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Work from Home and Earn Extra Income

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by chon0028, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Are you struggling with your monthly household expenses with the allowance from
    your husband?
    Do you want to generate your own income while raising a family?
    We have been gone through it and we can understand how you feel.
    We are a group of mums who have successfully build a home-based online business and yet still have time with our kids and generate an income.
    Our vision is to help as many mums to generate an income from an online business while raising a family.
    Come and learn with a group of mums on how it is possible.

  2. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    PM for more details
  3. JT4147

    JT4147 New Member

    PM pls
  4. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi @JT4147,

    Thanks for your interest. As mentioned, we are a group of mumpreneurs running our online business.
    And our group hope to inspire and empower others to do the same and start an online business for themselves.
    Are you a working mum or stay-at-home mum?
  5. JT4147

    JT4147 New Member

    working mum
  6. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    I'm also a working mummy with a 31 month old boy. What about you? Are you considering to quit your job or just to for extra income?
    I understand how it feels to be working and at the same time wishing to spend more time with the kids. And if consider quitting the job, then will be worried about financial security.
    This is also the reason why I ventured into this business as well. I'm planning ahead and hoping perhaps when my boy goes to primary school I can then quit my job.
  7. Xelicia

    Xelicia New Member

    Hello, PM please
  8. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi @Xelicia , I had just PM you more information of the opportunity. Thank you.
  9. davian

    davian Member

    PM Me pls...Thank you
  10. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi @davian , nice to meet you. Had just PM you. Please kindly check. Thanks
  11. Angela42

    Angela42 New Member

    Interested, pm please
  12. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi @Angela42, thanks for your interest. I had just PMed you the details. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  13. Thandar Khin

    Thandar Khin New Member

    Interested to know more. Please PM me. Thanks.
  14. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi Thandar, had just PM you the details. Thank you :)
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  15. jelly123

    jelly123 New Member


    i am intrested
  16. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi, I had just PM you the details. Looking forward to hearing from you :)
  17. babybunny02

    babybunny02 Member

  18. Starer

    Starer Member

    Pls pm
  19. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi @Starer, had just PM you the details :)
  20. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

  21. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi @tingluvsbutt, I had just PM you the details :D
  22. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi @sdy, I had just PM you the details :)
  23. Rithkavin

    Rithkavin New Member

    Hi I am interested, need more details. msg me..
  24. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi @Rithkavin, had just PM you the details Look forward to hear from you :)
  25. Yee Chin

    Yee Chin New Member

    Pm please
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  26. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi @Yee Chin, I have just PM you. Look forward to hear from :)

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