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Advice needed on BM storage bags

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by jellybnzw, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. jellybnzw

    jellybnzw New Member

    Can anyone give some advice on which brands of breast milk storage bags are value for money (good quality and quantity of bags in each pack). Been looking around but don't seem to find many brands or I have been limiting my shopping.

  2. vernice80

    vernice80 Active Member

    there are few brands u can consider like playtex, blue egg, lanoish (not sure spelling right or not). go thr those BPs can find ppl selling or thr ebay
  3. seahan

    seahan New Member

    i tink lasinoh one is good.. bigger capacity too.
  4. chipndale

    chipndale New Member

    vote for playtex. quality quite good and pretty cheap too. get it from spree.
  5. mountain_9

    mountain_9 Member

    Hi jules

    For the playtex, u mean playtex bottle liner?
  6. chipndale

    chipndale New Member

    hi blueb, yes, playtex bottle liner. just use a rubber band to tie it up b4 storage or freezing. i didnt experience any leaks or problems in the 16 mths i bfed for.
  7. mountain_9

    mountain_9 Member

    Thanks Jules

    Oh, use rubber band? So when u need the milk, just take out, thaw and pour into bottle?
  8. ivy_chong

    ivy_chong Member

    i m using blue egg, like it beocos it got zipper lock, easier to use & keep =)
  9. chipndale

    chipndale New Member

    blueb, ya that's what i do. just have to be careful not to spill when untying the rubberband. also dun fill up the milk bag to the brim or else will get leaks - max i put in each bag is 180ml. didnt leak b4.

    all those milk bags with zipper locks probably are more secure and easier to use, but also a lot more ex lor. playtex liners were gd value for money for me, cos my supply was a lot more than demand at one point. wld have gone broke using the more ex liners.
  10. chipndale

    chipndale New Member

    oh also note that the markings on the playtex liner are not accurate so dont depend on that. use the markings on the bottle u used to express into to gauge how much to put into the liner.
  11. ivy_chong

    ivy_chong Member

    hi Jules
    may i know how much is playtexliner, i nv use before.
    i wan to compare pricing wif my current milk bag, see if really save cost, now economy no good, so must save save =)
  12. boon

    boon Member

    Hi Mummies

    Just to share that that I uses the Avent cups.. Airtight and can be reuse. Moreover it is easy storage. However for those that I need to freeze I would also use the bottle liner as well. [​IMG]
  13. chipndale

    chipndale New Member

    sugarbebe, i bought from spree for abt $14-15 per pack of 100 liners (8oz) i think. hope my memory doesnt fail me. that was around 1 yr ago.
  14. wting

    wting Member

    i recycle milk bottles from hospital. those are all glass bottles which can put in boiling water or any sterrilizer to sterrilize and reuse. the bottles can be use direct with any breast pump except Avent. the bottles are FOC just need to ask form the nurses in hospital nursery (we don't take they also throw away). Oh but cap need to buy. 1 dozen of them price less than $10.
  15. ivy_chong

    ivy_chong Member

    hi Jules
    veri cheap lei, thanks for the info.
  16. smurfygal

    smurfygal Member

    Hi Ting,

    For those glass bottles from the hospitals, they can only store about 100ml of milk rite? My bb takes 120ml of milk each feed, so was wondering if the hospitals have bigger glass bottles.
  17. chipndale

    chipndale New Member

    smurfygal, i also faced the same problem when my girl's appetite increased. the glass bottles served me well when she was less than a mth old cos max only 90ml per bottle. after that, i resorted to using medela bm storage bottles and subsequently milkbags when there was no more space in the freezer.

    sugarbebe, no problem [​IMG]
  18. chipndale

    chipndale New Member

    sugarbebe, sorry i think the liners come in a pack of 140pc not 100pc. 8 oz each liner
  19. mountain_9

    mountain_9 Member

    Thanks Jules! =) My fren passed me a box of playtex liners, will try those first and if ok, will continue to get this type...Will bear in mind what you told me! =)
  20. wting

    wting Member

    Hi Smurfygal, Ya. the bottle not very tall. For me i purposely choose smaller type so that my finger can access to the base to wash. I store my milk in different bottles (abt 100ml/bottle) and will mix to require quantity in actual feeding bottle when need to use.
  21. kgal

    kgal Active Member

    hi ladies, i've got available stock for lansinoh milk storage bags..a few left[​IMG]
  22. dew76

    dew76 Member

    hi ting

    can check with you where do you buy the caps for the glass bottles from the hospital?

  23. badgal

    badgal Member

    can buy fr the phamacy at TMC. It cost $1.20 per cap.
  24. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    wow TMC is expensive. The pharmacy at Mt Alvernia sells the caps at only 70cent per cap.
    But I think you have to buy in packs of 10. (Not a problem getting 10 bottles from the hospital.)

