Any comments for Meihao99 Catering?

I cater their food for my daughter's birthday last year. The portion quite big, food also quite nice. I using them for my son's full month celebration next week too.
I just attended a bb shower last sat.

To me, its not good. Curry is watery type. maybe I have tried Neo Gardens before....

You should realli re-consider if you plan to use them.
Hi Lynne & Firefly,

Thanks for your replies. Still awaiting for more comments before i confirm ordering. =)

Been to events that use Meihao99,Neo Gardens...I would say Y.L.S Cathering is the best in terms of food freshness & variety etc...Hope it helps.
Hi lexuan,

If cost is your concern can consider Seng Kang Catering Services too the curry quite nice too. I also feel that Meihao99 food is not really nice especially the curry. Cos I am a fuss for curry myself. If not Eatz Catering Services is the best to use if cost is not a factor to consider. Can share with you a link of all caterers in Singapore with feedbacks in helping you to have a rough idea what to use. :)

I would say do consider Yeh Lai Siang Catering Service in Bedok as it's one of the Lao Zhi Hao in Singapore no regrets.
Thanks for all the feedbacks.

Jessie & Foody,

But for YLS, one of my gf just tried out them last few mths, she told me the food so-so + the service not really good... that's why YLS is not in my consideration list.
Hi Jessie,

she's refering to the chinese yehlaisiang... She told me she was shock after she ordered from them, especially their service quite lousy. She told me maybe she's bad luck to bump into that delivery man that day, hehe.
Hi Lamb03,

Awww...bad service must have spoilt your gf's day.
...I do have friends who use Meihao99 for their tingkat dinner.Service wise & food portion got thumbs up.But it really depends on individual taste bud.So to them they find their food not bad.But if I can recall majority forum mummies use Neo Gardens or Meihao99 as caterers when I browse somewhere in the forum.Maybe you can do more research on this two before you decide.

Do consider YLS & good.Esp the chef recommendations.Neo garden,Meihao99 & Mum's Kitchen also good.
Hi Jessie,

Ya really spoilt her day during her gal's celebration.

Anyway, thanks for all the advise n comments, will consider again whether to use which caterer.
Thumbs up for Meihao99. Used them for my baby shower last year and received good feedback. My friends and colleagues used them as their preferred caterer since then, so far no complains.
Food portion is good. I ordered for 30pax to serve 40pax, there were still leftovers, but then I oso have bbq. Drinks, papercups and plates were insufficient, you better get some extras.

Thanks. When did u order from them? Isit very recent? Oh so they only provide minimum amount of drinks, papercups n plates. Ok will take note of that.
Hi, i ordered from them in Dec last year for my son's first year party. Feedback and my own comments is that the food is quite good, they are afforable and the service is very good too. Just request for more cups and untensils will do like i do so all went well on that day.
Hi Zolldoll,

Seems like its really not bad, can consider to use them. Btw may i know how many shares u ordered? Isit more than enough or just nice for ur guests?
I have like 70 guests, and i just extract 5 out. The girl will advice you like she adviced me. Besides, i rather have leftovers which i did, then to have not enough food.
Hi, been to my sil's daughter birthday last month & they used them. Not only paper cups etc not enough. The ice they supplied also not enough. But the food portion is big & quite nice too. So is not that bad. Most importantly their service is good also. Cheers
Hi Adrienne,

Thanks for the comments. Oh ice supply also not enough, got to take note of it. Like u mentioned above, most importantly, the food & service is good.

As i will have around 70-75 guests, dunno should i order 65/70 pax...

I am also having a headache over meihao99 or neo garden. my mum keep saying neo garden is tried and tested and is good. but i also feel like giving meihao99 a try. So it's really not bad issit?

I'm ordering for my girl's 1st bday next month. her 1st month celebration i ordered from YSL and it's quite bad. lots of leftover (only about 1/3 eaten) and my mum says my relatives commented not nice. so she warn me not to order those cheap and not nice ones anymore cos very embarassing.

pls advice...

Sorry for reply. my friend had only a few dishes as she have not much guest. There is pineapple rice, fish fillet with salad, kailan with mushroom, curry, sambal prawn,lemon chicken.

Other than the curry is too watery and not nice as compared with Neo Gardens, the drink is also very diluted. Sambal prawn not fresh. Other dishes so-so.

I recall Neo Gardens have a prawn dish which have no shell one. easy to eat. To me, curry is very impt in buffet lor. haha.

