(2012/05) May 2012

>> wu py
now bb is day 12.. usually i pump for 30 min.. just started taking fenugreek yesterday.. hopefully supply will increase.. sometimes will also use glass bottle filled with hot water to do hot compress (towel loses heat too fast).. usually when i massage milk will leak.. but my supply still not alot..

usually while pumping i will facebook or watch drama.. cant doze off cos need to sit up right? i am using medela freestyle..

for pumping.. you should count from the hr you start.. most people will use 3-6-9-12.. i.e you pump at 3am, 6am, 9am, 12 nn, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 12 mn.. easier to rem.. i will wake at nite to express.. because only when you clear the milk then the body will know you need more milk.. this is how ss is built up.. so need to be diligent..

for the milk express out.. it looks a bit diluted..

>> amy & phyllis
you can use this formula as a gauge:
bb weight x 150 / 8 = amount of milk required per feed..
but diff bb diff demand.. so just use that as a gauge
my lc told me about this formula..

>> phyllis
i use the bottle by medela.. so plastic bottles.. never had storage issue cos not enough supply to begin with :X

>> ak
sometimes i miss a pump too.. too tired to wake esp for the 6am slot.. :X i envy your supply! i am still building up~

>> pumps
i think diff pumps suit diff people.. some say manual actually works better for them..

i am now starting to latch again after having sore nipples.. but BB refuses to latch now.. trying like once or twice a day but i think bb now find the milk flow vv slow since he used to bottle already.. *sigh* he will cry his eyes out and spit my nipples out
any mummies facing this problem too??

I am also using yaolan to soothe bb sometimes when he cry and refuse to sleep.. he can sleep in both cot and yaolan.. depending on his mood.. luckily these few nights he slept through.. day time he is more awake.. which is better than the reverse..

yingz, so fast ur bb sleep thru liao! tat gd

wu py, tat was like 3yrs ago when i hv my no1.. am using avent pump... aft tat i change to medela mini electric..
but nw im using freestyle.. me also trying to built up ss.. nw pump only 50ml but in 15mins
Juski, y u buy so many pump? When did u buy Mini electric, not good? U just bought freestyle? I'm thinking whether to invest now..
Yingzz, your bb only 12days, think your milk will increase. u pump so diligently, did milk increase? I need pump for 1 hr.. Like that like no rest..haha..I did try to pump at close interval but milk is lesser..though if 2 timings add up could be a little more.
Your bb is too young to let him sleep through. I believe he is jaundiced? He is sleeping through because of the jaundice & if you allow it, he risks dehydration. You need to wake him every 3-4 hrs to drink milk.
Dear all,

I'm also thinking whether I should buy a new freestyle or second hand freestyle. Anyone using a second hand freestyle and find that it works fine? How old should the second hand pump be? Heard that the spare parts will turn yellowish after few weeks of usage. True?
My bb is one month old and I am still waking him up in the middle of night o feed him. Not sure if this is a gd habit. I am thinking if to let him sleep through without waking him up for feed. But because I am feeding ebm, if he wakes up in the middle of night for milk, I will be caught off guard and need at least another 15 mins to heat up the milk. I believe he will wail loudly. Still thinking if I should risk tat.
I am now keeping ebm in the fridge since w ill be consumed within 24 hours. But I am thinking if exceed 24 hours, can I still take out fr the fridge and put in freezer?some mommies told me I can't, I need to decide if to freeze or keep in fridge right from the start.
Motherhood is really tough. At times I just don't understand what my bb Wan. He just can't lie down in the cot on his own and wanting to be cuddled. Make me so tired throughout the day. He can stay awake for 7 hours, with just catching a nap of less than 30 mins in between. Rest of the time, I will need to cuddle him.
My confinement nanny just left and I am now alone with bb. Is really a big challenge. If your nanny is still around, please do rest as much as u can before you take over.
Am using avent manual pump then my pump ameda dual has been repaired nw I switch to that..I think is nt the pump issue though I increase 20ml of milk..I think is the amount I drink if I drink alot I will get max of 100ml..
>> wu py
ah cannot celebrate full mth later? means i need to start planning soon.. anyway i never pump diligently la.. i try to.. but sometimes will miss pumps due to overslping and unforseen circumstances.. milk supply increase from 15ml to 30ml both side add together.. good times will yield 40ml .. but depends one.. sometimes good sometimes bad.. very hard to keep to 3 hrly.. like tt sure no need to slp one.. dunno how some ppl can actually do it.. my willpower is weaker than my desire to slp sia.. esp at night.. keep missing the 6am pump..

>> fifi & juski
nono bb never sleep through totally.. we wake him up for feeds.. he will finish his milk then go back to slp without fussing.. which is good for us.. he passed his jaundice test.. thus far dont notice he is very yellow..

