(2008/07) July 2008

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i had a kitty once, she's since gone to kitty heaven. kittens are very low maintenance :p i would soooooooo looooooooove to get a kitten, but mr dustee is allergic -_-

join st james for the queue :p but on a practical note, there's that issue of how long they get to stay on in their location isn't it? like the lease is coming up soon (or actually was up and renewed but wasn't supposed to be renewable etc etc)

i do keep thinking about berries, but it's like almost 2hrs long per lesson right? not sure how to convince pomfret to go without crying. we've actually never tried any enrichment that is outside of what her school provides. eeeks.

speaking chinese to kid
did i tell you about how mr dustee's chinese cannot make it? when we had to go to the shops to buy lighting, the chinese saleswoman actually stopped halfway and exclaimed to him "wow your chinese is really bad" (coz she couldn't understand his english and he tried to talk in chinese)

and he didn't actually understand what the chinese teacher was telling us about pomfret's progress in chinese (he nodded to pretend like he knew. but when we left the school he asked me what she said)

so it's up to me! but my chinese has gotten so rusty, sometimes i forget how to write pomfret's chinese name :D oops

p1 registration season! time to check out stats :p

don't suppose between this year and next they will have new changes to the p1 reg rules. mr dustee and i have loooooooooong discussions (ie he doesn't agree with me) about which school to aim to register for next year


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That is in the longer-term plan. When L is a little older, and can better control his movements. Don't want poor little kitty cat to be accidentally stepped upon by rowdy boys. What type was yours? We can just adopt one from the Cat Welfare Society right?

Does anyone here on this thread have cats at the moment?



Berries is almost 2 hrs (about 1hr 45mins). but it passes quite quickly. Wufeng is making better progress this year. last year he can recognise 3/10. this year 7/10! heng ah...


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Berried was about 1 hr 45 min. Should be okay because they have different activities, including craft.So far so good with Emma. She enjoys it. I wanna try "I can Read" Emma really sucks on phonics and can't really read anything *cries*

Lately she would also write from right to left!! *pulls hair*


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C1 often writes from right to left too.... he grins at me after that. so i know he is purposely doing it to see if i react.

not yet for C1. s-l-o-w-l-y getting there.

rant abt FIL
so they are here for 2 weeks since last sat. and i had originally proposed that the boys spend the 1st week w aunt (ostensibly so that the ILs cn rest, but really bcz w the ILs, the boys end up watching TV or playing w iphone during their waking hours... i hate that), and the second week w them. and also very troublesome to inform the bus driver to drop the boys off fm school, 1st week Mon-Thu at our place, Fri at aunt's place (bcz Mr C and I are taking the day off to celebrate Mr C's bday, and we are bringing the ILs along), 2nd week at our place.
FIL pull long face at that, told Mr C on Sunday that he would fetch the boys from aunt's place if he had to. okok, dutiful me went to nego w bus driver to drop off the boys properly.... 1st week Mon-Thu at my place, Fri at aunt's place, 2nd week Mon-Fri at my place.

last night!!!!! over the dinner table
FIL opened mouth to say hey there is an offer to go to Batam online for 2d1n, and implied to his son, can he go with MIL anytime during these 2 weeks. WHAT THE! you want your grandchildren around, then you dowan them around. STUPID MAN! thinks the house runs itself izzit.
i looked at Mr C over the dinner table.... settle this... was my message to Mr C.

luckily for Mr C, MIL came to his rescue and told FIL that 2 weeks is too short this time around, they can travel to Batam the next time.

this morning, I asked Mr C, why does FIL want to go to Batam anyway. To travel, was his answer. I said HMMMM meaningfully and left it at that, changed the subject.

Old men are really ah.... my own father is also like that... but at least, I can tell him off directly. ren ren ren.

shoo. go off back home to Kuching. everytime you are here, you irritate the heck outta me and my house is not my own.


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yo mummies

I've got 3 tics to Grimm's Fairy tales, a musical happening on 17 Nov Sun at 2.30pm to let go of. each tic $27.20 (original price $32). Let me know if you are interested. Can also check Sistic to get synopsis. Tks.


finally got to resetting my password... but i dun really like the new interface... maybe not used to it....

but how's everybody doing? :)


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Hi hi mummies

Sy here! Long time no c!

How's everyone? I din realize need new password!

Shall we org something for the kids soon? Haven seen all of u for so long! Only catching glimpses thru fb hee


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summert, how great to see you!
I come into SMH now only to buy stuff on overseas sprees. How is little F coping with P1?

oh capricorn ahh? muahaha! i can't quite rem when is the cut off date! enjoy your day tomorrow! ur next birthday you will have to say things like put my CHILDREN with my mum instead of my child liao!


err! i changed jobs so that don't have to travel leh! but look at what's happening? haizzz!


I heard thaddie boy's first 4-word sentence yesterday! "I WANT TO GO!" but jiejie's speech is worrying me a little. She starts stammering at the beginning of her sentence when she is excited. I have read that it happens to some children and it will eventually go away but still, sometimes see her struggling to get the words out is so unsettling.

mummies with #1, did any of yours stammer when they were 3?
hi just wanted to ask if her stammer went away.... my two year old started to stammer since 23 months . . Only when she says words with Ta Te De Di Pha....just wanted to know