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Any babysitter at PUNGGOL - Belle Mommy

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by belle_mommy, May 6, 2008.

  1. belle_mommy

    belle_mommy Member

    anyone knows any babysitter at punggol ?

  2. peachbloom

    peachbloom New Member

    my neighbour babysits.. and the last i spoke to her, she has some friends who also live in the area who are keen to babysit. PM me if you want to find out more and i can try hooking you up with her [​IMG]
  3. minnie_gal16

    minnie_gal16 New Member

    I have a contact in Sengkang. Very reliable and has many years of experience. PM me if you are keen. Thanks.
  4. jas~78

    jas~78 New Member

    Hi Minnie,

    I have just PM you. Am interested in the contact in Sengkang. Thanks!
  5. kasturi_amelia

    kasturi_amelia New Member

    Hi Jas, I have a sister staying at hougang ave 9(blk 971).U can call her at 98707814 for more discussion. thks and hope from u soon.
  6. sasha12

    sasha12 New Member

    Hi Peachbloom,

    Can i have your neighbour babysitter contact for Punggol? I am staying in Punggol.

  7. sasha12

    sasha12 New Member

    Hi Minnie,

    Can I have your contact for the babysitter?

  8. minnie_gal16

    minnie_gal16 New Member

    Hi Sasha,

    Have PM-ed you.
  9. kahlen

    kahlen New Member


    I need your neighbour's contact too...
  10. maidenleak

    maidenleak Member

    Hi Minnie,

    I'm interested in your babysitter contact in Sengkang. Please kindly PM me. Thanks! [​IMG]
  11. zxh_a

    zxh_a New Member


    I have a contact for babysitter. She's staying at Punggol Blk 118. Those interested, please PM me.
  12. beancurd

    beancurd Member

    Hi my mom has years of experience in babysit she stay in punggol currently she is not working if u interested may email me vendi_lim@hotmail.com.
  13. joy82

    joy82 New Member


    my mum is an exp baby sitter. but only available from may09. anyone interested can just PM or e-mail me @ active_girl82@hotmail.com
    btw i am staying in Hougang central =)
  14. minkie

    minkie New Member

    i am also looking for a good babysitter who loves baby and meticulous:

    Location prefer to be in
    1. punggol or
    2. sengkang, compassvale lane or
    3. sengkang, mrt station
  15. carmenyclow

    carmenyclow Member

    i need a nanny to look after my 5months old BB
    i need a room which can accomodate 3 of us as well (me, bb and husband)
    pls help as in laws back out at last min and now desperate need help to look for a room to settle with a nanny nearby
    i am desperate....
  16. elchwong

    elchwong Active Member

    May I know the market rate for a babysitter at Punggol? I'm deciding between my mum and a babysitter...
  17. wanqi22

    wanqi22 New Member

    Hello, the current market rate in Punggol is $600(with porridge)/ $550(w/o porridge). My mum does baby sitting. We are staying in Punggol Central Blk 161A. [​IMG]
  18. cho

    cho Member

    hi all,
    i'm looking for a caring babysitter in punggol to look after a newborn in dec 09/jan 2010.. can anyone PM me contact? preferably english speaking..
  19. suki_neko

    suki_neko Member


    I'm also looking for a babysitter to look after my girl. Anyone have any contacts on any good and reliable babysitter. Please pm me. Thanks.
  20. clpj14

    clpj14 New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    My mom is an experienced babysitter. She has almost 20 years of experiences.

    We are staying at Punggol area.

    Anyone interested, please msg me at 97345700 or email me at clpj14@Hotmail.com.

    Thank you
  21. calbee

    calbee New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry to interupt.

    Sharing this info.

    Dependable chinese 30 yrs old babysitter staying in hougang ave 7. Willing to take care baby staying in HOUGANG/SENGKANG/PUNGGOL

    Experience taking care of own 3kids and a maid at home.

    Willing to take care of night if needed.

    Call LYNN 9436 6475 if interested
  22. mickeymm

    mickeymm New Member


    I'm looking for a good baby sitter to take care of my 10 months old boy.

    Anyone knows any good babysitter at Sengkang?

    Thanks in advance.
  23. mickeymm

    mickeymm New Member


    I'm looking for a good baby sitter to take care of my 10 months old boy.

    Anyone knows any good babysitter at Sengkang?

    Thanks in advance.
  24. aphros

    aphros New Member

    Hi Minnie have PM you regarding babysitter. Thanks
  25. twister_cyn

    twister_cyn New Member

    Hi, I am helping mum look for baby-sitting assignment. She is 59 years old Chinese lady lives in HDB near Bukit Panjang Plaza.

    Email me at twister_cyn@yahoo.com.sg, thanks!
  26. jinjl

    jinjl New Member

    Looking for experienced Baby sitter in Punggol to take care of my arriving baby at my home.
    Pls PM me. Thks
  27. cool

    cool Member

    Hi, i am looking for baby sitter for 16mth girl in punggol. prefer blk 126/128/132 area. pls email yeehw2001@hotmail.com
  28. yvaine

    yvaine Active Member

    my neighbour's a babysitter and she's really nice. she's in fact taking care of our same-floor neighbour's baby but the family is moving out so she's now free to babysit again. can PM me if anyoe is keen. she is at punggol drive btw
  29. cat28

    cat28 New Member

    Anyone can tell me is bb sitter entitle to annual leave?
  30. lim_baby

    lim_baby Member

    anyone can recommend woodlands/admiralty nanny? preferably Block 688 - 690, Woodlands Dr 75. Thanks.
  31. pillowhugger01

    pillowhugger01 New Member

    I am posting on behalf of my mother who is looking for kid 1 year old and above to babysit for full day (overnight) or any timing as requested. She will be able to start work anytime. Please contact her at 82000661 (no sms) or 65192635. Thank you. Shes staying in marsilig btw ~~ ^^
  32. spinoza

    spinoza New Member


    Am looking for a baby sitter/ nanny for a 1 month old baby, living in Tiong Bahru area. Please PM me if you have any recommendations. Thanks!
  33. stephchyi

    stephchyi New Member

    I am looking for chinese babysitter for my 5mths baby.
    Currently i am stay at Rivervale Drive, near Rivervale Plaza.
    Pls PM me for any recommendations.
    Thank u
  34. angel73

    angel73 New Member

    Hi steph,may i know if u r still looking for bbsitter?Rdgs
  35. xuansmum

    xuansmum Member


    I'm helping my fried who is malay couple to look for full day babysitter.
    If anyone of you have any contact,please feel free to contact me at: 9488 7683
    Thanks in advance!
  36. assamjam

    assamjam Member

    if anyone looking for hourly rated nanny who helps to bring kids to & fro school,classes,childcare centres within punggol then you may wish to consider getting my mum. she's 72yr but doesn't mind to do hourly-rated type of nanny service.
  37. mehui

    mehui New Member

    what are the rates like these days. anyone can PM me if cannot post here?
  38. nixi018

    nixi018 New Member

    I am also looking for a babysitter staying near Punggol Mrt station.. Pls let me know if there is any good recommendation..

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