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Acne Breakout during Pregnancy

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by dwjphoo, May 6, 2010.

  1. dwjphoo

    dwjphoo New Member

    Had some acne breakout at my 11 weeks of pregnancy..feeling quite down. Anyone has any cure for acne breakout?


  2. mijun

    mijun New Member

    Hi Bluesoda,

    I experienced it b4 but it subsided during 2nd trimester. All pdts used dun seem to work, except for Eucerin Demo Purifyer creme-gel. You can buy from John Little or Robinson's cos I think they are having discount now...

  3. dwjphoo

    dwjphoo New Member

    thanks mijun...so when is ur EDD?

  4. mijun

    mijun New Member

    Hi Bluesoda,

    My EDD is 16 June 10. Urs? Pregnancy really changes my skin to slightly dryer. Need to apply sunblk cos later part some brown spots started to appear on my cheeks.

  5. dwjphoo

    dwjphoo New Member

    mine is 18 Nov 10. Yes, i also realised that my skin are getting dryer day by day..need to apply moisturizer. so is a prince or princess?

  6. twobelles

    twobelles Active Member

    I started having Acne breakout at week 8, seond trimester it gotten worse..until now at 30 weeks, still having pimples popping like FOC.

    its normal, cos of the surge in hormones..maybe we are the unlucky ones compared to those who really have "glowing" skin.

  7. twobelles

    twobelles Active Member

    there is no cure, except to continue using ur normal skincare products provided it doesn't contain Salicycic acid, AHAs.

    and i also suggest don't try any new products cos pregnant can make ur skin super sensitive, so might develop an allergy.

    and yeah have to moisturise your face daily as well..good luck!

  8. icedmilktea

    icedmilktea New Member

    me too having this ache problem even after i delivered my son. Seeing my gynae this Thursday for check up on my c-section wound, going to ask her to prescribe something for my acne.

  9. dwjphoo

    dwjphoo New Member

    i went to see GP and the GP prescribed me some acne cream (suitable for pregnancy) to apply. After applying for a week, noticed that my pimples will dry up and peel off.

  10. bluemarinesg

    bluemarinesg New Member

    Try using tooth paste. Dab a tiny dot on those red monsters and they will look less 'angry' the next day. The toothpaste has some ingredients which will 'dry' up the zits but be warned - it's very drying so just apply on the pimples.

    This is a very safe (for pregnancy) and cheap method. Dont need to worry about the foetus's safety, very effective and any brand of toothpaste will work!

  11. sugarong

    sugarong Member

    mi too! breakout during 1st tri but in the form of blemishes at the side of the face (both sides somemore [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]), and little bumps. problem still persist in 2nd tri now, except little bumps seem to haf almost disappear. anyone know how to rid of those blemishes by the side of the face?

  12. friends78

    friends78 Well-Known Member

    Eat bird nest will help to clear the complexion too. Concentrated bottled one will do... I have been eating it daily and it does give me clear skin.

  13. sugarong

    sugarong Member

    hi friends

    i guess u are one of those with good genes [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif].....have been faithfully taking home-cooked bird nest 2-4 times per week but the side of the face is still jia lat [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]....hope it will all go away after i pop...

  14. ckcs

    ckcs Member


    Does the bottle bird nest hv the same effect as those DIY?

  15. friends78

    friends78 Well-Known Member

    DIY too ex to take everyday so I bought those bottled concentrated ones so that I can eat 1 tablespoon everyday. Don't buy those bottled bird nest with rock sugar liquid one hor... too diluted and sweet ...

  16. p_moments

    p_moments New Member

    eat more fruits will help

  17. yellow_orchid

    yellow_orchid New Member

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  18. singaporefan

    singaporefan New Member

    u use these when i have problems, very good on my skin. got them from flowersofpink.blogspot.com, have to ask the seller what items when used together is best for specific skin condition, she will advise. reliable.



  19. ibeautyq

    ibeautyq New Member

    Hello mummies,

    I'm facing the same problem too! I had acne breakout nearing 2nd trimester and the condition is quite bad. This acne problem continued till now even after I gave birth to my baby girl in July last year. My friend had been recommending me to go for facial treatment to help ease my acne breakout. I heard from my friend about the Bella promotion that provide skincare therapy at $28. Heard that their services are good and I'm really tempted by it. Have anyone tried Bella's services before? [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


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