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Advice for primary school in Yishun

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by beancurd, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. beancurd

    beancurd Member

    Hi mummies,

    Currently my gal is in Ahmad Pri but I feel that the teacher is very hack care, quite a long story. Now I thinking of change her school but on another hand I hope she can get in a single session school n of course a school with delicated teacher. Any mummies can share with me which primary school you put your child in? How about Huamin Primary? TIA [​IMG]

  2. jkids

    jkids Member

    are all the teachers like that in ahmad pri? do your child's parents tink the same as u too?

    i ask coz i hv no chance to read comments abt this sch. very low profile
  3. kellylai

    kellylai New Member

    IMO, Northview is a pretty good school as they focus on character development. My own daughter is in northland but that's because it's within walking distance. I was lucky to be able to ballot her in but if i didn't manage to ballot her in, I would have placed her in Northview as well.
  4. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    My gal is P4 next years in Hua Mi Pri School. Not as bad as I though, as comparing to Northland pri. Hoping that she can make the best of Hua Min Pri with pride and proud. She is going to Hong Kong exchange programe too.
  5. charlottemt88

    charlottemt88 New Member

    I put my son in Chongfu Primary. Because it is part of the Hokkien Association, the schools tied to this association are all quite well known.
    they are AiTong, TaoNan, Konghwa etc
    I heard there are scholarships given to the alumni as well.
    Hope it helps! :)
  6. ssmummy

    ssmummy Member

    My kids are in Chongfu too... Great culture and ethos.

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