1. F

    Trying for a baby after my recent miscarriage.. any tips?

    My husband and I decided that we want a baby. but I'm lowkey terrified due to my recent miscarriage.. To the moms out there who have experienced this same sadness, could you give me any tips on how you overcame this phase?
  2. L

    Expectant Management

    Hello, I recently had a miscarriage and was following up with Prof Tee at KKH. He first scanned me and said there was no heartbeat, so he recommended that I have a detailed scan with a sonogragher. He discovered a little heartbeat and mentioned that my pregnancy was 50/50. The fetus was supposed...
  3. C

    TTC 2020

    Hi Ladies, will be creating group chat for TTC. Pm me if u wanna join.. ***cap @ 20 pax***
  4. C

    TTC 2020 Grp Chat

    Hi Ladies, I've been ttc for almost 3 yrs+. Unsuccessful IVF, IUI & even miscarriage. I'll be creating grp chat in WhatsApp for ladies. Pretty sure "we" ladies needs a platform to share with each other feelings/encouraging each other/giving some recommendations. Let me know if anyone keen in...
  5. N

    Miscarriage question

    Hi, I had a miscarriage two weeks back. I lost the sack at 5 weeks. My gynac put me on mistropol to clear the tissues. I had a scan this morning to see if all the pregnancy tissues were cleaned out. There is still some bits left and doc asked me to come next month after menses to see if...
  6. C

    Cervix Incompetence

    Hello ladies. Would to hear from those that were diagnosed with cervix incompetence (CI). How did the doctor diagnosed it? Were there symptoms of CI? Would a shorten cervix be seen during detailed scan? Thank you. My story: Lost my baby at 22 weeks. It was my first pregnancy and my doctor...
  7. L

    D&C after Miscarriage

    Hi mummies, Anyone of you have been thru D&C in NUH? Able to share with me the bill size for both subsidized and private? And is it Medisave claimable for both? TIA ♡
  8. Patakapiglet

    Need help!!

    Does miscarriage needs to do confinement?? How long and what i should avoid??
  9. H

    1st transvaginal u/s killed my baby

    hi mummies~ this happened to me yesterday. i was tested positive on many hpt. i can remember vividly how excited i was when i finally see the word "pregnant" on clearblue digital last sunday.. like everyone else, i started researching on gynaes to see my baby as all websites suggest i could be...
  10. B

    I had a medical abortion at home but I don't know what to do with the foetus

    I'm only 21 and it was my first pregnancy. I needed to do cheap abortion so I ordered Misoprostol cytotec online to get it done. (These pills are not available in SG but in USA. It's known as the abortion pill) The first two attempts by Bucally didn't work so the last attempt I inserted the...