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An Indonesia maid for Transfer

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by paulinelau2, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. paulinelau2

    paulinelau2 New Member

    I am looking to transfer my current indo maid
    good attitude
    good with household chores

    slower pace
    not able to handle my 3 children

    The main reason I employ her is to take care of children, but as she is soft spoken, thus my children bully her

    Thus for moms who stay at home, looking for maid to help mainly with chores, pls email me

  2. mlchoo

    mlchoo Member

    hi, have pm you.

    forgot to ask abt her cleanliness in my email.

  3. libralim

    libralim New Member


    I have my maid for transfer from Dec'09 onward.

    She is:
    - able to cook but not a excellant cook
    - able to perform housework well
    - healthy, good attitude & trustable
    - no off day
    - no handphone
    - currently taking care of my son who is 7+ yr
    - can work independently

    Anyone interested, please PM me.

  4. 508pauline

    508pauline New Member

    Hi, my mum has a good maid for immediate transfer. She is good at elderly care especially. Can speak a little hokkien and can understand hainanese. Good attitude, responsible, good-hearted, can cook chinese food, automatic, clean. If you are interested, plse email me at 508pauline@gmail.com.
  5. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    May I know why your indonesia didnt ask for hong kong to work? She willing to continue in Sin?

    I am looking for one in the begining year Jan 2010.No Phone, no off, take care baby and 6 yrs and 2 yrs children.
  6. nubie

    nubie Member

    Looking for one immediately to take care of infant, anyone? pls pm
  7. libralim

    libralim New Member

    Hi All,

    Thank you for all your interest in taking over my maid. My maid now has decided to go back Indonesia for good.

  8. hokoh

    hokoh New Member

    I am also looking for a good trusted maid to take care of my baby (home alone).
  9. happyface1

    happyface1 Member


    My maid is due on 22 Nov 09 and anyone interested to take over needed to transfer and renew her work permit now.

    But she is going back for a month and start work jan 2010.

    A very experience and trusted maid. Infant and children, cooking, household.

    Need to do Muslim prayer and fasting. Salary asking for $380 with a day off.

    Interested and meet the above , pls contact 98414191.
  10. ladyluck

    ladyluck Member

    Hi is ur maid stil avail? Pls sms me at 81021600
  11. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    Ismawaty, Thanks for the interest. I tried call her and massage to get her but she show some interest working in hong kong. Might be because she is to start the loan again, therefore choose to go hong kong.

    I even wanted her to come back work for me recently as my current maid is not able to handler 3 children and slow paces. Same as Pauline.

    Anyone interested to take over.
  12. deny

    deny Member


    I am looking for a good indo maid with no off day for transfer. No need to cook for us (we could teach). Only need to take care of my 2year old boy, general housework.

    Must be honest, obedient, clean and diligent. Appreciate a quiet and “homey” kind and not scared of taking care of small dog. No handphone preferred.

    Language not an issue as I could speak Bahasa.

    Will need her in mid July 2010...anyone who has a maid meeting the above requirements, please. pm me. tks!
  13. nanabear911

    nanabear911 Active Member

    anyone got maid with contract ending pls email me.. i need a maid to look after my #2 who is due in may 2010.. thanks!
  14. linsaw

    linsaw Member

    anyone got maid with contract ending or for transfer pls email me . I need a maid to look after my mil
  15. prectitude

    prectitude New Member

    Hi All

    I have a Indonesian transfer maid avail by end Mar2010 (when my new maid arrived)

    We have good relationship, but my children cannot really "get along" with her as they are very sticky to me.. she agrees to help me until my new maid arrived.

    Basically she can
    1) cook (average, sometimes very nice, sometimes not so).. willing to try but she is better in malay food than Chinese food
    2) Housework/cleaning wise, she is fast, acceptable (considering she cooks, cleans and take care of my 2 children) But if u are fussy, might not be suitable ..
    3)Taking care of children, I kept her for 1 year plus cause I trust she will not beat my kids, although sometime my children very rough and dont want her (that is why im helping her get new empoyer)
    4) Her pay SGD350 with one day off to meet her sis(her sis is working here 4yrs and renewing her contract in Apr)
    5) Her history (ExSin 2004-2006) with me fr Nov08- till now
    6) She requested for transfer cause she prefers to find a family with younger children if possible as she thinks if she can "click" with the children she can take care of them better (that's the reason she give me when she request for transfer)
    7)No Loan / English good / Chinese -Little

    Contact me at prectitude@yahoo.com or 98590021 for more details or Bio-Data..

