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Any Good Pediatrician in the West?

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by annkyoy, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. annkyoy

    annkyoy Member

    Hi, any good pediatrician in the west to be recommended, expecially the one good in toddler constipation... =)

    Thks in advance for your help and comment!

  2. gwengoh

    gwengoh New Member

    We go to Dr Agnes Tay, Alpha Baby, near Jurong East MRT. Tel: 67958660. She's friendly and don't have to wait too long. Usually just make appointment, go on time and you'll be next to go in.

    But actually, constipation don't have to go to doctor. Just more fibre fruits, like papaya, banana, and vegetables in diet, drink more water too, then should be able to go. If really can't, can try prune juice, or better still, mix prunes (cut to very fine pieces) with his/her oatmeal. With more fluid and fibre in his/her diet, can sure go regularly.

    Try out all these natural ways before medicinal help ya.

  3. sunshine1

    sunshine1 New Member

    Hi. U can try GNC acidophilus which is kept in their fridge. It's not their in house brand tho. Ask for the one suited for BB.
    I've been giving my Toddler this since bb and so far bowel regular. However he very rarely have constipation to compare effect. I do believe it helps regulate in d long term . The product is in powder form therefore am able to give a
    lesser dosage than d recommended and still works well.

    Before I discover this product I too gave those prune purée,
    brand Gerber. BB loved it but sometimes ended up with
    diarrhea because not sure how much to give since it's
    already such a small can . Prune juice which was given only
    a few spoonful didn't work for him... Am glad I found GNC
    one. Don't worry abt the cost because a bottle can last very
    long.... For my toddler, I just give 1/2, or at most
    2/3 scoop only once/ day in morning. Depends on the condition of constipation, u give according to instruction stated, when things get well, than try reduce if necessary.
    Hope it works!!
  4. sunshine1

    sunshine1 New Member

    This is a good supplement for everyone including us adults. however good to encourage fruits intake for children . Mine didn't like whole fruits except juices. He'll spit it out... Wonder why too. Better to consume whole fruits.
  5. hazehaya

    hazehaya New Member

    Pregnancy should pay attention to what, can give some expectant mother opinion
  6. jaszysplace

    jaszysplace Member

    After reading your recommendation, I also went to get the GNC acidophilus for my boy who has been suffering from constipation frequently. He has been passing motion everyday, plus we also try to give him more fruits & water.
  7. lvgal

    lvgal New Member

    Kidslink - Dr Heng

    Blk 351, Jurong East St 31
    #01-91, Singapore 600351
    Tel : 6567-5600
    Fax : 6567-5990
  8. missy79

    missy79 Member

    Singapore PAEDS Clinic

    Blk 502
    Jurong West Street 51
    Singapore 640502
    Tel: 6567 4509
    Dr Lau Tien Khoon
    MBBS M. Med (Paediatrics)
    Consultant Paediatrician to Mt Elizabeth & Gleneagles Hospitals
  9. mangosherbet

    mangosherbet New Member

    Dr Lieu @ Baby N' Kids - Bt Timah.
    She is very patient. she takes effort to explain child's condition & the caring method, Counter nurse are friendly as well. Take effort to explain even though it's past their closing time.
  10. starry1803

    starry1803 Member

    Hi mummy Jaime (mangosherbet), are you referring to the clinic at Railmail? How is the charges like?
  11. kuek39

    kuek39 Member

    May I know the range of charges for Kidslink's? For Singaproe PAEDS, heard the charges is beyond $100 with medication and $75 without medication..
  12. jojo41

    jojo41 New Member

    Yes, Dr Heng!! Kidslink!
  13. invigorate_gal

    invigorate_gal New Member

    Any good pediatrician in cck to be recommended?
  14. meplaa

    meplaa Active Member

    There is only one PD at CCK.. under Kidslink .. Dr. Winston Ng Level 4. same building with Gain city & hdb branch, beside lot one.

    opening on certain days & hours, you better check 1st.
  15. perper06

    perper06 Member

    is that dr winston ng good?? anyone knows?
  16. heavenlymade

    heavenlymade Member

    Yes dr heng from kidslink is very good. Alpha baby highly not recommended.
  17. lavenderbear

    lavenderbear Member

    I just started going alpha baby, I think dr Agnes is very nice and patient. End of the dat, same medication prescribed by kinder clinic

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