(2005/10) Oct 2005 MTB???


Which class your kid under? Alden under class No. 7


Congrats! u have a bunch of good looking kids

lol.. my girl looks pretty ang moh.. Daddy is pure chinese but behaves like ang moh.. so pretty easy. :p

i m a mix thai.
<font face="Calisto mt"><font color="0000ff">Sweetie</font>,

The school my hub wants do not accept PV woh... then looking @ selling my place &amp; rent a place within 1km of e sch 1 yr before registration. After registration then buy a suitable flat; hopefully by then e market will not be as "crazy".</font>
wow! i m gng for Montfort for Conrad but daddy wants St Gabriel.. ok.. both are near just that Montfort i have phase 2B again, while St Gab i dont hv.
Dear Oct 2005 mummies

Our babies are turning 8 this month. I remembered all of you as encouraging partners on our journey of TTC, pregnancy and motherhood. Wishing you all our babies best of health, many wonderful mummy and child moments.