Any private investigator to recommended?


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hi tay, i beleived so. But lucky for me, i got a Private Investigator who is very professional and responsible. Infact i didn't paid half of the fees, i paid the full amount. They get me evidence and also give me good advice.

I beleived u encounter some bad PI, care to share?
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If you're employing a PI to collect evidence which you may want to submit in court to support your legal case (or even the possibility of it, should the need arise), it is prudent to engage a PI that is of good repute in the legal circles, rather than just choosing off the newspapers classified advertisements.

When in doubt, why not check with your lawyer's office and ask them for a few contacts that they regularly use. These guys would probably have been tried and tested, and really, if the evidence that these guys collate is crap, that would make the lawyers' work difficult and the lawfirm would have unlikely used them again. PIs who have done work with these lawyers would probably also be more aware of what is required, what works, what doesnt, what stands in a court of law, what doesnt hold water. Of course, bear in mind that using these contacts does not mean your lawfirm owns or endorses the PI. Do your due diligence and exercise wisdom during engagement, so you know what you are paying for.


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hi all, just to share. I have used two Private Investigator b4. The 1st one i find from the strait times, a indian Private Investigator, before engagemnet they promised me many things, but didn't deliver what they promised.

Lucky, one of the mummy here introduce a Private Investigator she use before. The second one there were vast differences, they told me things they can and can't do. They only get me those things which can be used in court.

If any of u want the Private Investigator contacts, can email me
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Hi New Beginning, you could be right, but I don't know if that applies to all law firms. That was what I thought (that someone gets a commission somewhere to make extra dough) but realised that the three firms I dealt with didnt practice commission with PIs. The transparency and governance was quite impressive, BUT having said that, this only applies for these big boys I had worked or had contact with, and that is hardly representative, there is afterall many many firms of all sizes out there. And yea, the SC not endorsing a cut may not mean the clerk is also not...

A friend who needed PI help last year and I independently called up XX PI which came thru a lawyer firm. The rates we got were different. When I quoted the lawyer who recommended us, the fees were lowered and pathways were quite realistic, guess that led to us feeling more assured that we were not being fleeced or taken for a ride.

Hi Margret, yes, will like to learn more. PM avail?


what i see, it's better to get a independent PI outside, cos if u get the PI thru the lawyer and if u going for divorce, u will not have the choice to choose lawyers.
Like what u say, those 'Big' lawyers don't endorse 'commission', but their charges are enough to cover all. And how many mummies here can afford their charges


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I came across a article to share with everyone here,

Signs He's Cheating

If you suspect your partner hasn't been faithful, there are usually warning signals to look out for. And according to marriage counselor and author of The Truth About Cheating M. Gary Neuman, who surveyed 200 cheating and non-cheating husbands, men who are involved in extra-marital affairs do share some similar traits:

He spends more time away from home. 55 percent said more time spent away from home was a sign that they were close to infidelity, and this rose slightly to 61 percent when they were involved in infidelity.

You have lesser sex. 34 percent of men reported diminished sexual activity as a sign that they were close to infidelity, and it increased to 43 percent once the affair began.

He avoids your phone calls. 29 percent of men admitted to avoiding their partners' cell phone calls when they were on the verge of infidelity, and this dipped slightly to 24 percent when they became involved in an extra-marital affair.

He criticizes you more. 25 percent said they started criticizing their wives, and this decreased to 19 percent once the infidelity began.

He starts more fights with you. 20 percent said they had more quarrels with their wives.

What's interesting, Neuman points out, is that the majority of the men started displaying these warning signs before they cheated. So they indicate not only that a husband is cheating but are also a precursor to his cheating.

"Remember, it's not proof that he's cheating, but it's pretty clear that he's close, and there should be no waiting on talking about changes to make your marriage better quickly," he adds. "If you can catch the signs in time you might avoid the pain of infidelity and be able to repair your relationship," Neuman concludes.


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hi mummies, Recently thru a recommendation from a mummy in the forum, i engaged a private investigator.

He was professional and really clear my doubts about PI. He gather evidence for me within my budget and the best is getting the job done. If any mummies needs a PI, pls PM me. I strongly recommend the PI.


