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Any good Filipino or Myanmar Transfer Maid?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by kare2711, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. kare2711

    kare2711 Active Member

    Need one immediately. Please PM me. Thanks!

  2. duppers

    duppers New Member

    My Filipino maid is available from October. Are you interested? Please PM me. Thanks.
  3. bebe

    bebe Member

    Anyone has good and reliable maid to transfer ?
  4. mrsngpk

    mrsngpk New Member

    HI, i have a Filipino maid for transfer, she's 29years old and have 2 kids. Her main duties is to look after my 2 young kids, 5mths old and 18mths. Every weekday morning, i bring the 3 of them to my MIL place and fetch them home at night.

    On weekends, i take care of my babies myself while she do the housework. She's good in doing housework and taking care of my babies. Her English is generally good and she also teaches my toddler how to read. Of course like others, she has her "blur" times too.

    She's with me for 3 months. Her salary is $350 without off days. Reason for transferring her is coz i'm out of job now. Cannot afford to keep her anymore.

    She's available for transfer after 24th Feb 2010. Anyone interested, please PM me for details.

  5. hugosmom

    hugosmom New Member

    Hi! Angela,
    I am very interested to get your helper. I have sent u a pm, pls contact me asap.

  6. gk1981

    gk1981 New Member


    I am looking for a Filipino transfer maid urgently.
    - With previous experience in Singapore in taking care of young children.
    - Must speak good English.
    - Must be able to work independently.
    - Must be willing to work with no off days.

    Please PM me if anyone has a maid to transfer.
  7. tokll

    tokll New Member

  8. dragongirl

    dragongirl New Member

  9. jwys

    jwys New Member

    I have a Filippino maid for transfer. Took care of me since I was in Pri 3, now take care of my bb, but due to financial constraints, we hv to release her. She is very good in cooking and could take care of school children and elderly. Maybe not tt gd with newborn, but works fine with toddlers and older kids.

    Please email me at hodiadia@gmail.com if interested.
  10. prectitude

    prectitude New Member

    Hi All

    I have a Indonesian transfer maid avail by end Mar2010 (when my new maid arrived)

    We have good relationship, but my children cannot really "get along" with her as they are very sticky to me.. she agrees to help me until my new maid arrived.

    Basically she can
    1) cook (average, sometimes very nice, sometimes not so).. willing to try but she is better in malay food than Chinese food
    2) Housework/cleaning wise, she is fast, acceptable (considering she cooks, cleans and take care of my 2 children) But if u are fussy, might not be suitable ..
    3)Taking care of children, I kept her for 1 year plus cause I trust she will not beat my kids, although sometime my children very rough and dont want her (that is why im helping her get new empoyer)
    4) Her pay SGD350 with one day off to meet her sis(her sis is working here 4yrs and renewing her contract in Apr)
    5) Her history (ExSin 2004-2006) with me fr Nov08- till now
    6) She requested for transfer cause she prefers to find a family with younger children if possible as she thinks if she can "click" with the children she can take care of them better (that's the reason she give me when she request for transfer)
    7)No Loan / English good / Chinese -Little

    Contact me at prectitude@yahoo.com or 98590021 for more details or Bio-Data..

    I have to state I can only release her when my new maid arrive (ets. by end Mar10), its our mutual agreement..
  11. prectitude

    prectitude New Member

    Hi All

    Thanks for all the enquiries. My maid is confirmed by a nice mummy..
  12. mummywannabe

    mummywannabe Active Member


    I have a Filliino maid for transfer.

    Pls pm me for details
  13. didibee

    didibee Active Member


    I am looking for a good indo maid with no off day, for transfer.
    Able to take care of children(newborn/4plus old boi) & general housechores.
    Must be honest, obedient, clean and diligent.
    Appreciate a "homely" type, married.
    Can speak english.
    I can do cooking..no issue.
    She will follow my MIL during the day and we(me & hb) will fetch maid & children from my MIL place, after we knock off frm work.