    I have to state I can only release her when my new maid arrive (ets. by end Mar10), its our mutual agreement..
  16. prectitude

    prectitude New Member

    Hi All

    Thanks for all the enquiries. My maid is confirmed by a nice mummy..
  17. melvinmom

    melvinmom Member

    Hi All

    I'm looking for a good indon tsf maid urgently, pls sms me @ 82224121 or PM if you hv one to recommend, thanks
  18. ClassyShimmers

    ClassyShimmers Active Member

    Im looking for a good indo transfer maid. No offdays, Preferably married.
    Able to take good instructions,looking after a 6 year old boy and do housework.
    Pls PM me for details. Thanks
  19. alyssa_mom

    alyssa_mom New Member

    Looking for a good indo transfer maid. To help with housechores and look after kids. But kids will be mainly in sch. only when they are at home or sick. Pls PM me. I hope to get her to start in Sept.
  20. geminimummy

    geminimummy New Member

    Hi, does anybody have a good maid to transfer?
    - phil/indo
    - baby care (6 mths old) and toddler care (2 yrs old)
    - basic cooking and housekeeping
    - preferably no off days and no handphone
    - can speak/understand english
    - go to mil's house during day with baby. toddler in half day school

    please email michelechongsl@mail.com

  21. brinkleybum

    brinkleybum Member

    Looking for a good transfer maid as well:

    1) cheerful and good learning attitude
    2) can click and play with toddler
    3) no day off but will allow handphone
    4) no need to cook but must be clean and be good with routine and chores
    5) have to be friendly and get along with another maid
    6) loves animals

    My current maids are planning to return home so will need to find a replacement soon.
  22. momo32

    momo32 New Member


    I am looking for a good indo maid with no off day, for transfer.
    Able to take care of children(1yo n 3yo gals)
    & general housechores.
    Must be honest, obedient, clean and diligent.
    I can do cooking and speak malay..no issue.

    Will need her in oct/nov July 2010...anyone who has a maid meeting the above requirements, please email me. tks!
  23. orangebb

    orangebb Member

    I am looking for good maid too. Taking care of my baby, doing housework and cooking at times. Preferably religious. Any good maid to transfer to me? Please pm me. Thanks!
  24. isabellali

    isabellali Active Member

    Hi, Am looking for an indo maid to do housework (mainly) and to take care of 2 kids age 7 & 9, And 1 teenager age 15. Need it urgently by end of this month. She must be comfortable with no off day and no hp. Please email me at isabella.li@ymail.com if you have any for transfer. Thank you.
  25. chloeliu

    chloeliu New Member

    dear mummies,
    I have an indon maid under me right now, will be able to release in End sep earliest when my new maid arrives.

    1 No off day no handphone
    2 Mostly obedient
    3 Good in housework,ironing and thorough

    1. Speaks very little english, problem communicating with her since she can't understnad me & I can't understand her
    2.Forgetful sometimes
    3.Does not click with the kids-i attribute mostly due to commmunication
    4. DOes not cook,haven't had time to teach

    She has been with me 1 mth plus, I can see she is improving in her english slightly, but because we do not have another person at home to supervise her, I think she is not very suitable for me and have made the decision to let go. I think she has potential to do well if there is someone to coach her patiently , and I'm not very patient.Or someone who does not have young children.My husband likes her cleaning very much though. She is first time working in Singapore and her pay is $340 with no off days. I thought I might feel a little less guilty if I help her find a new family to work with :p

    Please email me if you want to 'reserve' her,or find out more details. I will not be letting her know she is for transfer till maybe nearer the day though.
  26. bugsfire

    bugsfire Member

    Looking for maid. Pls pm me if any available.

  27. flyn

    flyn Member

    Looking for transfer maid asap to take care of my boy (2 yrs old), can cook and general housekeeping.

    - Worked in sg for working family at least 2 yrs
    - once a month off day
    - Speak english
    - Positive attitude and humble
    - Loves children

    I can be contacted missflyn@yahoo.com

  28. twindelight

    twindelight Member

    Hi there,

    I have a ex-sin 4 years Indo maid for transfer. She completed her 4 years contract with 1 employer in Singapore and have looked after 2 children since young. The first kid was 2 years old when she started work with them and then subsequently her employer gave birth and she looked after the 2nd kid from since birth.

    The reason why I'm relasing her is because my previous maid is coming back and my kids are very attached to her.

    Currently this indo maid has only been with us for 1 month so she still has another 5 months outstanding loan.

    This is her bio :

    - Age 35 years
    - Soft spoken, very clean and hygenic, no bodyodor
    - Very good with houswork (8/10)
    - Cooking (7/10)
    - Children (6/10)
    - Good spoken and written English

    Only comment is that she is abit slow with her work and it would be good if you have an old folk around to supervise her.

    Other than that I have no complaints about her.

    Please PM me if you are interested.
  29. kikeeko

    kikeeko Member

    hello all

    am looking for a helper for my 2 kiddos, 3.5 years and 1.5 years. good with kids, ok with housework and simple cooking.will have supervision from my mother in law.
    i can do the transfer paper work myself , no need to go thru agency, unless the maid is still at home country.

    do pm or email me at 4everyfamily@gmail.com.

  30. jamie_nov

    jamie_nov Active Member

    Hi all,

    I need a transfer maid asap.

    Must be good in/love/at least willing to learn cooking or and can handle newborn and toddler well. Prefer cheery, love to learn types with gd attitude and character.

