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    Thermos Spree(Amazon)Funtainer bottle/ Food Jar Batch 39

    Sorry pls replace the second white bottle with this
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    Thermos Spree(Amazon)Funtainer bottle/ Food Jar Batch 39

    Hi! Me again! white colour...
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    Tampines Mummy Club

    Hi I m a Tampines mommy at St 12. My two kids & I r sleep deprived. Any one who knows of a good adhoc nanny near me kindly pm. My kids can't nap with each other. It's driving me nuts & they getting eye bags & falling sick One 3yo & another 10 mo Thanks in advance!
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    ! Advice for ecezma baby. Help!!!

    Poor little buddy I kn how u feel my child has eczema before Try dead sea salt bath M like u Dun like steroids Can pm me for more info Wanna to pm u but u don't accept
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    15mth with Serious Eczema

    Hi dears My ger got eczema at 18 m n it was terrible to see her beautiful baby skin turn inflammed.. I was also worried it wld turn lichenfied if it continues etc . I spend everyday finding out the cure for it n wondering abt the cause I m v glad if my posting can help Any more bb put...
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    Any good confinement lady to recommend?

    My cl is good too I m v determined to bf but bb jaundiced so at night first mth wake every one hr She wakes w me n help me burp This is outstanding cos a lot of cl would hv called it quits Her heart is in the job She can cook n v efficient at her chores. Very very efficient...
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    Any Mummies going to try for 2011 babies

    Hi dear mommies I got a lot of pregnancy test strips gg to expire Jan 2011 so letting go cheap If u need can pm me? Thks!!
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    *************HELP!!!!!!!!underwgt BB

    Oh ya I dun practice gg by time but demand feeding cos bb hv different needs from time to time eg growth spurts n post spurts they r sleepier cos the brain is making another huge devt N ur bb can be 25 % on growth chart but if always there , there is nothing to worry The impt thing...
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    *************HELP!!!!!!!!underwgt BB

    I wanna add I forgot if doubling of birth wt is at 4 m or 4-6 ; p Kellymom is a great resource for bf mom Seriously if bb seems contented, cooing, dun worry too much But if not then tryst ur instincts n find out all u can to help ur bb Usu if the bb is bf no issues but if on...
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    *************HELP!!!!!!!!underwgt BB

    I wanna reassure mommies here It's ok when your baby is just doubling his birth wt at 4-6 m... If more the baby shld b watched for obesity ESP if on formula It's better to be breastfed totally n lean than intro formula which is processed food which is inflammatory All in all, it's...
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    Playgroup in Tampines?

    hi mommies. my ger is 2yo. interesting in finding playgrgoups. i stay st 12
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    Confinement NannY needed

    oh just to share first CL kept asking me for milk and if she can supplement with formula . was very stressful esp when i am trying to est bf and the persons ard me are wellmeaning for the baby but not supportive in the way i need them to be. i have inverted nipples and baby was not...
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    Confinement NannY needed

    hi mommies i am looking for a confinement lady who is supportive of breastfeeding (even at night) and if she can help with latching that is a bonus. Becos I have problems latching the first one and it is very impt that no 2 can latch well. have my hands full with no 1 as it is! any one...
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    Looking For Part Time Domestic Helper

    i am looking for part time help with cooking ! stay in tampines. if any one has any recommendation pls pm. thanks
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    Advise Needed - Toddler with asthmatic this still active? i also wish to find out more abt the antidust mite cover - where to get. and the spray. i heard of citric orange spray, not sure which is good and how to get hold of it.