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Anyone bought the groiler books for your kids?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by weemin, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. weemin

    weemin New Member

    hello mums out there, i was caught by some " educational proffesionals" namely the groiler's book sales man yesterday nite. Had gone thru their marketing and find that it's really not bad, but i am not sure whether i should really purchase that. The series cost 2400 dollars. I found it EX. Anyone had tried this method of teaching your child? Does it work? BTW, my son is one year old.

  2. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    I also kena caught one but I do agree that the books are not bad but is expensive. I didn't buy in the end coz I am not sure how commited can I read to my boy on a daily basis.
  3. weemin

    weemin New Member

    Hi Jas, yeah, i agree with you as this is really a big commitment if i were to employ this method.
    Do you think we should do something to bring our kid up this young ,or it is just a kiasu act?

    I am quite stressed up when i see one of my friend introducing flash card to her 5 months old baby and her baby can now point from A to D...
  4. pamleong

    pamleong New Member

    I was quite tempted to buy one set too. But the price really makes me think twice!
  5. weemin

    weemin New Member

    hi pamela, may i know how old is your child, and how do you start to educate him or her?
  6. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    lin wee min
    For me, I never do flash card to my boy or anything like what most mummy do. My boy is 2yrs liao. I attend one talk and i quite agree with their explaination that it is pointless to flash card (words etc) to very young babies, to them at that point they are just memorising the pattern and they don't know what that word means actually. It is better to expose them to something concrete first to set the foundation then after which expose them to the words/name of the concrete things, such as showing them a ball and telling them 'ball'. Once they know that what is a ball, then slowly introduce the word 'ball' to them, this way they are able to associate better.
  7. weemin

    weemin New Member

    hi jas,
    i also found my son more interested in real objects rather than pictures and cards. I tried flashing card to him but he don't seemed to be interested at all, he will push away the card instead....[​IMG]
    i guess he is not ready yet...
  8. serenade

    serenade New Member

    Hi Jas,

    Can you please share more abt the talk that u attended? It sounds very interesting.
  9. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    actually i bought the set of books for my gal whose 21mths old & 4mths old..
    and abit regretted for buying all those books cos reli no time to read to my gals..
    somemore the salesman promised to come up to my hse to labell the shelf and also to guide us which method or which book to read 1st but never turn up...was quite dissapointed..
  10. reading_rm

    reading_rm New Member

    I wouldn't pay for something so expensive. I would suggest you use the $$ for Shichida, its more pratical. $2400 can pay for Shichida for 3 terms and i really see results (my son attended 3 terms).
  11. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    reading rm, can tell more on shichida?
  12. seahorse

    seahorse Member

    actually i purchased some books as i was told i had the option to terminate my orders if i did not like the books. After receiving a couple of books, i decided that this scheme was not for me but it took me months to get my refund. After calling them, they said they were processing my cancellation but yet, they continued to send me new books! i was so mad... called and called and harassed them until i finally got my money back! vowed never to fall for these marketing gimics again!
  13. weemin

    weemin New Member

    Hi reading_rm,
    How old is your son now? I had heard of schicida method. And is seriously thinking of bring him to attend the lesson, but i do get feedback that the schichida reception is very rude...I don't know...Perhaps you could give us some details on how your son is benefited from there?

    Seahorse, i did some research on the groiler scheme, and found a lot of complains similar to yours....You are lucky to get the refund...I also swear that i wont be persuaded by these kind of marketing gimics..
  14. jasgoh

    jasgoh Member

    hi weemin

    u can go to


    s - shichida methods
    g - glenn doman methods

    its a forum teaching parent to practice the above methods at home.

    you can check the following website oso


    for more information on shichida methods or rather attend their preview held quarterly.

