2016/04 April babies


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Hi April mummies,

Anyone looking for end march confinement nanny? I have one available now,please pm me if interested ya...:)


Hi mummies, congrats on ur bundle of joy.. I have a Prelove Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Miracle Airy Mesh to let go. PM me if interested. Tks
Hello to all the lovely mummies here!

Wondering if any of you have good reccommendations of confinement nannies during your recent confinement? If so, may I trouble you to PM me her contact details?

I'm giving birth early next year and hope to have good help.

Thanks in advanced and hope you all are having a fruitful time connecting with your loved ones!


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Saw this thread got bump up! Randomly~ Just wanna share how my baby is doing :)

He's born 11/04/2016 via elective caesarian. Still on bm now, takes 10 feed (5mins avg) a day with 2 feeds of porridge and 1 breakfast (sometimes broccoli, tofu, bread, steam egg yolk etc...). Started him on solids since 5mo cause he is always hungry and also ready in most aspect. He now has 4 tooth upper and bottom middle 2 each, upper row has 2 more coming out.

Diaper changing, 3-5 times a day, overnight diaper no problem. But not yet sleeping through the night, always waking up to find comfort from latching.

Good at sitting now, learning to crawl these few days seems like gonna succeed soon and also quite adventurous trying to stand. Can communicate by making a "no-no" face when he dont want something or when he is upset.

Sleeps on average 12 hours per day, 2 naps of 1.5/2 hr each time. Learnt how to use straw to drink from a cup recently and loves drinking water.

Hope to see reply on how you mummies little one is doing too.


the facebook administrator is not active here anymore??? anyone been added to the fb group? if yes, can response here please?
tqvm :)