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Any tai tai here

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by sutralove, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. sutralove

    sutralove Member

    Hello any tai tai here or glamorous stay at home Mom with a maid and working Husband / businessman that gives allowance? Please say hi. Please share how you occupy your time.
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  2. cindylee

    cindylee New Member

  3. sutralove

    sutralove Member

    Hi Cindy how do you occupy your time so you won't feel bored? Care to share?

  4. Dr. Tooth

    Dr. Tooth Active Member

    I am searching for tai tai to pamper me and bring me out to shop for branded goods as well as paying for my desserts. And in return, the tai tai won't feel bored when her husband is not around to shower her with love. :eek::D
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  5. sutralove

    sutralove Member

    Haha that's what people suggest to me. My life get a toy boy. What a suggestion. But Nahh. I'm the married already now very committed type, already had lots of fun before haha. Besides with my allowance I save and invest quite a lot, besides spending a lot of money on online shopping ;)

    What can u offer to tai tais who you want them to spend on you? Besides the obvious and your time. Any other things u can offer? If not forget it haha
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  6. bubbles07

    bubbles07 New Member

    Hello~ Wah so good life.
    I think most of them go for the usual. facial, massage shopping etc. Or not pick up a hobby like exercise classes, or pick up a skill for fun? Baking , beauty classes , sports etc. When u go for classes during weekdays , sure will meet many other tai tai w common interest and plenty of free time
  7. Dr. Tooth

    Dr. Tooth Active Member

    A tai tai will say get a toy boy instead of find/ search for a toy boy. She roam the streets, set her eyes on her targets, display her more than obvious universal sexual signals and/ or just picks him up. Online flirting for experience tai tai is her 2nd platform. Will she wants to bring it offline? Is entirely up to her. These behaviors is in line with the modern thinking boys.

    A newbie/ laid back tai tai dresses up well, tags along with her friends, hits the bar with it's surrounding slightly dim. She scan for her targets and if her target did not notice her eyes... she shoots a glass of drink over to his table. An experience tai tai will even make her steps closer to her target and lay her fingers or hands on him. :D

    Isn't it a toyboy is able to fulfill a tai tai like an open book? A boy reads a book because the author is enriching him. A toyboy reads and following the tai tai because she is taking the leads. Time to dump that secret diary she has been holding onto it tightly for years and for more years to come.

    Emotional: A toyboy instills his tai tai with a zest for life. Tai tai will finds herself to be the object of envy of certain younger women. Her overall appearance stood still in time because of how she is/ was being treated and look/ looked upon.

    Psychology: A toyboy knows any baggage is a baggage too heavy to carry. A toy-boy's problem is his own problem and nothing to do with his tai tai. No grumpy face, no set of egoistic and arrogant behaviors, soft-spoken and behaves well. He will needs to know how to be himself before stepping out of his house. Oh... and the forever sickening mindF*** languages like 'she is too rich for me', 'she is too capable for me', 'she is too beautiful for me', etc... shouldn't be present and being felt.

    Physical: A toyboy knows how to treat a woman right. He respects her, finds her infinitely more attractive, genuinely enjoys her company and his ears are all hers.

    Behind closed doors: With or without is entirely the tai tai's call. Need I elaborate more?

    **A tai tai who is ignorant to the line drawn between herself and her toyboy, and for the personal interest of her family, shouldn't even be who she wanted to become in the first place. :)
  8. sutralove

    sutralove Member

    Haha thanks for Info. Indeed very interesting life of old tai tais. However I must say if I am, I'm a young one at that. Only close to 30. And my Husband is younger than me hence, I already have younger guy who ALSO, being home the money for me to spend and extremely "energetic" due to his age. Heard from my friends older man less energetic

    Definitely at this point not lack in Husband attention as I keep myself very attractive. I'm just bored during the day that's all. Not looking for anything sexual coz very fulfilled Liao.

    I think you're looking for old tai tais. Wait out, the title might attract one. But I don't think old tai tais will come online..... u should join like those muscle man competition, there got alot of old rich man/woman looking for companions haha not joking

  9. sutralove

    sutralove Member

    Hi! Why u say most of them? U a working mom or SAHM? My kid 8 months so I m full time caring for kid at home. Like 24 hours so can't leave house. I do facial myself, massage I have massage chair at my function hall, shopping I do ALOT of online shopping haha I also exercise and dance at home, im learning language too. I bake too. Weekends for my Husband & baby coz that's the only day he's free for family. Haha basically do everything liao

  10. bubbles07

    bubbles07 New Member

    I'm a working mom :) my kid is 4 now. But sometimes on my off days quite free coz my hub wld be working . Yeah lo. Stay home mum can actually get to do plenty of things too coz with the time , they exchange with learning more stuff or pick up more hobbies. Make more friends etc etc . Envious ~ like that you should be quite busy actually. What language you learning now ?
  11. Dr. Tooth

    Dr. Tooth Active Member

    I have to say you are very fortunate to be a tai tai at such a young age and also having a capable husband. I think I have to put in more effort to search for a younger wife-to-be who also, bring home the money for me to spend. :p
    On a serious note, men do need to keep themselves in shape. Hit the gym, hit the jogging track, at least 20 - 30 minutes a day of exercise for a minimum of twice a week, having healthier diets and having better sleeps and all will be fine. Those men your friends met could possibly be too busy making the dollars or too lazy to exercise who are in their 40s - 50s.