    Will need her in oct/nov 2010...anyone who has a maid meeting the above requirements, please email me. tks!
    didibee@gmail.com [​IMG]
  14. geminimummy

    geminimummy New Member

    Hi, does anybody have a good maid to transfer?
    - phil/indo
    - baby care (6 mths old) and toddler care (2 yrs old)
    - basic cooking and housekeeping
    - preferably no off days and no handphone
    - can speak/understand english
    - go to mil's house during day with baby. toddler in half day school

    please email michelechongsl@mail.com

  15. nls

    nls Member

    Hi all,
    I found a direc hire maid who's friend is in Singapore on social visit pass and looking for a employer urgently as she will have to go back on 8 august. If anyone you can email her at dilag_nenita@yahoo.com.sg and she can forward the biodata over to you/ let you interview her. The agency I go to charges $450.00 for the full documentation but you have to sent her to Malaysia for a few days, once her IPA is out she can come into Singapore and the Agency will do the rest. I think she's very serious about working as she is a single mother with 2 kids.

    The total expense you spend is $450 plus expenses for her to go Malaysia for a few days.

    P.S. I am not an agent and I do not benefit from this I just pity her.
  16. mamaruth

    mamaruth New Member

    am looking for filipino maid

    must be good with children (8 and 2.5yo), housekeeping and managing time.
    honest and hardworking, and no attitude please.

    if you know someone who can start soon, pls PM. am willing to process transfer myself to save on agency fees.
  17. shifz

    shifz New Member

    im looking urgently for a indo maid who is very good in house works.. must be playful with kids (6 and 4) and do basic cooking

    im expecting my third on in sept. i cantk care of the baby. she just need to help me with the house work n cooking

    i just returned my indo maid to agency coz she was shouting and beating my kids.

    sms 98357290
  18. orangebb

    orangebb Member

    I am looking for good maid too. Taking care of my baby, doing housework and cooking at times. Preferably religious. Any good maid to transfer to me? Please pm me. Thanks!
  19. bugsfire

    bugsfire Member

    Require a Transfer maid if you have someone good.
    Pls PM me!
  20. lihyuann

    lihyuann New Member

    Any good Myanmar transfer maid, pls PM me.
  21. jamie_nov

    jamie_nov Active Member

    Hi all,

    I need a transfer maid asap.

    Must be good in/love/at least willing to learn cooking or and can handle newborn and toddler well. Prefer cheery, love to learn types with gd attitude and character.

    Main duties at my home will be general hsework, cooking, fetching the children to n fro presch.

    Must speak and understand english.

    Pls email me @ jamie_nov@yahoo.com if you have 1 to transfer out.

    Thanks in advance.
  22. ella_baby

    ella_baby Member


    I have a Filipino maid to transfer. We plan to transfer her in mid August. She still has $750 loan that she has not repaid to me.

    She is 25 yrs old, married with a 2 yr old son.

    She takes care of my 1 year old while my 2 yr old goes to school. She can cook and do housework.

    We do not want to have maid anymore as my younger child is also going to school.

    Her current salary is $375 with no off days.

    pls email me asap.

  23. candymom

    candymom Member

    I have a filipino maid for transfer. She had worked for us 5 months. The reason for trsf bcoz my ex maid is comin back to help me look after my baby..she is 40 yrs old and command of english fair and knows a bit chinese,coz she work in taiwan before..

    Good..can cook simple chinese food..can look after baby..honest..wash things very clean...can also massage baby if baby is sick or gt phelgm..current salary $370 no off day but stil hv loan to pay..

    Bad...have to push her a bit...she can be initiative sum tym..
  24. hopefully

    hopefully New Member

    hi anyone have maid without loan for transfer, I would prefer to do the transfer myself to save on agency fee.
    Best is a budhhist.
    main thing is caring for my 3yr old son and helping my mom with 7th month old baby when free. and of course housework. cooking not neccessary. staying in 4rm flat.
    pls pm me with her expecting salary.
  25. dragongirl11

    dragongirl11 New Member

    Hi all,

    I need a reliable indo or filipino maid to take care of children, cooking and do housework
    please text me if you have one

    8488 3027
  26. emm398

    emm398 New Member

    Carman and all other mothers in the motherhood portal, my transfer indo maid, Suryeni, is now at the Budget Employment Agency in Gek Poh Shopping Centre in Jurong West. 32 years old and excellent cook. Call Chai Hong at 6793 9555 if you are interested. I'm Mrs You
  27. momo32

    momo32 New Member

    I am looking for a maid (indo or phil)too
    current one leaving, after 4 yrs

    Mainly doing housework, and basic caring of kids 2 and 4yo

    I am sahm, hence i cook and care for the kids most of the time.

    Please pm me if u have any reliabe or non attitute ones to transfer.
    Prefer no off days


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