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1 year old baby refusing to be spoon fed

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by lyndx, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. lyndx

    lyndx Member


    my baby is turning 1 year old this week. However, she refuse to eat everytime when i feed her porridge or anything with a spoon.
    My mum takes care of my baby during weekdays with my mum's maid.
    My mum also told me that my baby refuse to be fed by her..
    Apparently only the maid can feed my baby.
    So far i think i have only fed her for lesser than 5 times since she started on cereals or porrigde.
    each time, her mouth will remain shut when the spoon comes near, or shun away and crawl away.. if i try further, she'll cry..

    so end up weekends, she goes on food strike and drink milk mixed with cereal only..

    i really dunno what am i doing wrongly. i cook the same porridge which my mum cooks and ask the maid to feed.

    my baby only accepts biscuits which i put to her mouth...

    i'm very worried that as she grows older, she cannot just drink milk for weekends. also worried that this'll delay her in learning to talk.

    i'm very desperate for advice.. thanks...

  2. choice_essentials

    choice_essentials New Member

    No worries. Little ones can be temperamental at times.

    To allow an interesting experience between you and your little one during feeding time, try to introduce a playing session. Play a game, read a book...etc.

    While the little one is enjoying the activity,.. they will just consume what you feed them.

    Also, don't have to be exactly the same type of food as the rest of the week. Probably your little one is just bored with the same food for the entire week.

    C'mon... part of learning... no end to learning in parenting... take it easy.. ok.. and have fun.

    The more anxiety that the little one sees in you... the worse will get.

    Enjoy your weekends with your little one.

  3. lyndx

    lyndx Member

    hi, thanks for your advice.
    it's very discouraging as everytime i take time to prepare her food but she refuse to eat..

    tried pasta stars, fish/ pork porridge etc but she jus dun wanna eat and will crawl away. but at the same time if i put the biscuit or plain water at her mouth, she'll open her mouth...

    i tried to play baby songs dvd, play with her, encourage her, hubby also play with her but she still dun wanna eat..
  4. kxie1985

    kxie1985 New Member

    Lyndx, you first try to find what your baby likes the most to do. Any game or anything that keep her engaged and let her forget everything in the world. Try to make her engaged on that and then try to feed her during that busy period of her. This is discouraging of course to you as she is refusing every time. But the baby is moody, you see. so you need to do some tricks like what I just said. Thanks.
  5. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    lyndx, perhaps you may want to try feeding your child in a car seat (not placed in the car, but say on the floor at home) or in a high chair. Once your child gets the idea that in high chair/car seat means food time, she may be better prepared for food.

    another thought - babies start to learn to self feed about 12 months. DO you think your girl is keen to start self feeding? since you mentioned she doesn't want to feed by spoon? There are other nutritious food like cheese, toufu, which can be picked up by fingers. If you can get her to self feed say lunch, she may be more open to eating porridge for dinner.
  6. kxie1985

    kxie1985 New Member

    Lyndx... you said your mum's maid probably feed your bb, isn't it? If that be, you can try to take some points from her to feed your bb. She might help you.
  7. lyndx

    lyndx Member

    thanks to all of ur advices!
    kate, she doesn't appear moody leh when i first started feeding her. but graudally it turns out that we make her moody instead by wanting to feed her. sighz... let me think of more tricks then..
    i saw the maid feed my baby.. her mouth does open ah. but she turns here and there also. so the maid gently hold her chin and my baby actually opens her mouth to be fed!! i was very surprised as initially i tot she was force feeding her and making my baby upset. but it turns out that she wasn't force fed!

    cactus, we tried high chair.. she ate once or twice. then suddenly she dun want to eat again the next week.. i tried cheese she ate a little bit and that's it.
    so baby's have to learn to self feed at 12 months huh?? okay okay. think i should jus leave her food on the high chair tray see if she shows interest..
  8. mrs_n

    mrs_n New Member

    Actually they can be taught to self feed from 6 mths. [​IMG] Ever heard of baby led weaning?