    Main duties at my home will be general hsework, cooking, fetching the children to n fro presch.

    Must speak and understand english.

    Pls email me @ jamie_nov@yahoo.com if you have 1 to transfer out.

    Thanks in advance.
  31. hui0870

    hui0870 Member


    I'm looking for a helper , can speak English ,able to look after young children ( 8 n 4 yr old),can cook and good with household chores.

    Please PM me if u have a good and reliable helper to tranfer, many thanks !
  32. jeslyn_ong

    jeslyn_ong New Member

    Hi, I might be letting go my Phil maid. As my mum can't speak English therefore communication breakdown. She been with us for a week to 2. We decided not to get a maid after this. She can work if with instruction and rules. I feel bad sending her back to agent, therefore help to find a new home for her. Btw, she still have a 6mths plus loan. Serious employer pls pm me for details
  33. joanne2

    joanne2 New Member

    Looking for transfer maid asap to take care of my boy (3 and 6 yrs old), can cook and general housekeeping.

    - Worked in sg for working family at least 2 yrs
    - Speak english or malay
    - Positive attitude and humble
    - Loves children
    - independence

    I can be contacted elegance2006@singnet.com.sg

  34. dragongirl11

    dragongirl11 New Member

    Hi all,

    I need a reliable indo or filipino maid to take care of children, cooking and do housework
    please text me if you have one

    8488 3027
  35. momo32

    momo32 New Member

    I am looking for a maid (indo or phil)too
    current one leaving, after 4 yrs

    Mainly doing housework, and basic caring of kids 2 and 4yo

    I am sahm, hence i cook and care for the kids most of the time.

    Please pm me if u have any reliabe or non attitute ones to transfer.
    Prefer no off days

  36. sby78

    sby78 Member

    hi i have a indonesian helper to let go.

    She had 5yrs+ experience in Singapore. total 3 employer. Able to understance simple English n some chinese

    28 years, single and have bn with me for 4months, doing housework, cooking and taking care 1 child. She is honest, but a bit slow. she loves kids and able to cook simple dishes. she is available mid dec.

    Pls pm me if seriously interested only.thks

    Salary: neg.
    Rq 1 day off per month + handphone

    Letting go as i need some1 who can take care new born baby on her own but she is not capable on her own. So i will be putting my bb at nanny so do not need helper anymore.

    She need lots of guidance at times as she is not smart.
    She can cook simple chinese dishes by herself and she is willing to learn if u teach her.
    She can cook confinement food if u give her instructions to follow. My hubby gave her the instructions and she followed to cook my confinement food.
    She is bubbly type and ok with children but not infant (maybe under supervision, she can, up to u to monitor)...

    I pity if i sent her back home as i dont think it is fair to her since she with me only 4month+. thus i try to help her find direct employer to save her on the pay cut if i return her to the agent.

    She is ok and can play with kids, she is quite patient and nice to kids.

    But since im quite impatient type, i personally think that she is quite slow in doing houseworks.

    Prior working for me, she had also work for other employer doing houseworks only in a bungalow (2 years) and in the employer's mother's flat - doing houseworks and taking care the elderly mother (but still mobile). she finished both contracts for 1 family employer (mother & daughter). And another employer taking care of housework & 2 child but with lady employer at home.

    Her other strength point is she is honest. doesn't steal. She is cheerful but not smart type.. hv to be very patient with her....also, another setback is she has allergy to cold and dust. she cant sleep in too cold aircon room.

    She has no loan, and if u can take care all the paperworks by yourself, would be good, otherwise, you might need an agent to do it or i can help

    Do let me know if u r interested.
  37. gougou

    gougou New Member


    I have an indonesian maid to let go. She is 26 this year with 1 kid in Indonesia (divorcee).

    She has been with us for 1yr. Prior to that she has worked in middle east for few years taking care of eldery. Reason to let go is our son will stay in full day cc from now onwards so we don't need her anymore.

    Her main duty with us is to take care of our 2yr old son. Also she will do all the housework, laundry, cook lunch & dinner.

    Her strength is her english quite ok (she teached my son A-Z & 1-20, etc). She can understand basic chinese also. She is honest and very obedient. Whenever we ask her to do things she will do immediately. Also she is very patient to our son.

    Her weakness is she is abit slow in doing things so need some supervision but we are ok with it because she can take care of our son well. Also my MIL is at home for the whole day so still ok for us.

    I would think her is quite good as i have heard of alot of bad experience before. Pls pm me if you are seriously interested. She is available since mid Jan.

    Thanks.. [​IMG]
  38. ctanisah

    ctanisah New Member

    Hi ladies,

    I am looking for a muslim Indonesian maid thats up for transfer. prefably one that wears the headscarf.

    Before I go to work, I will send her and my 2 year old daughter to my mom's place. She needs to settle the household chores while my mom looks after my daughter.

    Im okie with off days. If maid have a HP, i have no quams about it, as long as she uses it during her break time and after work. [as we all do [​IMG] ]

    Thanks [​IMG]

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