    My dd is in shichida class @ springleaf, so far the receptionist never give me any problem.
  15. yaniz2001

    yaniz2001 New Member

    Well, actually I did purchase the set of books from Grolier and I find it very useful, not only for my baby (1 year old) but also for myself coz there are certain words which we as adult seldom use it and when I read to my baby, we tend to use the unfamiliar words even when we talk, we use them more often. Well, I dont come from rich or high education background so I find it benefitial for me to be able to share good education for my baby...

    Now baby loves at the sight of books and almost every nite, he will get a book which I place nearby his cot and wants me to read it to him, at this age he recognises his body parts and animals and things around him due to the help of this books.
  16. wahyuen

    wahyuen New Member

  17. lynn_lll

    lynn_lll New Member

    hihi.......i have a 15mths bb girl...thinking of sending her to Shichida class, had called up to enquire...e person said have to attend min. 2 years to see results.....anyone tried Shichida????
  18. ltzjess3

    ltzjess3 New Member

    hey are handling too much students ratio to teacher...i register with them giving 300buck to secure a seat but 2days before the actual terms starts. I realised that they had actually postphone the class to next term without informing parent. I only get to know when i contacted them...
    Very bad experience with the Administrative side..same goes to my friend..
    they actually listen to your anger and one solution given to me is...ARE U STILL INTERESTED...WE CAN PROCESS TO DO UP A FULL REFUND FOR YOU.
    very bad....
  19. cwlchong

    cwlchong New Member


    Anyone has the Grolier products? Care to share your experience of using it?

  20. nelly2907

    nelly2907 New Member

    Hi There,

    I bought full sets of books too! The salesman came only once to guide me briefing how to teach my child. Extremely disappointed with his follow up as he said he will drop by occasionally at my place to guide me how to progress with other text.I tried to sms him on his mobile to remind him it is time for us to meet and continue with the program but he didnt response to my call or message. To be it's just another hit and run sales. Lousy. But the texts are good, becos of the $ I have spent, I've started to guide my 4 yr old daughter with my own understanding of the text. So please do not purhcase unless you have the $ and self discipline to teach your child.
  21. gabel

    gabel New Member

    So how much are the Grolier books?
  22. beatrice_chua

    beatrice_chua New Member

    Its a good book but its too expensive. I think you just have to find something not that too expensive.
  23. aikoayep

    aikoayep New Member

    Hey are u guys selling those grolier books?? At a much cheaper prices.. The sales person try to sell me but it too ex.. Nw im worried abt daughter development.. She is 7 mths nw and learning very fast..
  24. nicky1985

    nicky1985 New Member

    Hi, i have Walt disney Words and Story a Day also i have a set of Logico primo, piccolo and Maximo if interested can mail me at nicky_jamir@yahoo.com
  25. nicky1985

    nicky1985 New Member

    Again i have this following Grolier Products
    Smart Brain 10 Volume
    BBC Muzzy English 27 Volume
    Train Your Brain 6 Volume
    Disney's Magic English 52 Volume
    Disney's Story a Day 4 Volume
    You can mail me at nicky_jamir@yahoo.com
  26. sukif

    sukif Member

    Interested, anyone selling 2nd hand set?
  27. hazeltan

    hazeltan Member

    Hi i have some 2nd hand grolier books to let go. In good condition. Read only once or twice.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2015
  28. shargar

    shargar New Member

    carousell_1424136926681_0.jpg I have a pre loved Logico n Fun Thinker set for sale.
  29. sweet_flower

    sweet_flower Member

    Brand new ? How much ? Logico interested . ? Where to self collect?any instructions in english? How many cards in logico
  30. shargar

    shargar New Member

    Its pre-loved set, better for you to come n see the set for yourself...
  31. LiHing

    LiHing New Member

    Is that still available for sale?
  32. shargar

    shargar New Member

    WA me at 81385578
  33. noble

    noble Member

    Hi is the piccolo set still available?
  34. shargar

    shargar New Member

    Yes it is..WA me if u are interested...
  35. hazeltan

    hazeltan Member

  36. Swapnamayee

    Swapnamayee New Member

    Are the fun thinker set still available?
    Contact@ 81141328

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