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    Any1 knows where to buy Rice wine?

    Can buy from supermarkets..They sell fu chow rice wine or yellow wine.. Rice rice with rice too...not xp.. Hong chow for frying chicken is also available...
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    Mum hurling abuse at me

    Hihi Just ignore wat she say...dont take it in ur heart...see no evil...hear no evil.. If u think tat ur mum is over doing....send ur older one to cc....Infant send to babysitter... Let the things settled before u go back to work. Don't see daily might be better rather than conflict everytime u...
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    Any good maid agency recommend?

    So far I use tis agency for many years....Is at Bedok...PM for contact if keen...
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    I'm 19 and 4weeks pregnant and the dad doesn't want the baby

    Gal..u still very young....good days years ahead...Don't keep this bb because of him...not worth... Get everything to the right track... The bright path is infront of u...Jia u....
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    Feb 2019 Mummies

    Hihi... Congrats mummies.. I'm a full-time Nanny with more than 25yrs taking care of infants... Location:PASIR RIS Contact 97327396 for info...
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    Giving up my unborn child.

    U domestic maid is it
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    Dealing with Helper

    U have to do cleaning up instead of her??Since she s not a helping hand to u...then send ur boys to cc or a nanny..Send her back,she got no respect of u.... Act fast before u get high blood pressure n child cries for maid when she goes back...
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    Babysitter network

    Sori contact number Nanny at Pasir Ris 97327396...tks typo error
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    Recommendation for domestic helper to take care baby

    Why don get a nanny or send to infant-care.. Not advisable if nobody is not at home...
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    Looking to buy Freezer for BM

    U can get freezer from fb with Gd price...
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    Home-based Nanny Service

    Hello mummies n daddies I'm providing a home based Nanny service.. 25yrs xp taking care of infants.. Good feedback from previous parents Alots are siblings Local n foreigners Clean/cosy envoriment Non smoking No pets Full time/part time(hrly rated) Daily,maid on leave,cc closed, All above...
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    JULY 2018

    Hihi I'm providing.home-based nanny service. 25yrs xp taking care of infants.. Watsapp97327396 for more info...
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    Nanny required

    25yrs xp taking care of infants...wattsap97327396 for more info
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    Nov 2018 Mummies

    Hihi I'm providing home based Nanny service. 25yrs xp taking care of infants..Wattsap me for more info. 97327396...
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    Oct 2018

    Hi Marc.. Congrats to u, new dad n mum I'm providing a home based Nanny service . 25yrs xp taking care of infants.. Wattap me at 97327396 for more info...