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Antenatal Class:Which one is better?

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by leo26, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. leo26

    leo26 Member

    Can everyone who has attended these classes share their experiences?I am deciding between Mt A or TMC.

  2. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Mrs Wong from TMC conducts an excellent program.
  3. vvng81

    vvng81 Member


    Ya agree with Mummy to PrincessA, Mrs Wong Boh Boi from TMC is good.. and I was so regret i didnt find out first before I actually attended mine at KK hospital.I met and talked to her personally at one of the baby talk (organized by Abbots) she will give alots of great tips and experiences and not deadly from books where we also can read ourselves.
  4. leo26

    leo26 Member

    hi ladies,thanks for reply...are all the classes at TMC conducted by her or do i special request for her classes?
  5. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    I think she conducts most of the classes, unless she is out busy with some talks. Please check with the staff.
  6. dreamygal

    dreamygal Active Member

    leo26 : Attended her class 2 yrs ago. Need to request to be in her class. Some of the nurses carried out classes as well.

    Her class is popular. So book early.

    Don't know if there's any changes recently. Mine was 2 years back.
  7. tulips02

    tulips02 Member

    Hi MTB,

    Can advise where will the classes be held for TMC?
    Any feedback on the classes at KKH?
  8. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hi Tulips02,

    Personally attended KKH classes last year.
    Not really good as they are more reading straight from the handbook and not many tips given, quite bored too...I had personally approach Mrs Wong and listened to one of her talk, alot of insight good tips. In fact I was quite regret to attend KKH classes[​IMG]
  9. bel_vodka

    bel_vodka Well-Known Member

    tmc classes wkdays @ amk hub
    tmc classes wkends @ tmc
  10. paulnelaine

    paulnelaine Member

    hi i also attended Mrs Wong BB class 3 yrs ago at TMC..... very good. Make sure u tell them u want her class while booking cos not all classes conducted by her..
  11. kennyg

    kennyg New Member


    My wife and I attended the class at Mt. A. We find it a waste of time. Didn't really learn much.

    I will suggest you attend those classes organize by private organization. They are more detailed and let you know the do's and don't in the hospital.

    I still remember when we were in the class, the lady was talking the various options on pain management, rather than encouraging the ladies to go for drug free delivery.
  12. tulips02

    tulips02 Member

    Thank you all for the valuable information.
  13. leo26

    leo26 Member

    i have just booked the classes with Mrs Wong @ TMC, i took the weekend classes, its 5 lessons (At AMK Hub) + 1 dr's talk (at SCGS), i paid abt $230 cos non member (im not delivering at TMC).when i was there to reg, i saw Mrs Wong teaching a couple how to feed the baby, she really seems experienced though abit stern,haha....
  14. princessxiaomei

    princessxiaomei Active Member

    Hmm... was thinking of having this antenatal programme... saw the topics covered for TMC and KKH.... i find that the one at TMC is more comprehensive.. anyone just sign up for this?

    WOuld like to know more regarding this... :)
  15. ladycel

    ladycel New Member

    go for hypnobirthing classes!

    without it, i wouldnt hv had the mental strength 2 hv drug-free delivery w 14 hours labour.
  16. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

    Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.
  17. leo26

    leo26 Member

    hi hui li

    where does ur mum stay and wats her rates like?
  18. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    is it worth the moeny attending antenatal classes?
  19. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    hi i personally find it is good to attend classes as it involves participation with the father. however, if you don't have time, reading up through books and magazines is helpful too.
  20. leo26

    leo26 Member

    i agree with geberra, i've attended 1st lesson yest with hub, he's actually quite participative and puts what he learns in lesson to use, like massaging me, etc ...so if u hve time and dun mind spending, its gd to go for such lessons with hub ...reading is fine too but unless both reads together or hub finds time to read too (my hub too busy with work), so may not involve both parties.
  21. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    For reading, my hubby actually doesn't like to read. so what i will do is i will just ask him to read specific pages that i have flagged out after i read the whole book.
  22. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hi leo/geb, I have the same problem ..my hubby is busy with work and he does'nt like to read..so i was also considering the antenatal classes on wkend so that we can do something together ..