    The glass bottles can store up to 90ml each. Dont fill up to the brim as liquids will expand. What you can do is take out what you need for the day either the night before or early in the morning from the freezer and put in the fridge to thaw, then for warming up, you pour the defrosted milk from one or more of the storage bottles into your feeding bottle and warm that.

    For me, I send my baby to infantcare. Nowadays, my baby drinks 120ml per feed, so I provide the infant care centre with 6 of the glass bottles every day (4 feeds plus a bit extra). I pump at work either 3 to 4 bottles (which I refrigerate but dont freeze) and put these in the centre's fridge when I pick baby up in the evenings. This is for the next day. Then I top up 2 to 3 more bottles from my freezer the next morning when I send baby. I dont defrost these until they are put in the centre's fridge. Centre uses the chilled milk from the day before first then for the last 2 feeds, they use the milk I brought from home (which would have thawed by then). This minimises the time the chill&unfrozen and frozen&thawed milk are kept respectively. Hope this helps.
  25. dew76

    dew76 Member

    thanks Tulip and Sunny [​IMG]

    hee Sunny, your explanation is very clear. thanks a lot!
  26. sk_phua

    sk_phua New Member

    Anyone here can advise if I can re-use the BM Bags?
  27. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    I would advise not to, but these bags have been pre-sterilized. not a good idea to re-use them.
  28. sk_phua

    sk_phua New Member

    okie. jus wondering coz like such a waste to throw away. the ondition still so good. Thanks for your advise[​IMG]
  29. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    Hi Sk
    See the notes above starting from Ting's post of Friday, January 16, 2009 - 10:31 am. Reduce use of plastics and use recyclable glass bottles for EBM. Save your pocket and save the world. [​IMG]
  30. yukiko06

    yukiko06 New Member

    you can wash the bags and store vege or other thing just like a zip-lock bag.
  31. sk_phua

    sk_phua New Member

    [​IMG]thanks dear!
  32. daymoon

    daymoon Member

    hi mummies, anywhere else can i buy the caps for the bottles besides TMC and Mt A?
  33. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    not sure but try the retail pharmacies at other hospitals. Even Mt E gives out the glass bottles so I'm sure the pharmacy there will carry it.
  34. babyleon

    babyleon New Member

    hi mummies, I din noe that TMC and Mt A are giving out glass bottles. Can just ask from the nurse from the nursery? Where do they get the bottles from??
  35. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    all hospitals cn get i should think. yes, just ask the nurses. even if you've discharged, they'll still give to you. the bottles are from the pre-mixed formula milk that the milk manufacturers supply to the hospitals for those babies whose mothers cant or dont want to breastfeed. they come with the 'one-use' teats which are thrown away after the feed. that's why you only get the bottles free and hv to buy the caps separately.
  36. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    if you're lucky the nurses would hv cleaned the bottles for you. if not you just bring home and get hb to clean lor [​IMG] but of effort but save a lot in the long run
  37. taz101

    taz101 Member

    For the glass bottle caps that we get from the hospital pharmacy, do they need to be sterilised in the same way that we do for glass bottles?

    I was thinking of using the glass bottles from chicken essence, bird's nest etc for storing BM but I'm not sure if the caps that come along with those bottles can be sterilised.

    Anyone has any advice on the above? Thanks!
  38. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    the bottle caps from the pharmacy are plastic not glass. I assume that they can be sterilised.

    NOt sure what your questions is - Anything (metal, glass, plastic) can be sterilised, otherwise, how do doctors in hospitals get sterilised plastic gowns, scalpels, glass holding bowls etc etc. The only thing to note is if you're sterilising plastics, then you may want to change after some time to ensure no breakdown in the chemical compound used to make the plastics.
  39. taz101

    taz101 Member

    I think all glass and metal material can be sterilised by heat (ie by steriliser or by putting them in boiling water).

    For plastics however, I think sterilisation is usually done by gamma rays for a specific time duration, which would kill any living organism present. That's the reason why BM storage bags come pre-sterilised (by gamma rays, I presume) and we don't re-use them because we can't sterilise the bags again in the same way. Probably, we can't use heat sterilisation for the BM storage bags. That's why i'm not sure if we can heat sterilise the plastic caps.

    Hmm...something to ask the nurses after we've delivered.
  40. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    FYI: Medela, Avent, Dr Brown etc's feed bottles are mainly plastic though of course some models come in glass versions. All pump accessories are plastic as well. I believe it is a given that all these plastics can be sterilised by boiling or using a steam steriliser, or tablet, or e.g. using Medela's Micro quick clean steam bags. If these methods work for plastic feed bottles and pumps I dont see why the logic should differ for storage bottles and caps.