    Besides leaving food on her tray, you could try letting her feed from a loaded spoon. You load the spoon with food, leave it on the plate and see if your baby will pick up the spoon and put it into her mouth or you could offer her the spoon and see if she will take it from you. It's very messy but fun!

    And another thing it's good to eat together with your child. Children learn by imitating the adults. If they see you enjoying your food they will too.
  9. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    lynax, it's not that babies HAVE TO LEARN to self feed at 12 months, but most of them will show an interest in putting spoon to their mouths at about 12 months. most bbs before 12 months don't really have the hand eye coordination to self feed and may get frustrated.
    My boy refused to be spoon fed at about 12 months.. instead, he would want to hold his own spoon during meal times. So what I did was to give him a spoon, and feed him with anohter spoon. He was able to eat better.. He would spoon up porridge when I feed him. sometimes, he would eat from my spoon, sometimes he would eat from his spoon. He is 15 months old now. He is also able to pick up food by fingers and feed himself now.

    If your child is not upset when placed in high chair, you may want to always place her in high chair during meal times. so that she knows it is a meal time. it is a routine for her. and at least, she doesn't crawl away when you try to feed her. some parents place the child in a bumbo seat with tray. others place the child in a car seat to feed.
  10. lyndx

    lyndx Member

    i tried bumbo seat but no tray and she crawled alway as she grew older..
    we passed her the spoon but she fling it away leh.. she has been able to self feed herself biscuits since she was abt 8months old.. she particularly likes to pick up those small healthy times teddy bears to feed herself.

    but really can't make her eat from spoon...

    tried to put her high chair beside dining table and eat with us but she dun eat also..

    sighz.. maybe i should try a few more times to place her at dining table and eat with us.
  11. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    lyndx, perhaps you may want to find out how the maid feeds your girl. kids tend to love routine and consistency. Is the feeding schedule similar to what the maid does during the weekdays? Another thing is sometimes, some kids may want a particular person to feed them (esp when they are not very hungry). For instance, only my maid and I can feed my son. he is 15 months old now. My parents (who live with us) and my husband cannot feed him. He will refuse to eat. I feed my son breakfast on all days, and all meals on weekends. my maid feeds lunch and dinners on weekdays. Maybe it's a routine that he is used to.

    What I believe is this - a hungry child will definately eat. and will not refuse food, even if it's from a spoon. perhaps your girl was not very hungry during her meal times so she can afford to reject the food. Every child's appetite is also different.
  12. lyndx

    lyndx Member

    cactus, yes i think she is very very used to the maid feeding her ah... but she is not my maid so weekends no maid she go on food strike. i look at how she feed my baby leh and do same thing, yet still my baby rejects me... very demoralizing each time throw away the porridge..

    we tried to make her hungry by spreading her last milk feed to 5+ hours yet she still dun wanna open her mouth and we figure that she's not the type who'll surrender because of hunger.


    btw, ur boy at 15months, can speak?
    my baby keep saying ba-ba ba-ba only.
    few months ago she keep saying ba-ba, ma-ma, meh-meh. now she dun even wanna say ma-ma.

    scared that by not eating will slow down her talking.
  13. feif

    feif Member

    Agree with Cactus79. Sometimes bb also sense you're anxious to stuff food into his mouth and will not eat. The same thing happened with my bb when DH tried to feed milk/medicine/food.

    After observing why bb prefers me feeding for a while, I realised that it's because I don't get angry when food is rejected by bb. Just say 'it's ok' , 'you sure you won't eat this?' 'look it's yummy!' and we usually eat before offering anything to the bb. Take a more 'bo-chap' and 'relaxed' manner >>> maybe that will help reduce your own stress. Sometimes our stress as an adult gets transferred to the young ones without us realising.

    For us now, we don't cook specially for the kid. He eats what we eat. For example, if we order food at cafes, we will go 'wow. looks good, would you like some of the pie?'. Usually he nods his head.

    Tender tone and don't get personal (get angry or vexed) with kids.
  14. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    Lyndx, yup. My boy can say many words. He started speaking at about 11 months - dada, baba, mummum. Now can call the family members and maid, say up to 3 syllable words like Bicycle and Aeroplane. Cupcake, paper fan, windmill, rockmelon, starfruit. He can also say please. Actually, he can imitate our speach every well. I don't think there is any co-relation between not eating and slowing down talking. If you are keen to have your child speak quickly, you may want to try to talk ALOT to her. We talk constantly to our boy.. from birth. keep on singing, chatting to him.

