Advice, gynae recommendation for stillbirth history


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On behalf of my sister, who’s had 2 stillbirth one at 22 weeks and one at 24 weeks, wanted to know if there have been similar experiences and if there is a good gynae or advices to recommend?

In both cases the babies umbilical cord was very twisted and thin at some regions, blocking the nutrient flow. We haven’t found conclusive causes but doctor said both cases are freak accidents so far. Checking for genetics test and baby chromosomal test now.

Saw online that some US hospitals offer more frequent screening including a 3D screening to see the umbilical cord pattern if there are twists and so on. Wonder if there’s any experienced gynae who will provide such services?

And there are also in-home fetal heartbeat monitoring devices? Anyone knows anything about this?

Appreciate all help thank you mummies
oh I'm really sorry to hear about your sister's heartbreaking experiences with stillbirths. ... As for in-home fetal heartbeat monitoring devices, yes, there are portable devices available that allow expectant mothers to listen to their baby's heartbeat at home. However, I strongly recommend using these devices under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional.
I see, so will have to get these and advices from the gynae then? Thanks for the reply jemima78, appreciate it!

still, looking for any advices to anyone who has a little to offer, thank u!