(2010/02) February 2010 mtb

Wah, MiniMe, your bb so fast on M size liao. I only upgrade 1-2 days ago.

Ivy, yes the marking on the packing cannot follow exactly. I actually tried M slightly earlier, abt 1 week ago, when the teat starts flattening but bb cannot get used to the faster flow, so continue with S size for a few more days. I only change to M-size 1-2 days ago, when I find that he sucked the teat for 5 mins but milk level didn't get lesser and he almost felt asleep. After changing, he is more comfortable and drinks faster. Gotta observe before fully upgrade to the next size.

hi mummies,

Sorry to intrude but I need HELP!

I'm due in Dec10 n I'm looking for a gd confinement lady urgently.

I'd tried calling a few contacts but they're alrdy being booked n I'm panicking now...

Will appreciate if any kind mummies can pass me ur CL contact if ur CL was gd.

Pls help n thks so much!

I just went to Compasspoint Popular and got 'First Foods'.

Whoofy, if you have Popular card, get from them the Popular Magazine, there are 3 pcs of 20% storewide discount vouchers in it and you can use it immediately on the book. After 20% discount, the book cost $22.26 [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Jmi :

U got it frm Popular bookshop ah ??

My hubby is the Popular member.. card is wif him leh.. later I will be going to Jurong Point.. maybe will ask if Popular has tis book or not lor..

Wonder if the 20% discount vouchers can be use at Harris or not...heehee

Whoofy, yes I got it from Popular. Give them a ring (Popular Jurong Point - 6793 5280) and check if they have the book. I rang them this morning then reserved 2 copies. 1 for Mini & 1 for myself. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Whoofy, the Pop Club Magazine 20% storewide discount voucher can be used at Harris (validity between 14 May - 30 June). I just checked my 2 remaining voucher for you. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

wah if 20% den i don mind buying liao wor... but i no popular card.... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Mommies, count me in for the photoshoot if you are doing mass bargaining hor. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

I just brought estovan for his 5-in-1 jab and rotarix in rhe afternoon. He just cried for a few seconds when the pd jab him, partly cos he's very tired and wanna sleep. After the jab and the rotarix, he seems very drowsy and fell asleep. We just came home, bathe him and he's sleeping now. Hoping that he will not have fever today and tomolo.


I also emailed studio loft and dreamgarden studio but no response yet. By the way, can help me get the book if there's stock? Thanks a lot.


my fb is [email protected] under Cerlyn Chong ;)


haha... We are sec sch frds.. We often meet up n chat.. Our kids are just 2mnths apart. We happen to tok abt my Bb girl then she told me her mum just babysit a cute baby girl.. Then it just strike me that it is you coz u mention ur nanny stays nearby.. ;)

Bbin: the courses are for maid one.

Whoofy: yeah no words can really describe such an unforgetable 1st preggy experience [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] probably 一转眼 we will be discussing abt primary school homework here for our precious one haha....

Minime: last time did Kate try the baby pool swimming lent by yr friend? We brought Chloe for her 1st swimming session at harbour front and she loved it so much so we signed up 10 sessions. Today brought her for 2nd session and she spent 25mins in the pool kicking non stop and she was so exhausted and totally KO for the whole day except wake up for milk[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

wohoo~~ wats current topic? books n photography?

Minime > oh..! shes adorable! u love tiz pic the most? got others u upload in FB liao ah? wanna c c leh..

gyan/kath> huh? u mean whose nipples protrude? the bb ah? my gal like not leh.. but the thigh lines is 1 line rite at the front (so is boy rite?) can c but he 2nd line at the inner thigh onli can c.... hmm.. which 1 to believe? wahahhaahha!

christine> tk foto she ur the dents in wrist ah? I onli got 2 hands leh, if do tat trick my mum taught me, den not enuf hand tk foto wor.. n need to b fast if tk pic by another person.. ;D

kath> wah.. ur bed is queen or king? can squeeze so mani? :D

OH NO...... 9 MORE DAES AND I GOTTA RETURN TO WORK~!! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] boooo hooooooo

sudd feel like I din make full use of my mat leave... argh....


whoofy helped me got the book liao... sorry n thanks for trying to ask for me....


oh.. i've added u liao.. lol!


so chloe swam in the individual pool or the 'public' pool?? i oso tinkin of bringing my gal to the northpoint one...


It's reali a small world ! Jus tis afternoon I told her tat next time can meet at Jurong Point during wkend whenever bit our hubbies not ard... Maybe u also can join us !!


Sounds like Chloe reali enjoy her swim !! I'm also lookin forward to Jolie first deep too.. But will need to wait another few more mths when her neck is stable.. Hahaha


U still got 9 days ... I left wif tomolo only leh.. Lagi wanna cry rite ?!!

Bbin: the branch in harbour front only hv individual pool.