    Fei is right. I also talk alot to my boy when I feed him. Sometimes I have to coax him alot before he will try new foods.. I find that asking him if he wants to try something works better than Mama cook for you, so please eat!
  15. feif

    feif Member

    As a parent who has invested time and resources for the bb, it's natural to expect some 'returns' from the child. Indeed, making porridge, cleaning up, taking the effort to bond with the bb can very exhausting.

    I remember wasting money on stuff like Frisocrem, Mamil Gold, Heinz biscuits and baby-stuff. After a while I realised it's no point trying to give the kid the 'recommended' items just because we think they're at the stage for cereals etc. In the end, what the bb wanted was to do what the adults do.

    You won't believe what got my bb eating solid foods. VINEGAR CHIPS. He wanted to try when I was eating a pack of Marks and Spencers. Sour to the point he screwwed up his face but was determined for a few small pieces.

    To date, he's only had 2 spoonfuls of Frisocrem as baby food. (threw most away and sold off the rest) We've never bought those bottled foods or cooked baby porridge. Thankfully so because we saved much on buying thermal containers, baby snacks and those porridge makers. We make it a point to eat together so hubby puts him on lap to eat. (High chair and walker didn't work so we did away with those items in the end.) He still drinks milk in the mornings and evenings but other times, diluted fresh orange juice and whatever we have. Last week he asked for black coffee and so we gave, diluted. Once he realises it's not 'nice' he won't pester for it again. Likewise at Starbucks, some snowskin mooncake or iced mocha won't kill. Better than forcing the child to eat what we think is good for him!

    In the end, really, what matters is communicating with the child all the time and treating him as if he can understand every word you say.
  16. feif

    feif Member

    Lyndx, don't get stressed over the talking stage. My boy is almost 20mths and still in the mono-syllables. Sometimes, he purposely inverts the sounds. On good days, he sounds accurate and will label some things. On days he refuses to talk properly he says 'day-day' for 'baby' or something else that sounds totally different.

    At around one, bb shouted quite a bit and can be embarrassing when in the public 'cos sometimes it really gets very rude to passers-by.

    Just this week, he started to say those 'meh-meh-meh' sounds again, avoiding words. Well, we continue saying what we want to, so long as both parties understand and get what we want[​IMG] Don't get too stressed okay?
  17. lyndx

    lyndx Member

    fei, thanks so much for your kind words.. yes i'm getting very stressed. each meal time is like war time with baby hahah trying to make her eat and she crawl away..

    hubby also sing and dance and she still dun wanna eat..

    she's 12 months old and used to talk a lot few months back and started da-da at 7months in fact.then now on some days she'll say ba-ba, beh-beh etc only. ask her call ma-ma she keep telling me ba-ba...
    and yes!! she shouts and screams a lot!!! very embarrassing! so it's normal at this stage? i was worried my mum and nephews at home too rowdy and influenced her..

    cactus, you have a very smart baby ah... i cannot imagine my baby 3 months from now can say aeroplane etc ah. i do sing and read to my baby a lot also leh.. every night sing her to sleep. but still ba-ba also..

    i read before that by not eating solids, babies do not exercise their jaw/ mouth muscles and will slow down talking so was concerned..
  18. feif

    feif Member

    If you bb really doesn't want to eat, let her only drink when she's hungry! They will cry when hungry >> you don't have to feel heart-ache. Sometimes you have to discipline them by taking the food away.

    Sometimes if my son gets rude or throws away spoon etc, I take him to the room. End of meal for him. They're too smart to starve themselves for long.

    As for talking, he talked more around 6-7mths like yours, sometimes imitating sounds like gggoood mning. They're growing and also learning to adapt to all the new info getting into their tiny brains.

    Cool it and just take it as it goes. I don't ask the doc questions or read those books. I only know every child has his own abilities and as long you bring her up to be a good person, that's an achievement. I hate those books on developmental stages and linguistics. Studied those before and really, they're too general and culture-specific at times.

