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A Part-time Nanny needed

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by aladin, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. hsee

    hsee Member


    Pls contact me if u need someone to be around for your kid after his school. Place to bath, home-cooked meals and a conducive environment for doing his schoolwork.

  2. rachel_wu

    rachel_wu Member

    hi sunshine,

    May i know where are u staying?
  3. hsee

    hsee Member

    Hi Rachel,

    I m in seng kana.
  4. hsee

    hsee Member

    Oops she b kana n not kana
  5. rachel_wu

    rachel_wu Member

    Sunshine, have pm u.
  6. hsee

    hsee Member

    hi rachel,

    hv replied to your pm
  7. jennette

    jennette Member


    I need a part time nanny @ Tiong Bahru area for 3 months, from May-July 2011, 8am - 6pm. Do simple cooking, housework, and help to take care of new born baby.

    Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
  8. ansonng

    ansonng New Member

    Part time babysitter available here. Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm at clients place or 8.30am to 7pm at my place. Anybody keen pls pm me. Mrs Ng
  9. ivyang56

    ivyang56 New Member

    any experience nanny in the east, preferably in tampines st 91? look after a 20 months old toddler.
  10. ansonng

    ansonng New Member

    Hi ivyang,

    What is the timing you looking for?
  11. sunwgt

    sunwgt New Member


    My mum has successfully brought up two able children well in their 20s, you can trust her to take good care of your kids if you're looking for babysitter. My mum is a simple, chinese speaking lady in her 50s. We stay in Boon Keng (NE, central part of SG) if you need help.

    If it's not too far off, my mum can go to your place or you can have your child here with us. Feel free to contact us at 94211742, meanwhile, do let us know your rates and your expectations, if any.
  12. seraphina

    seraphina New Member


    I need a part-time nanny staying around Jurong West St 41 or St 52 or Chinese garden area to look after a 4 y.o old from 5.30 to 8.30 pm Mon -Fri and can cook dinner for him. Occasionally might need the nanny to take care of the kid for full day when the Child Care is closed or when he is unfit for school. Please PM me. Thanks.

    Mon-Fri 5.30pm to 8.30pm
  13. ptsy27

    ptsy27 Member


    im looking for nanny for my twin boys age 2. timing to be discuss again, but it'll be from mon to fri at CCK Cres.
  14. sirlesse

    sirlesse Member

    i'm also finding a nanny to look aft my 5yrs old girl.
    need to fetch her from school(hougang ave 1) at 12pm.
    timing will be 12 - 6pm

    pls pm me if anyone is interested.

    prefer nanny stay around ave 1
  15. grace3005

    grace3005 Member

    i am looking for a nanny at tampines area. need to pick my son from school and back to my home from 6.30-8.30pm ard 3 days per week. please advise.
  16. hanim_jan

    hanim_jan New Member

    Hi new mummies and daddies.. Hanim here. I'm a fulltime housewife and a very experienced, patient, caring and loving mother. I have three wonderful children aged 11(Sham),9(Shaheen) and 6(Abeeha). Also have a full time domestic helper with me. I live on the east side Pasr Ris.

    If you are a working couple with babies, toddlers or children that need looking after, why not send them to my beautiful executive apartment.

    A beautiful home with a great family environment condusive for children. TLC guaranteed.

    Fees negotiable

    Call me at 65841657 or 96381507 anytime!
  17. amelia4080

    amelia4080 Member

    i m looking for a nanny to look after my 1 mth plus boy .. preferable clementi/ west coast/jurong area .. please sms me at 92343419 ..
  18. blur_mum

    blur_mum Member


    I am looking for part-time nanny staying at queenstown from 12pm to 2pm to pick up my son from school.
    pls pm me
  19. cefindre

    cefindre Active Member

    I'm also looking for a part time nanny staying in Sengkang, preferably 8/9am - 3pm, my baby is 11months, timing can be discussed. Please pm me. Thanks!
  20. chanel26

    chanel26 New Member

  21. doro

    doro New Member

    auntie at 40+ living in Sengkang Buangkok looking for nanny part time job.

    if got any job, pls call/ sms 84886716
  22. appleloy

    appleloy New Member

    Hi i am 24 this year staying at tampines st 21. Have worked in childcare centre and babysit before. Kindly contact me at 9687 2304 / apple_jappy06@hotmail.com
  23. babyys

    babyys New Member

    Me and my husband with one gal (19months) is looking for a Chinese helper for weekday (about 5 hours per day, depends on the speed of the helper), to start after 1 June.