    leo, can i know where did u sign up your classes?
  23. leo26

    leo26 Member

    hi sheela, i signed up at TMC, think u can do it over the phone too but they may need you to go down to make payment..[​IMG]
  24. imac

    imac New Member

    hi Leo

    how did u sign up? i can't find it at tmc's webpage..btw, i'm seeing a private gynae (tmc clinic at amk), prob k deliver at tmc. if so, will e charge be lower??
  25. leo26

    leo26 Member

    hi BB


    i was there for a detail scan so i wen to the parentcraft centre to make payment, u can just call up to check the price and availability...u shd be getting some disc since u delivering there but im not so i paid full price of abt $230+ if i dun rem wrongly
  26. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    hi bb, i also signed up with TMC. if you want to choose lesson time, esp with Mrs Wong, then pls go down to register earlier cos it's filled up quickly. that's what the counter staff advised. you need not be delivering at TMC to attend their lessons. have fun!
    Tweedledree likes this.
  27. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Thanks Leo , the link is helpful . [​IMG]
  28. imac

    imac New Member

    hi Leo, thks for e info [​IMG]
    hi gerberra, did u go to e lessons conducted at tmc or outside?
  29. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    hi the lessons are conducted by TMC but they are held outside TMC premises. The "tutorial" lessons are held at AMK Little Skool House and the final "lecture" by the doctor is held at a school hall.

    once u signed up,they will inform you on the timing and the venue of each lesson.
  30. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hey guys, i've managed to successfully register for the TMC class at AMK Hub (though it was like quite impossible at the begin'g , the nurses keep taking down details and transfering here and there and saying wud call back to confirm the list) , my last try was on a Friday just before the new weekend class begins and my lucky star Mrs. Wong answered the call. She straighaway told to to attend the class (like tomorrow)since i was due in Oct and will be too late.I had to simply bring the check written to TMC ..yup that simple. It's been 2 classes and the class is quite good and very informative. I like the way she involves all the hubby's in all that matters - massage/labor etc etc. You will not regret bringing them there, they won't feel left out ..the class is simply fulll.
  31. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    agree with sheela...do more good to go for classes than not to go...
  32. littlenest

    littlenest New Member

    How about NUH vs TMC antenatal class? I am due in Oct. When should i start going for such classes?
  33. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    have not been to NUH antenatal class, so can't comment.

    personally, i went around end of 2nd trimester.but have to book earlier. too early, can't remember some of the stuff by the time baby is born. too late, you are probably too big and heavy and tired by then. you can also check with the person-in-charge, usually they are able to advise when roughly is a good time to go for the class.
    have fun!
  34. littlenest

    littlenest New Member

    Ok. Thanks!
  35. criatif

    criatif Member

    Hi mummies!

    May I know if anyone can share their experience on what will we be expecting during the doctor's talk for the TMC antenatal class? I'm supposed to attend it this evening but I'm not feeling well and thinking of skipping it.
  36. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    ha..ha ..ur not the only skip'g it i guess..i went for all the antenatal class but then cud not attend the Dr's talk cause it's inconvenient to go on a weekday evening ..i heard diff dr's cover diff topics..really wonder whether it's useful to the parents...i think you can reschedule ur miss'd class if ur think'g about goin...
  37. jayne

    jayne New Member


    the weekday doctor's talk touched on baby's care and postnatal problems such as postnatal depression etc.

    it is very very useful to me, especially when i am a firsttime mummy.
  38. starus

    starus Member

    Mrs Wong Boh Boi at TMC's class is very good. She is very lively and engaging and very funny. Even my hubby, who was initially reluctant to attend these 'mummy-classes' enjoyed himself and learnt alot.

    Actually attending these classes more for my hubby cos I can read up on my on, but I wanted him to learn hand-on skills on how to bath and feed baby, clarifying myths and what to expect when mummy is breastfeeding. It was an enjoyable course and at least we now have the common understanding on how to handle the baby. He even advised my MIL at times when she is not sure/ does things the old-fashioned way.
  39. deepthis

    deepthis New Member

    Has anyone tried Ms Lilian Pong's Child Birth Education Course at TMC? She conducts classes at BLK1, Thomson Road on Fridays & Sundays. How is she different from Ms. Wong. Ang Mo Kio is too far from where I stay!

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