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    TTC 2022 (telegram chat)

    Pm me pls. Keen to join
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    IVF in 2021?

    Kkh? Can be done? Mine briefing April and the cycle in May.
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    TTC 2022 (telegram chat)

    Hi can I join pls too?
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    Hi keen to join pls. Pm me
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    Fertility massage

    Keen. Pm u
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    Fertility massage

    Hi I m keen. PM me
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    Hi can I hv the contact too pls?
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    Endometriosis support group 2020

    Hi can I join the wats app group? 97850310
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    Returning eggs to TPY temple

    Hi ladies, I am returning 100 red eggs tomorrow around 1 pm. Wish to thank ZSNN for my safe delivery of my second child, a baby girl .
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    Zhu Sheng Niang Niang (注生娘娘)

    Hi all, I would be returning 100 red eggs at TPY temple tomorrow around noon 1 pm. Thanks!
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    Hi mummies, I m having number 2. I have a very bad case of PUPPP during and after giving birth to my number 1. So scare to go through it again. Any advice ?
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    2WW - for those TTC-ing

    I bought the Holland and barrette brand. :-) My first kid I started taking Royal jelly a few mths before I start ttc and jackpot after 1 month of trying. I have a history of ovarian cysts so I started taking these supplements earlier then. I tried only taking folic acid while ttc-ing for no...
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    2WW - for those TTC-ing

    Hi , I conceived both my kids after taking Royal jelly. Tried taking black mores but no use
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    Dr Benjamin Tham from TMC

    Hi ppl, dr Tham just told me my bb gender at week 16 exactly. But can I ask usually all accurate ? Because I tot must wait till detailed scanning to cfm. Wish to start shopping soon...
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    Dr Benjamin Tham from TMC

    Ohh.. So is ard 4th mth ?Thks!