    I am guessing that it is not recommended to reuse the BM storage bags cos they're basically plastic bags. They're soft, floppy and the sides stick together when empty and especially when wet. So you can't be sure that e.g. if you put a bag in the steriliser, all its surfaces, especially the inside ones, are sterilised. And the bag will probably melt or stick to the sides of your boiling pan if you tried to boil it.
  41. taz101

    taz101 Member

    You're right there too. Thanks for the advice!
  42. styliciously

    styliciously Member

    anyone keep breastmilk from right and left breast separated? I used to do that for my frist few months until my supply exceed 125ml on one of the breasts coz i used NUK small bottles and medela milkbags. After tat, i just used 240ml bottle to store milk from both sides for 1 pumping session. My mum and granny says the difference is right side is for food, left side is for drinking. tats y always start with right to breastfeed then left.

    I find using milkbags expensive and wasteful even tho can label date to keep track. i rather invest and use bottles that can be reused to store breastmilk.
  43. yokogi

    yokogi Active Member

    Lately i've seen someone selling away Boots milkbags. Has anyone got advice for it? I'm going to BKK 2 months later and would have chance to stock up for my needs. Else i've to stick to Lansinoh which is getting more ex these days. =(
  44. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    there's a first for everything!! This is the first time I've heard of right = food and left = drink. Does this mean that for a left handed person left = food and right = drink? :D
    Or is the orientation determined by whether the mummy is left or right handed or whether baby is left or right handed?

    Mixing EBM from left and right is fine Styleliciously.
    Both breasts produce foremilk and hindmilk. Foremilk comes first and is more watery and hindmilk comes later and contains more fats. If baby is thirsty only - baby will drink for a little while and will be quite satisfied, regardless of which side you give. If baby is hungry, then he/she will drink until foremilk is gone and the breast 'starts' producing hindmilk. So for proper 'food' feeds, you should latch baby on one breast until its empty to make sure you get the hindmilk (fats). If you keep switching sides, baby will get 'full' on the watery foremilk but will get hungry much quicker. Like adults eating porridge. Unfortunately for EBM, we can't keep the two separate (well not sure about anyone else but I can't cos I have no idea when hindmilk starts to flow instead of foremilk) but it's okay cos baby will still get the full amount of water+fats in the mixed foremilk and hindmilk.
  45. styliciously

    styliciously Member

    haha.. i totally forgot about the foremilk and hindmilk. hmm.. so it's best to feed till empty before switching side so that baby is full on hindmilk instead of foremilk. But what if baby dun't want to drink when comes to 2nd side, then you have one side empty and the other still quite full.

    Haha.. i dun't think the right or left handed applies to orientation. Think its what older generation mums says as taught by their mums. Maybe to explain why sometimes right breast tends to be more full of milk than the left breast for some pple.
  46. first_born

    first_born Member

    where can I buy the milk bags?
  47. first_born

    first_born Member

    btw, during confinement, u eat confinement food with those alcohol (mi jiu) or martell (not sure wat alcohol) right?

    Will that be safe for breast feeding mums? Since we're discouraged to drink any alcohol when breast feeding?
  48. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    Hi first born
    Milk bags are available in most baby sections of department stores. Check out the prices and varieties available at Robinsons which usually has quite a good range. Or Isetan. Or the online stores.

    Alcohol during confinement - this was my practice. You decide for yourself what is best for you. I had rice wine in my dishes for at least one meal a day. Dont pour in too much la. Everything in moderation. Every other night or so, I'll drink 'hot' DOM (which is also brandy) like Martell. Basically poured a measure of DOM in a short glass and put in rice cooker to "heat" it before drinking. Post confinement, I've still been taking DOM every 3 days or so, but I'm too lazy nowadays to heat it up. Been breastfeeding since day one and still breastfeeding. Asked my pediatrician and the lactationist - the advice is if you want to take alcohol, take immediately after baby has fed so that the alcohol has some time to work its way out of your system before the next feed.
  49. ~mimosa~

    ~mimosa~ Active Member

    sunny, so after u feed ur baby...u drink ur DOM
    by the next feed, do u express and throw or u cont feeding ur baby? what's the lag time in between?
  50. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    Hi Sharon

    Some pp do advise to express and throw away. Again, it's really up to you. You may want to just follow or maybe you can test once or twice and see what works for you and baby. For myself, I've not thrown any milk away. If my girl wakes up later in the night to feed, I just feed as usual. If she sleeps on, then I just express as usual and keep. On a few occasions, right after I drink the DOM, she wakes up and wants to feed again. At such times, I have still given her my breast eventhough I'd just drank DOM. I try to minimise such occasions by making sure that she's soundly asleep before I drink but well, babies are unpredictable right.

    Touch wood, my girl is well and healthy. Doc says she's growing v well. She's never refused the breast after I drink DOM and she's never refused the milk expressed after a DOM.

    Time lag - during the first month, at night - there would be about 3-4 hours between each feed or expression. So apart from the few times that she woke up, 2.5 hours is the shortest average time lag between DOM intake and feed/expression.

    [Not sure if this is relevant in any way, but my alcohol tolerance has always been quite good, so maybe my body is used to processing and dissipating the alcohol [​IMG] ] Lots of 'maybes' here - Just a pet theory of mine [​IMG]

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