    Trust your own maternal instincts and let your genuine love for the family guide you. Trial and error, like in solving maths. Whatever it is, we're all first time parents and learning as we go along. Keeping oneself sane is important! Haha.
  19. lyndx

    lyndx Member

    fei, thanks so much for ur enlightening words and encouragement!
    i do hope my baby will start accepting me and hubby to feed her soon as she's one year old..
    other than not eating, she's generally a very very active and cheerful baby which we are very glad of. she does make us very proud of her as her parents but we also get very concerned abt her solid intake..

    hope will get better bah..
  20. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    Lyndx, don't worry about not exercising jaw muscles through eating. Actually, drinking through teat, sucking pacifier, or sucking thumbs/fingers will help develop muscles. Don't worry about your girl's speech.It will develop as time comes. Before you know it, she will be rambling on and on. That's what happened to my boy. At 12 months, he said very very little. monosyllabic.
  21. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    back to the issue of solid foods, even us adults have mood swings.. osmetimes just don't feel like eating yah? It's the same with bbs. So my suggestion is let your girl be. but of course, do continue to offer food and drink and milk to her. [​IMG] A hungry baby WILL NOT starve herself.
  22. feif

    feif Member

    Well, for a start, don't see it as your child rejecting you!

    To me, as long as the kid is happy and healthy, that's more than enough. Babies are like small pets, if you allow me to draw comparisons as I owned kittens before. They need food whenever they want.

    HOwever as they grow bigger, they learn the difference between different forms of feeding and then slowly develop preferences. So as long as you 'train' by gentle discipline, your girl should be fine.

    Just to share with you someone I met after labour at the hospital (shared a ward) - a mother who's too paranoid even before bb is born. She asked me if I bought a certain cream for the umbilical cord / navel. I had no idea what it was so I told her I don't know. She was so stressed that she hadn't bought it and rambled on and on how the gynae strongly recommended the cream to help the tiny bit at the navel dry up and fall off. After talking to her for a few days, I started wondering if I'm too bochap 'cos I only bought a large mattress, 2 sets of clothes and mittens etc. I wondered if there WAS something wrong with myself, not buying creams and baby lotions.

    And you know what? My bb's navel bit (can't remember what the end of the umbilical cord is called now) fell off on it's own after 3 days. no cream whatsoever. Everytime I look at my son, I think of the stressed mom. She was stressed over everything. Medisave, why her bb had jaundiced and mine didn't, why she couldn't breastfeed.....

    I only know that a happy parent will have a happy child. If one is uptight over every detail that isn't as prescribed, that's added stress for your hubby, in-laws and family too.

    Just minutes ago, my son said 'mammee' and 'daddy' again. I take it as he's experimenting with sounds and effects. He also pooped and said 'Orrrr' instead of 'sai' or 'mm mm'. Well as long as I bathe him in time!! Hahah.

    Just remember, not all kids eat as much as prescribed. There are days my son only wants to drink water and days he only eats plain rice. He's fine so far. A little of this and that during the day adds up to a full/half-full stomach.

    Your bb should be teething soon so that may cause some change in feeding habits. My son, for your info, eats ice cubes like nobody's business. You should see the horror at public places when he shouts for chilled water when teething! I don't overdose anything but the main focus is, keep the bb happy. They only have one childhood. Likewise, you'll only experience this unique experience once (as in, every experience with subsequent ones will be unique too!). I remember hating porridge and my mother for quite a while 'cos she's the ONLY one trying to force stuff down whereas my other aunts/grandparents allowed little snacks. Well if you imagine yourself as a bb, maybe you'll understand the need for some rebellion... hahaha.
  23. feif

    feif Member

    Back again. You know my boy is teething again and as usual wasting bottles of milk. Drink a little > milk turns sour > throw. So I gave him water this morning with some ribena. Didn't eat anything else except some rice a while ago.

    While almost finish typing the previous post to Lyndx, the naughty thing ran and grabbed my legs and started screaming 'mam mam mam' with tears running down his face. Gave him water and he pointed to the milk powder dispenser and so now he's drinking rapidly like never drunk anything for a week.