    Activities include daily simple cleaning, weekly ironing, cooking dinner for us, bring my gal back from childcare around 6.30pm, bath and feed her.

    Dare not to employ maid because we do not have old folks home n my gal is still young, unable to express well.

    Pls PM or email babyys09@hotmail.com charges if you can help or recommend anyone can help, greatly appreciate, thanks.
  24. panick_cat

    panick_cat New Member

    Hi. I'm staying in Kovan. I need a part-time helper to be at my place to send Pr. 1 boy to student care in the morning (around 8 am) and perform simple cleaning at my house. Experience in handling children preferred. Pls. email tan_huisan@yahoo.com.sg.
  25. jasmum

    jasmum Member

    just sharing contact: 
    pastor's wife (mother of 6 grown kids) able to babysit part-time at your home. She lives in Boon Lay Plc 
    for details, write to: Mrs Chen~ 
  26. horlicks

    horlicks New Member

    Hi, I am looking for part-time nanny staying at Sengkang area (near buangkok MRT) from ard 6pm-8pm.

    Need her to help fetch my kids (3yo & 5yo) from childcare, bath & cook their dinner,
    & light household chores like ironing, folding clothes etc, ard 3 days per week.

    May I know what's the market rate?
  27. horlicks

    horlicks New Member

    Hi, Can anyone advise the mkt rate for part-time bbsitter/ helper? Needs to know urgently.
  28. tslittleone

    tslittleone New Member

    Hi! I am looking for a part-time nanny who can help me out with my 3yo kid and cook dinner, if possible simple household chores also. I am staying at marymount area.

    Would like to know what's the market rate also.
  29. xmasc

    xmasc Member

    Hi, looking for a nanny in sengkang area . Preferably in Anchorvale. Pls pm me if u are keen
  30. elacey

    elacey New Member

    Need help to mind 3 yr old at my place in bt panjang area, 2 -3 mornings a week.
    Anyone? Or any recommendations?
  31. heena_p

    heena_p New Member

    We are indian couple, looking for part time maid/babysitter for our one year daughter with following requirnments:

    timining: weekly 3-5 days from 2PM to 6PM
    duties: help my wife in cleaning and take care of baby
    location: our house is at Pandan garden

    email me for further detail. - dhaval_iitkgp@yahoo.com
  32. spang2

    spang2 Member


    I am looking for part-time help, Mon to Fri (6:30pm - 8:30pm) around Boon Lay MRT.
    Duties: fetch my daughter from the childcare, ironing, washing dishes & some light chores.

    Pls pm me if interested.

  33. nome

    nome New Member

    Hi, I am looking for experienced part time cleaner to perform general cleaning duties and ironing once a week at flat in Sembawang Drive starting July/Aug 2011. Interested parties or if there are any recommendations, please pm me or contact Mrs Lim at 9239 2929.
  34. serene22

    serene22 Member

    Hihi we are looking for a Part time Babysitter / helper to look after our 3yr old gal. Working hours are from 2 - 8pm Mon to fri only. Interested parties or any recommendations pls contact Serene at 97932771. Thanks!!
  35. jobina

    jobina New Member

    I am also looking for a Part time Babysitter / helper to look after my 3.5yr old gal, fetch her from school in jurong west near poineer area. Interested parties or any recommendations pls contact me at 92978109. Thanks!!
  36. soulvacation

    soulvacation New Member

    I am looking for a day time nanny who can babysit from 9am to 5pm at my place. Monday to Friday. I live in Bedok South, a 10 minute walk from Bedok MRT station.

    My mother in law and myself will be at home to help out as well.

    If you are interested, please contact me at: 91124216.

  37. meowjo

    meowjo Member


    We are a chinese family looking for a daytime nanny who can assist us with our kids. We are at Pasir ris...currently at my mum's plc though i have my own plc in Pasir ris too.