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the PI got me the truth that my husband have been hiding. They follow him and got evidence of him having affair with that woman. At the end of the investigation, they gave me a detailed PI's report and a dvd of all his adultery acts.


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Hi, Wendy, will you PM me the contact name of the PI and how much you have paid for the service? can we request the PI not keeping any backup?
In case some little narrow mind out there mistakenly thinks the url link belongs to a porn site, it is NOT!!! Kekeke..

Megaleecher is a computer techie site.


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Nobody can investigate like a scorned wife. Grab your camera (and a good reliable friend to help out). It's the cheapest way. If you feel you can't catch him, look in the yellow pages. It doesn't take an expensive investigator, just one with the proper equipment.

Cheating Spouse
Some truth to that liner that "no one can investigate like a scorned wife". Some women are not only very motivated, but they also have their very sharp instincts and info intelligence to guide them to evidence.

But there is also another group of women who can only weep and cry helplessly when faced with any stage of adultery.

Then you have the another group who cannot stop themselves from marching up to slap the "vixen" before even gathering any proof that can hold water in court.

And then you have the other few who would announce to the husband and the world that she has got a "PI" on his tracks even before she has one.

And the list goes on.

On the other interesting point raised, some may ask, is it also easier to be spotted if its the wife tailing the dude instead of complete strangers? Probably. Not that its impossible though, just gotta take note of details and needs good planning and help.

About 7 years back, a few of us played "PI" before for a friend. To agree to her requests to undertake this role, we knew we were putting the friendship with the husband on the line, just that the circumstances were such that we had to help her.

So, the few of us, in two teams, began our stakeout in inconspicuous cars we had to swop with other friends from other social circles, armed with fully charged long range walkie-talkies, repellent, fans, water, cameras, VRs, maps, etc., and yummy fried chicken wings, which we can testify now it is not the best "PI" snack, yummy as they were but leaves the fingers very oily and sticky.

Now that we are significantly older, we understand more of and how to extract and optimise the value of engaging professional services where possible.

In short, it is a vying measure between accurate intelligence and persistance. So means to say, if you are one who is able to grasp accurate info and pass the accurate info to your PI, you should have a scoop nearly immediately thus not incurring unnecessary costs. Similar too if you engage friends' help.

I think, many a times, costs go up because there are alot of misses and empty leads. So, gotta factor this point in when negotiating with the PIs shortlisted so that you put a lid on your costs.
BTW, Rexanne Vic, welcome to SMH forum and we're glad you shared your first post with us on this very interesting thread, but how is the website link you posted relevant to the context here as the directory listing was just of some PIs in the United States?

Kindly point out what I must have missed seeing on the website, for I thought the majority of us are not residing in the States at the moment.

Any other anedotes and tips will be greatly welcomed too.


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Hi all,

Have been reading in the posts here and was wondering whether anyone of you have heard of this news report that PI used to 'install' something in cheating spouse's mobile phone and every SMS he or she sends, it will sort of cc to your phone also? Anyone here heard of it or even tried before? Please kindly share and advise. Thanks.


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hi mummies, I have a very reliable Investigator i use before. He was very experience and his cost is not experience. If any of u need PI, pm me.


Can you pm me the contact no.?thks!!


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May Lim, why are u asking for PI contact when u already have a good PI? Are u a PI yourself? Pls we are helping those mummies who needs help, and exchange as much reliable info as possible. Don't confuse others here.


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hi karen, I have a contact of a good and relable Private Investigator.

He was recommend to me by a mummy from the forum. I am very grateful to him for helping during those difficult time. He help me got the evidence and counsel me on what to do.

If u are interested PM me.
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Dear All Mummies

I am Shawn helping a fren who is being bullied by her current husband and she is holding 3 kids now. And husband dun even blink an eyelid on helping the kids maintenance.

Now i need a reliable PI to catch her husband flirting with vietnamese girl working in Joo Chiat pub. who will be able to provide me details or contacts for PI. Pls assist the faithful party who is always on the losing end. email me [email protected]


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i feel that to catch cheating spouses, it better to get the professional to do it then to try to save cost and do it ourself. we will definitely mess it up and in the process incur more cost


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Can you give me yoru contact for PI. I have do some research and was quoted $5500 for 3 days which i found too expensive