Advice needed on BM storage bags

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Hi There,

Anyone know where to get the playtex storage bag? I try searching around but in vain....desperately need to find it soon since my supply is more than demand. And it is too ex to use those zipper storage bag. Thanks in advance.
I used lansionh milkbags when i was bf-ing. They are good.. easi to use too.
i think if you buy from spree / wts thread is ard $20 for 50s.

first_born : it is okay to eat confinement food with alcohol because when you cook the food, the alchol is evaporated. :|

i like the glass bottles idea, i'm going to glene tomorrow for my bb's check up.

anyone tried asking from them before?

also on the caps for the bottles, are they metal or plastic ones?

i experience some metal caps rusting.

Hi OC,
Good for you! another one for the environment and pocket
I've really saved a lot using the glass bottles.

Caps are plastic (as far as I've encountered).
Hi Michelle

I think by the time you think that glass bottles should be changed for whatever reason, you'd probably have stopped BFing

For me, the bottles still seem okay after 9 months of use. In fact, one or two times I've dropped a bottle, it's not the bottle that cracks but the plastic ring of the plastic cover! Obviously glass withstands heating and freezing much better than the plastic.

keke. thanx.

btw, i went to pick up some glass bottles. i realise got diff size now wor. 90ml, 100ml n even 120ml. but de 120ml bottles are rare.
Some bottles have markings, some dont. And some of the 90ml ones have "space" for extra liquids. To avoid wastage and defrosting too much, what i do is simply to use a permanent marker to roughly mark every 30ml level (which is about about 1 ounce) so 3 markings per bottle. (Most nurseries/infant centres feed in increments of 1 ounce or 30 ml eg 90, 120, 150, 180, 210 and if you use formula, they also use 1 spoon of powder for 30ml of water. So the 1 ounce/30ml measurement is a nice simple guage for long term use. Happy storing.
keke. so far those i collected look like they all have markings. but. i got a prob - removing the milk labels from de bottles -_-"

some of them super hard to get rid. any idea how to remove? i've soaked them in water overnite. but some labels juz do not come off. think i'll have to visit the hospital to pick up more bottles.

only de labels on de 120ml bottles are easy to remove.
My hubby happened to have a can of 3M's 'Adhesive Remover' so I used that, sorry. Not sure how much the cost.

You can try lighter fluid. Just buy one of those ciggy lighters and pry the lid off. (CAREFULLY) or you can buy a refill can (again not sure how much). I've seen my shopkeeper friends use lighter fluid to remove old price stickers.

Otherwise, try asking at hardware or fix-it shops.

The traditional way is to soak and soak and scrub and scrub
Have you tried soaking in very hot water? Try to make sure you remove everything cos you dont want to glue/paper to run and contaminate any surface later (if you sterilise in steriliser. If you sterilise by boiling, I think it's not so bad - so much water to dilute and at 100 degrees should be safe.
keke. ya. now u remind me. ya hor. i got liquid fluid. used to remove de aluminium words of my car. haha.

maybe i shuld try them later.

btw, read in sep mtb dat tmc got cases of mum using glass bottles. but the bottles got cracked, ended up one bb drink one glass piece n end up with a cut in stomach. so scary.
I think the best is still to soak in hot water and scrap the sticker off. I used a plastic ruler to do the scrapping
Hi Mommies out there,

I have stopped Breastfeeding but still have a few unused packets of Breastmilk bags from Blueegg. Those that come with the ziplock function

Willing to let go at low price since I do not need them anymore. Pls send me email [email protected].

hi everyone,
seems like no one here tried the milk trays... erm, i bought it at about $39, suppose to store 30 ml in a portion and can story up to 8 a tray and was given 2 trays. find it very convenient and no wastage if i am freezing the BM. plus no need to spend on expensive bags which it is for one time use only. use about 25 of the bags and find that it is very wasteful and if use via cups from avent, my freezer got no space and the cups can be ex.

now i use the milk tray and glad freezer safe ziplock bags which can hold about 20 to 22 of them each bag and when i go to work, my helper just have to take out 4 and thaw it. so i personally think quite cool.

by the way, anyone actually buy a freezer to keep the EBM? My freezer compartment runs out of space!

I am selling off Medela Pump and Save Storage Bags - 50 pack at $35... Pls PM me if interested.

But have to let u know that the box is abit crumpled due to poor storage in my bag.. but be assured that its Brand New
hi everyone, i am new here.
Just want to ask, i heard that its not that good to store expressed milk in storage bags. Better to keep them in bottles.. is that true? if yes, then how many bottles do I need to prepare?
KristieW: no worries. my 1st kid was on BM milk bags for 18mths. And he turned out well.

Lansinoh is what i swear upon.
hi, i'm new to this thread.

i oso feel ex on disposable bm bag. oso short of caps altho got glass bottles fm hospital.

now bb w colic, we r trying out BM only for day & F milk for night.

so exploring,

1) to get caps only- seems like some1 mentioned its avail in pharmacy?

2) try to get Milk Tray n who else has tried it? think 1 of u is using it. wonder if its enough to get a std set, as duno how many 1 oz per tray?

