1. Y

    Does anyone try this brand before? Suitable for mummies during confinement?

    Hi mummies! I found this chicken essence has promotion now and i'm interested in their original flavor. Does anyone try tian yuan xiang chicken essence before can share your experiences? I'm breastfeeding now, always feel tired and want to boost my milk supply....can drink this help me to deal...
  2. X

    NAN HA

    Hi guys, my baby is currently drinking nan ha. Anybody experience yellow stool? Because I know is suppose to be dark green
  3. M

    Nutritional Class for Parents & Babies

    Hi Mummies, I would like to share, recently I attended an awesome nutritional class. The speaker is one of the well-known nutritional teacher in the field. She has been teaching for 17 years and was even invited to attend health talks on television. She share very details information like what...
  4. M

    International Women's Day Giveaway

    hi Mummies! Maison Mika is running a giveaway campaign on Facebook. Giving away a giftbox worth $105! Do visit to sign up for the giveaway!
  5. dloreangel

    Going to be FTM in 2 weeks! My pregnancy journey 2017!

    Excited now but in quite a bit of physical pain till i can only lie down and use computer.. so excited to come and introduce myself. hello everyone! I am going to be a mum soon in a few weeks time. Really nervous too as baby boy has not turned and doctor advised me to select a date for C sec...