    1) 4 yr old kid fullday at Childcare.
    2) 2 yr old kid to go Childcare May/Jun 2012
    3) NB due Oct 2011.
    4) Good maid who is good with the kids n help arounds at home. (Dun need to cook)
    5) ANother maid assisting at my mum's plc taking care of my granny, household (but loust at comms n cant take care of kids)
    6) My parents work but is able to fetch my elder girl.

    My HB and I have quite heavy commitment at home and usually rch my mum's place at 7.30-8.30pm.

    As such, with the new arrival of the baby, would need an extra help to ease the load of everyone. =O)

    Have not thought of what the PT nanny need to do yet or take cares of which kid =o)So most thing are flexible. Help is needed from Dec 2011/Jan 2012 onwards.

    If Pasir ris is convi to you, you are bilingual, likes and good with kids & maids, pls email/PM me your available timeslot, strengths and rates.

    It will be advantageous if can assist to guide my maid to cook or guide my elder kid in simple homework.

    Many thanks.

    *If you can really be of good help, I may change my elder girl to half day childcare.
  38. magdalenesim

    magdalenesim New Member

    I am a mother of 4 kids staying @ Jurong West St 61 (near Pionner MRT). I can help u look after ur percious full day/ half day/ student care/ few hours ( any time u need it). Interested parents can call me @ 91883900.

  39. jacole

    jacole New Member


    Looking for a part time nanny @ Queenstown area. Kindly contact me @ 97870679
  40. batbat

    batbat Member

    Posting for my friend.
    Fidah is experienced in baby sitting.
    Please contact her 81353320.
    She stayed at Jurong West.
  41. berlyn

    berlyn Member

    I need a part-time nanny to come to my place (Serangoon Garden) on every Saturday (7 am to 11pm).

    I have 2 kids, girl 4 and boy 1.5.

    Interested parties, please .

    Thank you.
  42. berlyn

    berlyn Member

    Interested parties, please PM me.
  43. nannysands

    nannysands New Member

    Hi I'm available,hourly rated,only wkends service
  44. jojo_munchy

    jojo_munchy New Member

    Hi All..

    I had a 16mths old gal with me and would like to take up part time nanny jobs.My gal loves to play with kids & enjoy the company of others kids. Had experienced taking care of children since young & also helping my brother of nanny job.
    If you have function to attend or you need a break to go shopping or going to have enjoy a dinner with your darling & need a few hours of nanny services pls do consider me.

    Would prefer to look after the child at my place.

    I am available for weekday from 6.30pm to 10.30pm and weekend (Pls arrange in advance with me if you require the service).

    If you are interested pls pm me.

    Thank you & Best Regards
  45. jojo_munchy

    jojo_munchy New Member

    Add on to that..I am staying near Jalan Bukit Mearah.

    Best Regards
  46. mercurie

    mercurie New Member


    Looking for part-time nanny to look after baby after the 1st month. staying in Fajar Road( Bukit Panjang)
    In the day only, (8-6pm) for a period of about 2 months. Able to come to my house to help out.

    Able to do housework, cook ( minimal), and look after baby. I will also be at home, just need an extra help as hubby need to go to work.

    Interested parties do PM me. Thanks.
  47. mythings

    mythings New Member

    Help! Will need a nanny to take care of my 21mth son on Sats only for one month of March from 9am to 2pm at my house in Woodlands 10mins walk away from Admiralty MRT.

    Please PM me fast. Thank you
  48. idadee

    idadee New Member

    I am looking for someone who can help me out with my twins in the evenings. Details as follow:

    - Preferable Malay
    - Staying in Bedok area
    - Experienced & patient
    - Assist to fetch them from school
    - Hours required: 6.00pm to 8.00pm
    - Able to commit long-term

    Any interested parties or recommendation, kindly sms me @ 84138108.

    Thank you! [​IMG]
  49. lyteh

    lyteh New Member

    I'm looking for a part time Chinese experienced nanny for my 6 month old girl. Location near admiralty mrt. Every mon tue n Wednesday 5 pm to 10 pm. Pls SMS ur charges n experience to 98244526
  50. sabychew

    sabychew New Member


    I am on the look out for part time Chinese nanny for my 2 children aged 2.5 years and 15 months old from Mon - fri (9-5pm) near Jln Kayu area Pls pm me.

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