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    Single Mum

    Hi, I'm soon to be single mum and I'm deeply depressed and no way to turn too. Apart from counselling and social worker to support me mentally. I looking for friends of the same boat.. Where we can share and care for each other.. More friends to social so that we are out of the depressed zone...
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    Conceiving as a single woman

    Hey All, Am stepping into my 32, no luck on a happiness marriage life. As such, I am looking for an option to conceive through donor sperm. Know that Singapore is not assisting on single mother IVF or IUI. Anyone know where can I do it in Asia ? And can the child still holding same passport...
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    SINGLE MOM needs advice in child maintenance!

    Hello, i am new to this forum. I was hoping to engage with single mums and fellow moms in Singapore. I am officially a single mother, 26 yrs old, currently my son is 2 months old. I am non-Singaporean and the father of my illegitimate child is a Singaporean. Heres my story: Met him January...