>> movenpick
hmm freestyle is built for only one user bah.. i heard not too good to use second hand pump though spare parts have been changed.. rem reading some article about this before.. try googling?

>> freedom
hang in there.. i am also suffering from lack of slp.. zzz.. u ever consider to put bb in a yaolan? maybe easier to get him to slp.. i m using yaolan and cot.. when bb gets cranky and refuse to slp.. at least i can put him in yaolan to rock him to slp..
Movenpick, I used a second hand Medea freestyle, changed all e spare parts.. So far so gd
I think if u intend to pump after gng bk to work, n wants to hv more babies, Shd buy one

Freedom lover, hang in there! Once I get used to bb routine, actually it is not that bad.. I also take care of bb alone after Cl goes bk, very tough for the first three days..Esp first time mummy, i get really quite frustrated.. Now almost a week, a lot better!
movenpick - i bought my freestyle in 2009 and am going to use it now, so i guess can also be considered 2nd hand..haha. One impt thing to check for is the battery. I used mine for 1 year previously and the battery became loose. Had to secure the whole thing with scotch tape. Very ugly. On top of that, the battery life became very short too. Had to charge everyday. Previously i only charge about once every 2 - 3 days.
happymum - i think kiddy palace should have. But not all branches. The bigger ones should carry.
If not, another place is the corner shop at Paragon. I just cant recall the shop name for now...one of the pitfalls of motherhood..haha
Miss Freedom - My baby don't like to give me warning during the night one. The moment he wakes up for milk, he will scream his head off. But still, I rather wait for him to wake up then to wake him up, because I wanna try and drag his night feed times, and get him used to sleeping longer during the night. That's my opinion.
How come you need 15 mins to heat up the milk? You using milk warmer? Why not try heating up using a cup of hot water. I use a wide plastic cup (those old army camp issued type) and it only takes me 5 mins.

My confinement nanny leaving this Sat. End of bo chup baby life liao. Think I shall go and run some errands tomorrow while I still have time.
Hi mummies, I just gave birth on 5th May 2012, and had tried to use Medela Freestlyle to pump, but well… first, my supply is not perfect, and I feel that Freestyle is not suitable for me.. Thus, im selling it away. I’ve used a couple of times since I gave birth… Can email me at [email protected] if interested.

2nd hand set selling for $450 (negotiable) includes:
• 1 - Freestyle pump
• 1 - Lithium ion battery
• 1 - AC adaptor/charger
• 2 - Medium (24 mm) PersonalFit™ breastshields
• 2 - Large (27 mm) PersonalFit breastshields
• 2 - Freestyle breastshield connector bodies
• 1 - Set of tubing
• 2 - Membranes
• 1 - Hands-free accessory kit
• Instructions for use
Breastfeeding Information Guide
• 1 - Insulated cooler bag and ice pack (UNUSED)
• 1 - Black microfiber tote bag (UNUSED)
• 4 - 5 oz/150 mL BPA-free breastmilk bottles and lids (I’ve used the one from the box but will include 6 brand new medela bottles that I’ve gotten extra instead)


I mean if y'all don't mind 2nd hand.. yep, up to individual but i gotta say not all pumps suits everyone.. with FS i only manage max 1 oz from the right breast and 10ml from the left breast.. even when i do hand express feels faster.. :/
Little dotty, today is my third day without cl..hope things get better.

Kris,think I will try tonight without waking him up. I try to wake him on fixed interval so he does not scream and won't wake my hubby up as well. But guess I should try to drag his sleeping time too else become his habit to wake up at certain timing. Yes, I am using pigeon bottle warmer. And to prepare and warm up his milk will take approx 15 mins. I saw avent warmer takes 2 mins or 5 mins. Thinking to change to that. Otherwise will try using ur method since it takes only 5 mins.

Amy, my bb is 1 mth old and drinking 100ml to 120ml. Not sure what's his weight now. Should be more than 4.5kg. And when he was one week old, his weight was 3.6kg. His birth weight was 3.2kg.
Miss freedom - for my method, you will need to swirl the bottle from time to time to speed things up. Cannot just leave it in the hot water by itself, not fast enough. Want to be even faster, change the water at least once.
My bb is 2 weeks old. I'm feeding her 80ml per feed. But his 2 days.. 80ml only lasted 2-2.5 hrs. Should I increase the volume? She is only abt 3.1kg
I bought 2nd freestyle... So far so gd... N it with the new parts...