I also like Neo Gardens broccoli and cauliflower veg dish. Yummy. The other gd one is Angeli but more exp.
Hi Shelyn,

Ya from the above comments, seems like can give Meihao a try. Cos majority commented not bad. Except that there's insufficient of paper cups/plates etc.
Hi Firefly,

Ya i do agree that Curry chicken is very important, but i won't be ordering curry chicken as one of the dish cos my mother-in-law will be cooking curry chicken on that day, so i will order other chicken dish instead.

Thanks for the feedback.
Hi Lamb03,

so when is your celebration going to be? Which buffet are u ordering from meihao? I'm now seriously considering them. I went to 2 neo garden events this weekend. Both of them, food like not very sufficient. Dun dare to eat too much in case not enuff.
Hi Shelyn,

Mine still got few months more... but start sourcing for good caterer now, as i don't like last min stuff.

Isit, but i thought there's always good comments for Neo Garden.

Depends on how u look at the caterer, if you are ok with meihao, no harm give it try. I believe, it should be quite ok, as majority of the comments given here are quite good about them.

Except for the curry chicken, paper plates, cups, etc.
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Last sat(11/4)I just ordered from them for my bb shower for 60 paxs. The foods delivered to us was delicious and timely. And i especially like their curry chicken, it was very nice.Thumbs up for that.

Feedbacks from my relatives and friends were very +ve. Not to mentioned that the staff is friendly and helpful when i place my order thru the phone so as to ask about how they cook the dish.

I am also surprise to received a call from them to ask for feedback on their food and services after the event.
I am pretty impressed with that.

This is the 1st time i am ordering from them and I find the food quality/portion and price wise is very reasonable. I will definitely will use them again for any upcoming events.
Hi lynn,

May i know how's the portion, isit enough for your guest? So is the papercups, plates, drinks etc are insufficient? Thanks

This is an update on my order on Sat. I would say I am quite disappointed with the food. It came very cold and only 1 wax was provided for each tray. So when my guests ate the food it was very cold. The food quality was also not that nice but not that bad... as in it's passable.

However, the worst is the thai style roast chicken. It was very very bad..... it was hard and dry and cold... i think only a quarter was eaten.

the food portion was enough. Compared to neo garden, for 50 pax, I think neo garden would have only half to 3/4 of the portion.

drinks, plates, cups etc were enough. setup was on time and fast.

overall i think it's not too bad considering the price and amount of food... though food is not really that nice but it's not considered bad also. maybe i'll give them 6 out of 10 points.
Shelyn, thanks for updating us. Maybe now the standards dropped. I still thought of using them again soon when i have my baby's full month. Think i will either use deli hub or four seasons catering this time as i tried both and the food was good.
Hi Zolldoll,

I change my mind too... think im trying either Four Seasons or Mum's Kitchen... still decided between this two....
i just ordered from them last weekend. i would said the service is quite good, but food wise not very nice. alot of room for improvement.

i used to order from kim's kitchen, the food is good, however they have some problem on punctuality. As I order 3 times from them, and they came late on all the 3 occasions, even after asking them to arrive 1 hour before my party, they are still late.
I ordered from Mei Hao last Sat for daughter's b'day. Service was very good. However, food wise the standard had dropped abit from last yr when I ordered. The food is saltier now. Veges were good though and so was the pineapple rice. Pork ribs okay too. Overall serving, if you order for 30...the food (except carbo) is likely to be for max 35...unless your guest are small eaters.

They allow switching of items. hence the reason I use them

what do you mean as switching items?
i just email them


this is the $8 menu she also throw in 20 free stool for me.

anyone here can advise on the menu?
like which is nice which is not?
i've got to confirm with her by Wednesday.
This is my first time ordering from her.

that time i took was the $10 menu. So all my items and yours are different.

What i mean switch is that...e.g. I do not want mini eclair...whether I can switch to something else. Like vege or whatever

I just ordered from MeiHao99 last week for my son's 1st birthday. Service is good, and the food is nice. Most importantly my guests and MIL and relatives like it.

I order the supreme menu $12 per pax which the dishes are different from the usual norm. As such, it is quite refreshing to the guests who commented that they always eat the same old stuff, like cereal prawn or curry chicken.
Hi I used meihao99 twice so far, both times find them good. For daughter's 1st birthday we ordered the $12/$13 menu, can't remember exact price. Also ordered satays. They gave us free stools and red eggs. Relatives all praised the food not bad.
Any good caterers to recommend? Used No Gdn and really quite bored with their food, ordered 20 pax food portion lately also smaller...and pay premium for Xmas..

how about four seasons? last time i used them for 1st month and 1st birthday. food is nice. For catering, not sure but heard from my ex-colleague, is nice too.