    Hope everyone has a great evening[​IMG])
  24. cpyan001

    cpyan001 New Member

    No need to worry, Lyndx. My little girl also refuse to take solid food till she was 14 months old. Prior to that she only take BM. but she is still a happy and active baby. Now she is eating solid food like any other babies of her age.
  25. lyndx

    lyndx Member

    thanks mummies =)

    i'm generally the gan jiong type as well.. so i may be guilty of displaying my stress in front of my baby when she's not eating. but she dun seem to be bothered by me leh.. she's crawling around as usual and not sensing my stress..

    she's teething like nobody's business!! her first 2 teeth showed up at 4+months.

    to date, at 12months old, she has 8.5 teeth!!! very scary... but she's still very cute to me and my hubby and family cos she's very very active and funny...

    she's turning 1 tomoro. bringing her out with hubby. maybe i shd let her try adult food as well. wish me luck, mummies!
  26. feif

    feif Member

    Happy birthday!
  27. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    Lyndx, just a suggestion - perhaps you should feed her consistently in the same place - perhaps high chair. Cos some kids relate certain activities to a particular place. If she crawls around, then try to get her used to being restrained in a high chair when eating. I put my boy in high chair to play since 5 months old, and when introduced semi solids at 6 months. he had always been in a high chair since for all his meals except the occassional snack break which are finger food puffs. At least don't have to chase him around the house during meal times.
  28. lyndx

    lyndx Member

    Fei, thanks!

    cactus, we tried high chair first few times she okay. then i observe how the maid feeds her and she sits on sofa to eat so i imitate the maid in feeding and let her sit beside me on sofa.. result is i failed terrribly again and again. maybe i shd try back high chair. but my mum's place no high chair, do u think my baby can associate me feeding her in high chair and maid feeding her on sofa?

    maybe i shd try this weekend.
  29. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    lyndx, I think you may want to try high chair cos the prob that you have is your bb crawling away from you. but she doesn't crawl away from the maid. If she crawls away from you, there's no way she's going to eat right? So perhaps you sohuld try high chair. I think no worry that there is no high chair at your mom's place cos she doesnt have a crawling away habit. I'm not saying that you will have no problems making your bb eat if you place her in high chair, but rather, you can stop her from crawling away. You may still have to coax her to open her mouth and eat. Actually, some parents/grandparents let kids watch tv when they eat. Cos the kids are fixated on tv. I don't really approve of this cos I think tv is not too good for a young baby. Maybe over 2 years old, can watch limited tv, but under that, better not watch. But if you are okay with tv, then you may want to try the tv trick.
  30. mrs_n

    mrs_n New Member

    lyndx happy 1year to you and your daughter. Hope you're having an enjoyable day.

    Actually your idea of putting food on her tray and letting her pick up what she wants to eat is a good one. It is what I do with my son and what parents who practice baby led weaning (BLW) do too. Actually quite a few parents who practice BLW do it b'cos their babies refuse to be spoon fed! You might want to find out more about it. Just google Gill Rapley. She's the one who developed the method. [​IMG] Your food need to be such that they can pick it up easily with their hands. Porridge is a little tricky but not impossible to eat with one's hands. My son has had oat porridge which he eats with his hands if it is thick enough to hold. It is very messy but the main thing is he enjoys it (even though I don't enjoy the cleaning up!). Maybe the next time your daughter rejects the spoon instead of trying to coax her to eat just leave the plate infront of her and let her put her hands in and play with her food if she wants to. If she likes it she will eat it, if she doesn't don't force her. They're more receptive to trying new stuff if they are not forced into it. [​IMG]

    Don't worry about your daughter not talking soon. Every child is unique and will hit their milestones when they are ready. My son is 13 mths going on 14 and still can't say any proper words. [​IMG] But no worries just so long as they are healthy and happy.
  31. feif

    feif Member

    First of all, Happy Children's Day to all your kiddies.

