school reported that he has shown more eye contact and is more sociable and increased speech with more phrases and short sentences rather than just single words. He plays with his classmates more. he is able to recognise more words and more willing to talk. rather than looking away and daydreaming in a corner

Even my mother says he has shown all round improvement . I won't say that he is 100% good but the improvements are significant and I am satisfied.

I hope this answers the emails I get from mommyforummers.

Tancrisx, I will let the mommyforummers contact you for the therapist contact details
Zee school house is super ex.i sent my child there and with ot and st it broke our banks.per month is 3400..After some time we withdrew him.


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I don't really understand why singaporean parents want to spend so much money sending to all this school house. a lot of them just hire foreigners with unrecognised qualifications. For me I managed to source for a local and experienced plus qualified therapist. he charges half of what these "school houses" with fancy names and great billboards. My therapist has been with me for a few years helping my child. now my child sees him like and uncle and further more my child likes to study and no more afraid to go to school. don't be fooled by all this nice centres with lots of posters and bright colours. My friend is a former principal and he says most of the staff have no experience


In case anyone is looking for helpers, I have a maid to transfer. She has been with me for 8 years. Trusted and loves my kids but they are grown up now and I just quit my job wanna be stay home mum so hoping to help her find a good employer. She looked after my asperger son all this while and is familiar with his special diets and supplements to be given. Her contract expires end June and probably need to go back to see her family. Can actually get her in direct if you know how to process paperwork. PM me if keen.


Hi elcy,

U got a pm. I would like to have the contact for the nutritionist
Hope to hear from you soon