    I think tai tais don't want a young uncle like me. Last check on my packaging and it stated 'Use By 17.06.17'. And if I join like those muscle man competition, patronized and hooked up by old rich man/woman looking for companions, my mum will kick me out of the house! :D
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  12. sharon_ang

    sharon_ang Member

    Actually from the way u put it, u not sure what's a tai tai and a sugar mummy.
    For man, that's sugar daddy
  13. pixie ng

    pixie ng Well-Known Member

    Errmm... most of the tai tai i know is artistic tai tai... morning bring children to school, go art studio paint then fetch children from school, lunch then bring them home... my art studio (used to paint there) got ang mo tai tai, chinese tai tai, Indian tai tai...

    Even the richest tai tai i know, the house swimming pool is bigger than my 5 rm hdb also not so free like what u all say though....

    I guess is more towards whether "i know what I want in life" tai tai and "clueless housefly aka 無頭蒼蠅" tai tai ba...
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  14. sassynsweet

    sassynsweet Member

    yeah most taitai i know are actually not that free. they commit a lot of time to their family, and what spare time they socialise for their husband's business or work for charities or NGO.
    its kinda of a myth that taitai too bored and need toys
  15. Dr. Tooth

    Dr. Tooth Active Member

    Omg! Did I mix up between tai tais and sugar mummies? o_O A friend of mine wanted to drive me down to a 'hot spot' quite sometime ago to see for myself how the women fishes for men just that I declined the offer.

    Miss pixie ng best described things in a better and clearer sense. Thank you! :)
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  16. sutralove

    sutralove Member

    I do commit a lot of time to my family as I care for baby fulltime myself despite having a maid. I'm home full time because of baby hence don't really go out so I don't think I can socialise for my Husband business yet, maybe until baby goes to school. Just started on this life. Work for charity and NGO, perhaps when we pay up our children school fees first haha. thanks for insight of your friends life. I think they're like 30 plus -50 year old tai tai right?

    Don't think it's a myth coz I'm quite free despite busying myself at home as u read above first few posts. Toys I think is for those messed up tai tais, I'm sure there are people like that

    Anyway thanks allfor sharing! I'll keep in mind and infuture when I can leave the house without baby crying in the backseat, Guess have more options on what I can do daily

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  17. sutralove

    sutralove Member

    What's "headless fly"? Sorry I'm not from older generation hence don't understand this word haha

    Anyway I just feel that sometimes Singaporeans women take life too hard. Doesnt mean got free time means have to busy oneself and means no purpose in life. If some elite few of us are privileged enough to be given a free life by our husbands, we don't have to busy ourselves like crazy anymore as a choice in life.

    From busy life, we chose to marry richer husbands, got it already, got free time and free life, free money, why need to be busy again? Haha then what's the point. And doesn't mean free people don't have purpose :) and doesn't mean they're not smart either, if not how to achieve this kind of life? Think before speaking my dear ;)

    And I see from your reply u have a lot of assumptions and you're not a tai tai. Guess your reply only reflects what u see, not knowing how tai tais actually feel becoz you're not. Maybe this thread not for u haha

  18. Diana Chia

    Diana Chia New Member

    I dunno why but I just feel like rolling my eyes here no offence huh... I'm just doing my eyes exercise here
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  19. pixie ng

    pixie ng Well-Known Member

    err... no need older generation to understand headless fly.. is more towards whether you are well verse in chinese...haha...

    i dont know whether singapore women take life too hard or not, but general speaking singaporean life is quite good. it is ok to be rich. it is ok to be poor. it is also ok to be free with tons of time in the world. it is ok to be smart. it is ok to be not smart. but if a person is rich and super free, yet always staring at ceiling dont know what to do in life, thinking why i dont have friends to mingle with, that is obviously dont have purpose in life... because if a person have purpose in life, obviously he/she will know what to do right??? *confuse*

    actually my reply is not assumption, it is what people that i know been doing everyday. like i said earlier on, i only know artistic tai tai & "know what they want in life" tai tai... tai tai i know is all my genuine friends and relatives. they are not interested in fake friends whom only want to be friends with them because they are glamorous or rich. you know if you want to find genuine friends, telling people you have great life with money dropping from the sky, with rich husband but not able to provide emotional needs to you, and 8 months old baby that keep sleeping is not helping?

    personally i will never consider myself tai tai which you guess correctly. i'm just a 24/7 nanny to my twins which they doesn't sleep much and they suck all my emotional needs away. i'm not even near to glamorous because i cannot wear any jewelries as they are not toddler-friendly and most of my clothing is typical japanese mom. definitely dont have maid as i can't tolerate living with strangers (a weird habit i have when i start living on my own) so now living with my hub & twins is my max max max tolerance. ironically i have a happy & fruitful life. i definitely can't relate to you, not because i'm not glamorous but because i dont know what is the feeling of dont know what to do everyday or dont have any friends to relate with. i never feel this way in my life before.
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  20. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi, since u want to have something to do during your free time, thought of suggesting to u to join a group of mumpreneurs.
    Well, u don't necessarily need the money from the business. But u can actually mingle with the mummies and also attend some of the monthly workshops conducted on health, beauty and nutritional cooking (to name a few).
  21. temjin68

    temjin68 Member

    Hello Tai Tais
    Will you be giving away your old clothings?
    Will love to have them if you no longer need.

    Thank you

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