Wu py, coz my pump are pass down n I bought 1 myself. Tat y I got afew pump

I don't wake my bb up at night too.. Let him wake up himself if he hungry

My bb now 17days drinking 80ml 3-4hrly... Think his weight still less than 3kg
Hi mommies,

Sorry to interupt. I have a piece of Bengawan Solo bb cake voucher, dated mid April 12 to sell. No names written yet, so its great for gift to friend/colleague. Original value is $7.80, im letting go at $7 only. Comes with the envelop (also no names yet). PM me if keen. Thanks.

My bb is abt yr weight coming sun is 2 weeks old..I gv him 80-90ml Mayb u can try add another 5ml at a time..

After latch I will pump out so I will know how muxh the supply drop then I will top up with FM if bb hungry another hr..

Mama gene,
My bb jaundice will bounce bk.. Nw my MIL say nw let bb drink on FM..while I pump out n store in fridge Need to monitor bb for another day if bb still yellow need to see doctor..hope bb yellowish will subside soon..
Yingzz, littledotty, Kris,

Tks for ur replies on freestyle. If I should change the spare parts, which spare parts should be changed? Bottles and breastshields? Heard tubing no need, cos only air goes in right? Any other parts that should be changed?
regarding the burp, I think should always try to ensure they burp. Mayb you can rest the baby for a min or 2 on the bed before making another attempt. I think a better way of burpin them is to hold them upright on our shoulder. My gal almost burp through this method.

Ladies, was wondering if frequent pumping will reduce milk supply? Cos my milk supply dropped out of sudden! N I pumped v consistent every 3 hours or less.
Ak, when i used to pump like once in 4hrs then change to 3hrs, my supply went down.

Today CL left..after that been very busy..I din have time to express milk at all..so just direct feed when bb hungry. I have a concern..I only let bb latch for 10-15mins (used to latch 25min/side) Book says 10mins bb would have taken 80% supply so I'm worried these 10-15mins bb only drink like 20ml then my usual 30-40ml by pumping will reduce to 20ml??
>> mama_gene
yes must burp.. i usually will lie bb down for a few min before sitting him upright again to try to burp him..

>> ak
frequent pumping should lead to more supply leh? since you empty out your breasts faster.. but as compare to latch, latch will increase supply more i guess..

>> wu py
hmm bb suckle should be stronger than pump.. i guess if you pump after you latch.. it may simulate your body to thinking that you need to produce more milk?

>> amy
bb will experience growth spurt during certain periods.. from 2 - 3 weeks is one of the possible growth spurt.. so i guess u can feed her more if she require..
Ya, I thought frequent pump should increase supply instead. How come seems like most of us drop supply instead. But I'm on exclusive pumping. Any one knows how to latch baby on again?
Ak, I manage to latch first with help of nursing pillow..
But today got a bit sore again..sometimes bb suck very hard..I guess I din latch well enough

Yingzz, I dont have time to express milk at all..need settle bb after feed her..
Forgot reply on full month: elders say can't celebrate late..
>> ak
just try to keep latching bb.. i use normal pillow to help with latching.. bb refused to latch most of the time now (too used to bottle).. will wail and cry after barely 5 min.. i just keep offering to him.. now trying to get him to suckle more bit by bit.. & i have seen some improvement~

>> wu py
sometimes it feels like we are running against time.. so tiring.. haha at first i tot of having the full mth after my confinement so at least can shower and shampoo.. >_<
Hi ladies, been a long time missing here. Had a terrible confinement mth. My CL is good but the birth experience was horrible. 17hr of labour. 1st 7 hrs I din had epidural n gynae says I was too tensed up that I wasn't dilating much, forced to take epidural. After the epidural was injected I shivered non stop. Shivering persisted till I almost delivered. Nurses at the delivery wards were too biz to check my 10th cm dilation n I wasted 2 hrs waiting n luckily my gynae took initiative to come n check me. That was past 1am. During delivery a nurse came to assist me by pushing back my leg. Gynae requested her to help cos I fasted 17hrs afraid I no energy to pull back legs m push. Guess what? She hurt my left leg ligament. I only know after the epidural gone. I couldn't get myself out of bed, can't even limp. When I went for a free child are course at hospital, I can't walk, moving inch by inch dragging my left leg. Even those c sect ladies were ahead of me! The checking out of the ward also took a long time. I was checked out at 1.30pm n had no lunch. Hubby had to run errands n fetch CL. Also on 1st day at the ward stay, breakfast was missed out. Suite was converted into double bed rooms with a temporary partition but I was charged premier single rate. Not worth $ but what to do, no rooms already.
My pregnancy rashes subsided after delivery but came back with a vengeance after 4 days. the itch was horrible n spreader to legs n arms. Had to apply steroid cream n carrying with bb I used a towel to wrap ard my hands to avoid steroid getting to bb. CL don't allow me to bathe n wash hair for 1st 2 weeks. I'm so frustrated, no appetite for food, hate taking ginger n soups for they made me sweat like mad. I'm only given some herbal water to wipe body. Now into 3rd week, I don't care I use soap n those little herbal water to bathe. Still waiting for the rashes to subside n I couldn't get the jamu lady to do massage for me. I'm quite worried as my colleague says if I don't do jamu massage within this mth, tummy won't get deflated that easily. But with the rashes how m I supposed to do the massage. I'm very frustrated.
kitty - for babies with jaundice, you should give more breastmilk rather than formula. breastmilk helps to clear jaundice faster. but of coz you need to make sure to reduce your intake of ginger.