    Mrs N is right about allowing a certain degree of 'mess' when eating. Small pieces of raisin bread or pieces of biscuits are attractive to eat because they appear to look like snacks. I don't think bb like things that are too warm/gluey. Likewise, you may want to cut noodles into one-inch strands with your chopsticks and line them in funny formation on the plate. If you're afraid of stains, don't put sauce/gravy/spread. The idea is to make eating relaxed, fun and stress-free.

    Kids give in to peer pressure at times. One trick I try when in public (eg. mrt/cafe) is to put bb near another family with kids. A little distraction or watching others eat somehow helps him want to eat as others do. Of course, you have to also sweet-talk and do some encouragement simultaneously.

    I was so desperate once when alone with the kid at NTUC (and he was squirming and almost flying to the floor) I asked the NTUC staff for help. The lady knew instinctively what to do and said "boy boy you so naughty, never mam mam?" and "you can drink faster right? show me how!". My bb seemed to want to impress her and allowed me to place him back into the stroller for a feed while watching the lady pack goods on the shelves. That really saved me for about 30mins 'cos I was almost almost snapping from fatigue that day.

    Well, sometimes as mothers with limited physical strength, old injuries and a growing child, we have to learn to deal with crisis with instantaneous gimmicks/strategies[​IMG]
  32. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    Lyndx, one trick I use with my boy when he doesn't want to drink milk is to show him that his toy dog wants to drink milk. He will almost always come over for a sip!
  33. feif

    feif Member

    Cactus, your method sure works but make sure there isn't a REAL pet around.

    I made the mistake of doing the same thing as you mentioned; asking bb if he can drink like the cat (holding the bottle nearby). You know what? He took the bottle and literally tried to stuff it down the feline's nose/ears! That was the last straw for my cat 'cos it was already very jealous of the juvenile intruder[​IMG]
  34. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    Fei, no no! you misunderstood me. I didn't use a real pet. FIrst, I got my boy emotionally attached and fond of a toy dog that my husband bought. It was a new toy, so quite easy to make him like it. Taught him to "sayang" it. Then whenever he doesn't want to drink milk (milk during tea breaks), I will take the toy dog, and pretend that the dog is drinking milk, saying "Doggy is a good dog! Doggy loves to drink milk. Does Matthew want to drink some milk too?" Then my boy will come over to me and gulp down the milk!
  35. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    actually, I use the dog whenevr I want my boy to do something. Instead of scolding him and thereby using negative labels on him, I will say "Doggy is a good dog! Doggy, please sit down beside Ma Ma. Ma Ma wants to read a book to Doggy!" Then my boy will stare at us.. then I will ask, "Matthew is a good boy. Does Matthew want to sit down with Doggy and Ma Ma?" He will ALWAYS want to sit down. Also, sometimes, my boy will refuse to name flashcards. He is able to but don't want to name the fruits and animals. So instead of forcing him, I will ask, "Doggy, can you help Ma Ma find the tiger?" Then my boy will hurry pick up the toy dog, and point to the tiger with the dog's nose. I find that kids this age like to imitate people or other things like toy dogs.
  36. feif

    feif Member

    Haha Cactus, I know what you mean, to use a stuffed toy. What happened at home was I have stuffed cat toy as well as real cat. And the both were near the bb when it happened... sometimes the bb zeroes in on what he prefers, which is the real animal 'cos he had been trying to get the cat to acknowledge and play with him.

    Therefore, when I did your trick, the bb took it to mean the real cat. Hahaha... After that one incident, I changed the 'target' to a stuffed toy of other species (frog, dog, pig etc). Anyway, no more confusions now 'cos the cat has decided to migrate to anywhere 10feet away at least to avoid being stalked by a drooling bb holding bottle of water/milk.
  37. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    Opps! Sorry! I misunderstood you, Fei! Gosh, your cat must have been rather traumatised! Well, your cat is very smart!
  38. feif

    feif Member

    No prob. Yup. My cat's smart and yet traumatised. Been offered pacifier, milk, water and biscuits... Hahaha.