Whoofy: you mean it is too early to let bb swim at this age? They provided the neck "tayar" for them to float.

whoofy, u can let jolie swim already.

Tara is swimming every weekend in a "swimming tub" with a neck float. Tara enjoys her swim lotzzzz...indeed she ko after each swim. can see that she has more strength on her legs, and her limbs coordination is getting better.

my gf lend hers to me. but hv to warn you, usage of water is high. we used the water to wash the floor and clothes ar...

online it cost $75 i think. some mummies mentioned that it is selling in one of the shops in imm.


how do you check whether your baby has fever after the vaccinations? Do you use the thermometer via the ear or armpit?

I check my boy's temperature and it's 37.5 via the ear and only 36.6 via the armpit. When should I give him the fever medicine?

Errr... my PD says for bb, it is more accurate to measure via armpit leh. Anyway, i tried both. The temp didn't differ too much, only +/-0.1 to 0.2 degrees.

My PD told me to give bb 1 dose of fever medicine upon reaching home. Thereafter, no need to give if he doesn't have fever. My boy is ok after the first dose.


I'm using the ear thermometer.. Usually will take the average of both ears.. My nanny also gave Jolie the medicine first when she reach home on Thurs. But she still has slight fever on Fri morning 38.3degC... So gave her another dose of medicine and she subsided liao. For baby, their body temp is higher den us, so anything above 38degC is fever.


my pd says to give if his temperature is beyong 37.5 degrees. Monitoring now to see whether it will go beyong 37.5 degrees. Realised his forehead quite hot but the rest of his body is not hot. The temperature for armpit and ear is quite a big difference.


Anyone knows what's pneumococcal jab? Is the jab a compulsory or optional jab?

Estovan is down with slight fever. His temp is 37.2 but his forehead and face quite hot. Just gave him a dose of his feve medicine. He's very cranky now, wanna sleep but refuse to sleep and keeps crying. He wanna feed but when I latch him, he didn't wanna drink. See already so heartpain. Sigh

Mommies interested in the photography..

here's a summary of the 3 studios shortlisted :

1. Studio Loft -

Little Big Shots package is $120 till end of this May.

From 1st June, the price will still be $120 if shot by Charlene, and $180 if shot by Maryann. This is a 45mins studio session with 5 prints included (1 x S8R and 4 x 5R), you get the edited softcopies of these 5 shots. Additional prints start from $15 per 5R.

** still waiting reply if there's any discount/promo if refer a fren

2. Dream Garden Studio

Happy Family Package S$208

- Free choose of studio, outdoor or home shooting

- Sixty minutes photography session with unlimited outfit change

- Free chosen of outfit or bring your own

- Up to 100 shots

- 10 photos will be artistically touched up

- All 150 photos (low-res) + 10 artistically touched up photos (high-res) will be return in CD/DVD

- 10 artistically touched up photos will be presented in 4R prints

- 1 artistically touched up photos will be presented in 8R prints

- Up to 6 person

** Refer 1 fren, both will hav additional 2 4R prints..

** Refer 5 frens, all will hav additional 2 4R prints + photo frame

3. C & T Studio

Package A: Studio @ S$159 / Ourdoor @ S$168 ( No Album )

- 1 hr photo studio/outdoor shooting; 3 sets cloths; return all photo burn in one CD; 5 selected photo print out 4R size with touchup.

** Waiting for reply if there's any discount/promo if refer a fren..

** Not sure if tis pkg incld parents or only for 1 child. Pending reply..

Bryest :

Pneumococcal jab is to prevent bacterias for the following illness :

- meningitis : infeting of the lining of the brain/spinal cord

- bacteraeia : blood infection

- pneumonia : lung infection

- otitis media : meddle ear infection

I've jus brought Jolie for her 1st pneumococcal jab on Thurs at Clementi Polyclinic.

As wat Ivy say, can jus use medisave to pay. But each parent can use up to $160 per yr to pay for this jab. It's more than enuf cos total need only 3 jabs, spread thru baby 15mths old..

Woofy> u starting tml le? Sian rite? Sigh... Wah! Can c tat u realli wanna let Jolie b supermodel eh? So many research on photography liao? Hmmm... Gian gian.. The C&T pkg looks nice.. Wonder their skills oso? heee

bryest> the P jab my sil got advise me if 1yr old tk hor the jab is 1 or 2 lesser leh.. Now tk will b 2x +1 booster jab. Tat dae I ask the polyclinic nurse forgot if 1yr old tk s 1or 2x jab wor.. Anyway less jab less pain, but we face the risk for tiz yr if nvr tk vaccine la..

Angel :

No lah.. jus thinkin to sign up a photo package as a weddin anni cum Father's Day gift for hubby... We celebrating wedding anni on 6 Jun mah.. so thought of givin hubby a surprise..


pneumococcal jab.... for bb below 1 year need 3 doses but after 1 yr only 1 dose .... this was advised by the nurse at polyclinic