3) where to get Lanxxx brand n how much & qty?
hi, Lavender_sky,
Actually depending on your freezer temperature, when I was using my normal freezer (2 door type) the sticks are easier to pick up from the ziplock bag. But when I started using the chest freezer, I had a hard time to take it out, cos we set out chest freezer to max.

Hi bb(mac), the milk trays work fine for me. One set will do actually. Cos by your third pump, the first tray should be ready to put in ziplock bag. I used all methods to freeze milk, tried avent via cups, milk bags, milk trays and glass bottles with metal ans those pharmacy caps. Prefers milk tray and glass bottles. Milk bags are very expensive and high wastage. Via cup turns out to have a very fishy smell (with fish in my freezer). So I freeze all my milk in trays and at times put in glass bottles for bringing it out.

Anyway, I m thinking to sell off my preloved. Anyone keen? Cos my milk supply is enough for my bb per day in take. Dun really need and not enough to freeze anymore.
pls pm me if keen.
Hi, I also have a set of milk trays bought from mumsfairy in September. Hardly used. Can let go at a good price. Anyone interested, pls PM me.
Hi, I'm new here.
For those who have been using milk trays and putting the milk sticks into ziplock bags, are there any concerns that the ziplock bags are not sterilized? or do they sell sterilized ones now? And can these ziplock bags be recycled?
Thx for sharing!
Does Lansinoh storage bags works as well as Medela oneS?
Im probably getting the Lansinoh ones from one of the mummies..
But scare that its not good..
N oso, where to get milk trays ?
I dont have any idea how a milk tray works....
hi yoke, I bought the glad ziplock bag freezer safe to store. I read it is okay to use non sterile ones. Anyway... When they said sterilize what do they mean? How to sterilize plastic? My baby is coping well with the sticks. Didn't recycle the bags cos can't wash n not to mention sterilize them. So used once n dump.

Hi lim, I tried the lansinoh. Think it's okay, better than the first few years. Didn't try medela before so can't comment on that.
heard medela's can attached to pump direct?
hi potbelly burp, the trays can't put into sterilizer. Just used warm soapy water to wash n then rinse with warm water.
Just to share personal view in using the milk tray. One downside about themilk tray is that when you pour ur milk in and try to move it back to the freezer, it tends to spill to the edge and gets rather messy. Not sure the rest of the mummies experience that too.
Hi xmasc, I just tried out the milk tray, it does spill to the edge when I first used it. However, I could minise the spill by pouring lesser milk in the space just below the line. But it's kinda of cool seeing breastmilk in stick form.

Lim, I got my milk tray from mumsfairy, you could try to buy from them if you are interested. As for milk bag, I would recommend lansinoh (being using that for the past 9 months). It's a lot cheaper than Medela and very easy to pour when thawed.
hi i have pigeon and my first year milk storage bags to let go at special price. pls PM me if you are interested. thanks.
For those who used the milk trays, how did you remove the milk sticks from the tray? I seem to have some problems doing so. I resorted to using a knife to pry them out but am worried that this will spoil the trays. Advice please!
Hi elaine,
Thx for sharing. Haven't checked in here for a long time...
Well, I haven't got down to trying out the milktray yet.Have still been using Lansinoh and Boots milkbags, and have some more bags to go...

For those interested in MumsFairy stuff, they are having a promo now on BP thread.
Hi aadilah, twist the trays. Just like when u take
out ice from your ice trays. Twist it at both ends in different directions. It shd works. Quite easy actually.

Hi yoke, if u wanna get the milk tray I m looking to let go or exchange mine. Cos now not much milk supply...
not even enough for per day feeds.
hi elaine,
thx for your offer. I wont be getting them so soon, as I've got about another 100 odd milkbags to go. Thx for your kindness!

would like to check with u mummies whether do ur mix your 'freshly pumped' milk with d previous milk stored in a bottle from d fridge? i heard is not advisable to as it might coz bacteria to occur..
but if i dun mix..i've a problem fridge have some bottles which are half bottles unfilled..
any advice pls...?
Hi Kalipok

You can mix but make sure that the 'fresh' milk has cooled down first since it will be 'warm' when freshly pumped out. Dont mix warm milk to chilled/frozen milk. If not freezing,consume as soon as possible.
Hi sunny,

thanks so much for your advice. will take note of that.

btw,would like to check with you mummies here on whether have ur experience any soreness or pain in d breasts after pumping?

wondering what is d cause of it..can anyone share with me? Im using medela electric pump and is pumping every 3 hours.
There shouldn't be any pain if you positioned the pumpshields properly.

Is it the teats or the breasts which hurt?

If the breasts, you may have blocked ducts i.e. you're pumping but not all the ducts are flowing properly. Usually because the breasts was engorged before and not all the ducts were "freed up". Try consulting a lactation expert.

If the teats, it's probably how you position the pumpshield.

But dont 'live with it'- it's not a normal side effect, please go see a doctor/lactationist if the soreness/pain doesn't go away.
Blessedcyn - not advisable to freeze after chilling for so long.

If want to freeze should do so as soon as possible after pumping.

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