    Hope Lyndx is coping better this week. Mine's back to throwing milk bottle and utensils again. Now realising that things can be flung very far away[​IMG]

    And, no bonus days for the past week. Penalty in fact; wake up 3 times between 12am till 6am everyday.
  39. lyndx

    lyndx Member

    hihi mummies.. thanks for all ur advices.. i made french toast with cheese for my baby yesterday for breakfast. made her sit on high chair with me and hubby for breakfast at dining table. was very happy when she took her first few pieces of french toast which i've cut into small pieces. she even used her small fork (pigeon weaning set for 12 months)to poke up the french toast from her plate to put in her mouth!

    but somehow, maybe the pieces are still big according to my hubby. then maybe too big and chewy, she can't swallow despite having abt 10 teeth to chew. then she spit the food out..

    then she started to play with her food instead...

    nevertheless, i'm glad that she did make an attempt to eat the food. maybe the toast was too chewy. i'll try to make cheese spread on bread this weekend instead. gonna use white bread this time round so that it's softer. hope i have better luck this time round!
  40. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    Fei, My 15 month old still tosses and turns twice at night. He sleeps about 8pm and wakes up about 630am.. wondering how long it's going to last!

    lyndx, sounds like a good start!
  41. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    Lyndx, do you think your girl could want to start self-feeding?! My boy sometimes rejects spoon held by me but he is very happy to feed himself!
  42. feif

    feif Member

    Well lyndx, to make breakfast easier, you can have pieces of toasted bread and some with cheese. Kids sometimes like the 'while stocks last' feeling so place a few pieces at a time. Don't force your bb to use the cutlery yet. Get her interested in the food first. Cactus is right about letting the bb feel the food with hands.

    I always put (at most) 5 honey stars or whatever noodle-strands etc. Let the kid haggle for more! Even with milk/drinks, limited stocks also when he's in the naughty mode. 50ml max. Drop a cube of ice and go 'woah!!!' as if it's something really yummy. Works without flavouring. If your bb doesn't want the bottle, try letting her sip from YOUR cup. They want to drink like adults too[​IMG]

    This morning we had burger king. He tried a little bit of every part of the bacon sandwich king.
  43. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    Hi, like to know what brand of cheese to feed a bb of 1yr old? Isn't it saltish for them? Also, what's the portion size to feed bb?
  44. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    onsansg, it's okay to give cheese but it's best that we try it first. baby bel is not too satly but my boy didn't like it. so in the end we gave laughing cow cheese. one wedge every morning. doesn't matter how much you feed your bb. as long as she/he takes enough calcium per day for the age requirement.
  45. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    hi cactus, can give cheese at 11 mth old now or after 1 yr old? my bb still does not have even a single tooth yet. should i wait until her tooth is out first?
  46. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    onsansg, can give actually from 6 months.. when bb is introduced semi solids... but depends on how well your child can mash it. I started at 9 months. no need teeth. just mash with the gums. but you must choose very very soft cheese. the trick is take a bit of cheese, press it gently with your fingers and see if it will give way. If it disintegrates, then okay. I find that laughing cow cheese is good. soft. but give it to your girl in small portions hor. like very very small pieces.
  47. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    Hi. Am new in this forum and this thread caught my attention. Also interested in finding out the type of cheeses suitable for bb around 21mths and if anyone has easy cheese-based recipes to share. Any bb with runny stomach after eating cheese? Just curious...

    So far I think bb is okay with cheese. Haven't introduced it directly but he's tried soft cheesecake (Four-Leaves sort), New York cheesecake (just a little) and edges of toasted pizza.
  48. feif

    feif Member

    I thought the calcium present in milk is enough for the kid? My boy doesn't take to pieces of cheese. Had diarrhoea once after some a few bits of Kraft slices. Anyone's kid had the same reaction and is that normal I wonder?
  49. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    fei, cheese is an alternative or supplement to milk. just like yoghurt. as for whether calcium in milk is enough for a kid, depends on how much calcium there is per serving or milk. [​IMG]
  50. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    Thanks, Cactus79. I take it that cheese/yogurt isn't a must-have then because my boy still drinks milk most of the time, except for some rice/soup for lunch. I can't drink Yakult and eat much yogurt myself due to asthma so I haven't let the boy try either.

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