Movenpick - you need to get the spare parts set which many sellers in the bulk purchase are selling, prices ranging from $24 to $29. Also need to get the shield. You can either get the Softfit shield (1 size) or the personal fit shield which comes in S,M,L sizes. Bottles is totally up to you.
Mummies who are doing exclusive pumping - pumping more often should increase your supply (overall in a day but per pump may drop), not reduce. To increase supply, suggest that you drink lots and lots of water. And make sure that you really empty your breast during each pump. My personal experience is that pumps do not fully empty my breast, so what I do after pumping is to hand express, squeeze out whatever remaining milk there is, until really cannot squeeze out anymore. That's called fully emptied. Perhaps you ladies can try too and hopefully it works for you. =)
Claire - talk to your CL, she is here to help you, not make you more miserable. If you need to bathe, go bathe. Hygiene is more impt. You can assure her that you will bathe with warm water, or ask her boil more herbal water for you. Get 2 - 3 pails and clean yourself well.
Do you on aircon? If yes, hide yourself in the aircon room, heat will always make rashes worse.
Don't worry so much about the jamu massage, get yourself well first. I have many friends who do not do the massage but still slim down naturally. Breastfeeding helps, and exercise after confinement helps too. Massage is not always a must. Or you can always do it after confinement. True, the effects may not be as good, but it will still help.
Think positive. Being frustrated will just make things worse for you. Take care! =)
Hi May mummies,

I suppose to be June Mummy, end up my baby decided to come out early on 25 May. He is 2weeks old also.

My baby is abt 3.5kg now. He is drinking 100ml per 3hrly. Are you giving your baby ebm or fm?
If ebm, guess you can try to feed him slowly till your baby finish. Dont waste.
If fm, see how much he can drink lor..shld be at least 90ml now ba.
Cos my baby had jaundice initially and my milk supply now yet come in, i feed him with fm also.

I am exclusively pumping now also. Really tiring. Max each session can pump only 100ml.
But most nights, i will miss one session. Overslept.

I going into my 3rd of my confinement. I am still experiencing lower back pain. And i understand how you feel. I haven wash my hair for the past 2weeks. And with this weather now, really unbearable. I am using tissue like as if is free. So now i try to stay in Aircon room most time.
Hi Mummies,

Im from Nov 2010 and Oct 2012 thread.
Just want to share, for mummies who have been pumping diligently and feel a drop in the supply. Do check your breasts and see if there's any hard lump. Cause sometime it might be more milk had come in but they are stuck in the clots. Need to massage it so that they will all be released.

Claire, For confinement, its normal to sweat buckets. During my #1 time, I did my confinement during Nov/Dec (cooling months) but still I sweat like mad. I understand that those sweat are actually good for us, it helping us to get rid of the excess water in the body and in a way, sort of slim down too. So cheer up! If you need to bath, just get CL to boil more water. Take care! By the way, Im curious which hospital did you deliver in? How come they convert your premier suite into 2-bedded and still can charge you for premier? Care to share?
I'm feeding formula now cos my doc ask me to stop BM for 2 days to bring the jaundice down...

I'm feeding 90ml now but she seems to cry for milk every 2 hrs.....

Not sure if she is colic? Or the FM is not suitable?
Claire, pls take care oki. Anything can share with us. I was feeling super down on my first week cos I got no CL, only my mum helpin me with the food. But I dare not trouble her at nights, so i took care of my baby in tears. Im getting used to baby's pattern now, also managed to slp abit while she slps. I also shower with herbs and shampoo on my first week. But need to quick blow dry the hair.

Raspy and kris, how to know whether the breasts are duly empited? I pumped till there's really no presence of outflowing of milk and when I touched my breast, it feels tender. No swollen feeling.

Claire, if u feel bathing can help release some stress, y not? Like the mummies here said, bathe with herbal water should be fine; maybe also make it quick and short. I also developed rashes on my shoulders and I find bathing helps to prevent them becoming worse and release some stress off me too (from tiredness and poor sleep)